Saturday, August 29, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to a three-card daily draw, one I call the Knot of Isis (the « tyet » in ancient Egyptian.) As Usual the 1st card represents my “atouts,” my Aces in the general situation of today; the 2nd, while on the far right, represents the challenges likely to occur on my Path, and the 3rd card, which I usually place in the center between the two others is the solution, compromise, deal, arrangement, outlook, adjustment to personality needed to make a success of today. Today I have the 5 of Swords reversed, the King of Cups as challenge, and XIII Death as the answer. Now, besides having Death as the “central” card, these cards are grungy-looking as well, so all in all it looks pretty fucking miserable. (Today’s deck is *The Darkana Tarot* by Dan Donche & Janden Hale. Grunge-style, I find it hard to read, literally. It doesn’t flow easily for me, getting anything out of it is like pulling teeth. This lies in my VERY sparse “Don’t Use” box. If grunge is your things, perhaps it will work like oiled laxative for you.) The meanings of the 5 of Swords can be SO varied, from individual humiliation to loss of Honor. As reversed here, I will read this today as a need to be careful of Despair; It is the “time” concomitant to humiliation, and can have the heaviest and most dire consequences. Besides, I’m not a good Despair person, my hair isn’t long enough to hang down in my face and conceal the utter lack of hope that may show itself there. I’m in a “situation” with the King of Cups, and if I had to take a WILD guess, he’s dressing me down & telling me to stand up straight, assume my responsibilities like the clone that I am, and accept that occasional brushes with emotions like Despair are part & parcel of being on the Tarot Police. Notice the King kindly giving booze to the alcoholic (or so I like to think; I suppose it could be Perrier.) (Here would be a great place to put in the theme from ‘Dragnet’.) I find that rather louche, but then again I’ve always found the Cups rather louche, even though, Poseidon knows, you can’t live happily without them or complete your own apotheosis into enlightenment. Finally, my “growing up” is going to cause a great change in some of my being, to my benefit I hope! I have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM tearing down old or dysfunctioning constructions in myself, even take a type of glee in doing it. I presume that is because I still believe, in some small, dark, corner, that Critical Voice that says, “You’re all wrong! You’re put together all wrong! You’re doomed, damned, and double-fucked!” And I’m still desperately scurrying around trying to figure out what to fix first. Well, that’s all in the past, and I haven’t scurried since I stood up for myself at the age of 14. I still maintain that he NEEDED that knife in the belly, but that’s all spilt milk now. I can easily live with XIII; it has been a card-playing buddy for a l-o-n-g time. And he’s pretty, too; I always like a pretty archetype.  And Change? Oh shit Oh dear! (A favorite expression of my paternal grandmother.) Darlin’, I can do that in the dark with my hands taped in mittens and ben-wa balls in place! “I welcome change into my life, embracing it fearlessly and hopefully!” (Thoth app.)     


  1. Thank you, Evalyne! You're the first person EVER to write on my blog. You took my cherry!