Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at today, a 2-carder which asks, « Which is lighter, Mark’s heart or the Truth? » With all the fervent devotion of a sterile follower of Min, the Egyptian god of the Nile & Fertility (he is ALWAYS pictured with an enormous phallus), I hope the answer is “We balance.” Today’s draw for my heart is 0 the Fool and the Truth is represented today by the 5 of Pentacles reversed (pictured upright.) (Today’s deck is, of course, *Tarot Illuminati* by Erik C; Dunne & book by Kim Huggens [good book!], the phare deck of the Tarot world in 2014. You would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and astrally numb not to know about this deck. Rich. Superb. It is THE deck of choice for many.) I can easily identify today with 0 the Fool, I have that Fool-ish feeling in my heart & spirit today. I’m not so much set on an exterior journey to round out the day, but I AM approaching it in that same spirit of rather feckless adventure and “nothing-can-harm-me-ness” that characterize the Fool. (A beautiful but not relevant bead found on the Path – did you know that Hermes is the driver of the Chariot in Arcanum VII?) Ms. Huggens calls 0 the Fool “the Infinite Possibility of Chaos,” and comments lengthily on the Uranian aspects of the card, which are useful and at times unexpected. I’m okay with my heart being in a Foolish mode today, as that means it isn’t feeling jaded, nor cynical, nor stoic, but fresh & ready for adventure! (It isn’t listening to what this old body is saying, but fuck it – I’d rather hear my heart!) The Truth lies hidden somewhere in my 5 of Pentacles reversed. No matter the deck, the word that springs to mind universally for this card is “misery.” And here I have misery reversed, and if I consult a couple of books, I can scatter a handful of explanations in front of your bedazzled eyes and let you pick which one you would wish upon me; the modified and softened misery, or the aggravated misery, or maybe not misery at all, but hopelessness. Whatever you are wishing for me, I turn and with a smile slip it up your fundament because I just noticed something on the card (universal, not particular to this deck); the abject, crouching figure is ALWAYS accompanied by an upright friend, and today I think that is my Truth, as it happened for me just last night. I’ll leave out details, but a good friend “popped by” with some deeply needed *something* and I was able to sleep for the first time in three nights, and before that, it had been five nights. He acted as a magical agent in meeting my need/desire, and that is the message today I get here from the 5 of Pentacles – “Even in the worst of times, you are not Alone. You have a friend, or guide, or companion, or mentor who is there to share the burden if you wish it so.” So that is my Truth today: be that “Friend in Distress” yourself, as well, and if the Universe hands you an opportunity today to lend a helping hand, hop to it! “I can deal with my life – it is my most precious possession.” (app)   

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