Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26/08/2015. In the midst of all this confusion and my heart/cups having gone completely berserk while waiting for the great gamma ray inundation that will blow the top off of the human head and send terawatts of energy coursing through the third eye, bright enough to light the entryway to Pantage’s Theatre in Hollywood. Today my draw is the 3 of Cups and the Queen of Wands. Hmmm; I feel a big-ass lack of inspiration today. You know those days, when, “Hmm. Oh, the card? Yeah, yeah, they’ll be there, they always are. Hey, have you seen my Darjeeling first-flush tea?” Also, I am momentarily in the thrall of today’s deck, *The Bohemian Gothic Tarot,* mentioned previously. I have become fascinated with the images in the deck, and a heavy, bohemian lethargy has settled over me, forcing me not to care about my further illumination. I think I see a black, serpentine smoke coming in under the windowsill . . . .  Harrumph! I mean, really, have you ever looked! They ALL have HEAVY under-messages. Oh, those Slavs (Ukolov), seeing Death throwing back shooters of vodka on every street corner! “Oh, oh, oh! Will I EVER look at my Bavarian crystal vase the same way again?” Back to reality - - - the cards are the 3 of Cups and the Queen of Wands. The 1st really WTF moment comes when you realize that it is a flight of bats winging down the canyon to the vampire and her two young charges. Oh, how serene and contented they look! As if, “what are you doing here? There is nothing you can do here. Go away, you’re ruining everything.” The LWB with this says “they are collaborating on something shady or outright criminal. Bad Company. Deliberately choosing the wrong thing to do.” That’s a FAR cry from how we usually see it. So, okay, I’ll look out for bad company and knowingly wrong decisions today, but I can’t erase the original, core, meaning of the card which is “happy retrouvailles.” (re-findings) So, how about if I go with happy re-findings but carrying a darker message now? That wouldn’t surprise me at all; it fits the card as well, and could easily have a place in my “there are still dark corners needing cleaning, you know” campaign.  Our three little bloodsuckers are gazing over at the Queen of Wands, and I just can’t get over pouring over an expanded scan of her card. She has got it DOWN! Her pose across the street for the carnival costume shop, looking almost as if it has just been burglarized, her 7 strands of pearls (not only for the mystic 7, but because an old bohemian aristocratic belief that eventually became Europe-wide was that during the day, a lady only wore pearls, and if she was so unfortunate enough to not have enough money to spend at leisure, if she head to wear less than 10 strands, they had to be “impair,” odd-numbered. Above 10, as many as your delicate little shoulders will hold, my dear. At night, you wore your jewels. No pearls. So, WHEN is this card? Dawn? Dusk? If it’s the middle of the night, she’s turning convention on its’ head. And what is that line of people off in the deep right background waiting to enter? A costume ball? IS she a reveler as well? Who, what and why is the CAT? (OF course, a lot DO know the answer to that!) Look at her fan, Cat again. Is she trying to make a statement? “I want to be coquettish and girl-like, but I’m the Queen of Wands and far too serious for that kind of silliness! I look, closely, at that card and cannot decide if she is a ‘working girl’ of the quarter done up for a masquerade ball or the actual Queen of Wands out slumming in the dusk? Whomever, she is most likely way quicker than the average you. And she knows what she wants, and she has no intention of being disappointed. The lady’s a Player, she knows the Game. (Do yourself a silly favor sometime and watch a movie called “Bell, Book & Candle” with Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart & others. It’s corny and idiotic, but it conveys perfectly that sense of “the lady’s a Player, she knows the Game.”) So, what do I make of her in my life today?  Again, the “dark” LWB; “a theatrical woman, whose sensuality is disturbing. An overwhelming practitioner of dark magic and neurotic attention seeker.” Well, Ookkaayyy. Not likely, but OK. I’d rather see it in archetypal & energy terms, that some type of STRONG reasoning female energy or force is going to be present today, also fueled by her three little B-cup maidens on the left, it isn’t necessarily going to want to deal with me, but it must interact since I am there. So, this is a situation of, “TEN-SHUN! All Five Senses, report for duty! Unwelcoming or uncontrollable territory ahead! Be Aware!!”. . . “Yes, SIR!!” “Sixth Sense, I want you to hang back and judge the initial vibrational meeting or confrontation. We’ll plan any further troop movements based on your recommendations. Understood!!”. . . “Yes, SIR!!” At any rate, we’ll start that way and see if it serves any purpose; if not, in the wink of an eye I can slip into being an unctuous diplomat; but without full and total approval and support from High Command, I will NOT be me, not with THIS kind of energy. It is vampiric, and it will feed on whatever is offered and/or whatever is nearest. Don’t be silly – you still need to be aware this shit exists. And you need to be prepared to deal with it. So, my watchword for today is “It’s lovely to find a lady of Reason again in these strange times; you didn’t say you had traveled to the Dark Side of the Moon, by any chance?” Watch Out.  


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