Friday, August 28, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at daily drawing for 28/08/2015: the 8 of Pentacles on the left and IX the Hermit on the right. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of Vanessa Ives*, being an adaptation of a deck used in the televised serial, *Penny Dreadful*, Minimalist cards with touches of malice.) This 8 of Pentacles reminds me visually not so much of the apprentice figure but of someone learning their tread the hard way: this young woman is being showered or overwhelmed, and for some odd reason her neck speaks to me of despair. Whatever she is absorbing, creating and releasing, is being carried straight to IX the Hermit. Our Hermit is a rather odd fellow, head bowed under the “weight” of the carnivorous anglerfish above him. Interesting substitution for the traditional lantern, eh? In these two cards, facing each other and thus telling me that this is interior work, I am the student seeking the teacher. It would be hard to put or read this any other way; the cards are clear. Besides, it is true; I have SO much knowledge in my Memory Palace at this time, and the soul-felt desire to focus on Tarot & Tarot alone, no runes, no Lenormands, no divinatory art of any sort. The closest I step outside of the pure Tarot is the Order of the Golden Dawn and my ongoing studies of it. The point being, I WOULD like a teacher here, helping me make my way ever deeper into the crystal grottoes where the secrets of the Cards lie encased in precious stones . . . that being said, circumstance and synchronicity do not allow of a teacher in my area – if anything, I am the teacher to be sought, as TP-style Professional Tarot is a completely strange canard down here. (They are used to gypsy palm readers & black guys working their skim as Shaman Nbumbo who will lift the curse. [For 500 € and a bottle of Jack Daniels.] As a consequence, I’m an odd duck – I’m not running it as a scam. It is hard for them to get that through their heads.)  AND – there is the giant gamma rush going on as we speak, so we are all experiencing an “upgrade” of sorts. So I am going to have to try and be my own teacher today, and take the efforts that 8 is offering me and transform them with some kind of knowledge into something useful, without letting the Hermit “eat it” and keep it, and not re-gorge it in useful form. That is my Inner job today. Take what I know to my Hermit and let him sift through what’s there and direct me where to concentrate. This sounds like a workable plan! ۞۞۞۞۞۞۞۞۞۞ I want to make a small announcement; my peripatetic daily readings will continue to be available on my blog, . I am discontinuing posting them on the Tarot Professionals page. The reasons are several, among which are, 1) only a very small percentage of the membership read the entries for various reasons: vulgarity, vocabulary too difficult, disagreement over interpretations, etc., and 2) I’m a bit tired writing to the void. On a blog, you know it is the void, and if someone is following your feeds & responding, it’s great. AND it is about that which you wish to discuss, Tarot. Here on TP I’m writing to an empty colosseum which I hope will have a few tourists; on my blog, I’m writing to me and my friends. So, if you wish to continue to follow, I’ll see you over there! I’ll still be a gadfly and Inappropriate around here, as well, of course. I’m not abandoning TP, I’m just tailoring what I do & will be a more winged presence here on these pages... Thanks!    


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    1. "Welcome aboard! Rum & wenches are below deck, slim young boys up in the ropes, and gold in them ther' Spanish ships! Pick your place!"