Monday, August 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to another Scales’ of Ma’at morning reading – I’ve tried other formats for my mornings, including apps which deliver, and none works as well for me as either the duality of this simple draw (with 3 we haul in Osiris for the compromise or solution, if the problem is simply too knotty or formulated that way.) Today’s is simple: “Considering all that’s gone on lately with my French life on a 3-D real basis, what’s up? Just a clue, please, if nothing else.” I receive XXI the World and the 10 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is *The Cultural Revolution Tarot* by Christine Aguiar & James Battersby. We’ve seen it, we’ve talked about it, we’ve even voted on it; well, voilà, and IMHO they have done a SPECTACULAR job on this deck. I love it, bright & colorful, but most importantly it reads well & easily. This is a winner!) This draw would have delighted my tight little heart (but rapidly expanding!) had it been in the “correct,” other direction, 1st the 10, THEN the World. But no, the cards delight in watching me squirm. You know, I KNOW I’ve got the world down here. No, I am not the Sultan of Brunei, but I have EVERYTHING I need and MOST of what I want. Hell, I can indulge my caprices “most” of the time, like Tarot decks & books & anything concerning Egyptology. Oh, and gems. We are currently undergoing the period of 7 lean kine, but this card reminds me of two things: 1) you’ve already go the world at your feet (to all intents & purposes) and 2) Your goal is still up ahead, but at least her “vibes” are “coming into view.” I am literally feeling more & more complete with each passing week & month, and no, it isn’t simply relief from my healing leg. I was calmly prepared to let that go, if need be. No, this is different – I’m re-uniting a LOT of things in being, things that have been separated for a long time. It’s like one of those science-fiction films where the creature or whatever, after utter human destruction, begins to pull itself back together like mutually attracted mercury or “replicator chips” or what have you. 5 seconds and I’m upright and smiling at you once again, asking if destruction was really necessary, considering – Look! – all the good it did. She’s waving to me, “This Way!” “I’m coming, Sister, I’m coming as fast as I can.” The 10 of Pentacles is much homier in intent and in practice in my life recently. My French family has been growing by leaps and bounds lately; newborn nieces by the handful, friends’ newborns by the sidecar full, Fertility is having a field day in this family. And they are ALL girls. I’m very cautiously, with about a pound of salt, taking that to mean that soon, when the change comes, we are going to need a lot more of the feminine. That’s cool with me, I fuckin’ LOVE women (and no, gets your minds out of the gutter.) I’m just very “avisé” when it comes to having dealings with them.  Don’t ever deny to me that the male and female agendas are entirely different, I shall guffaw and strike you senseless with a ham-handed fist, sending you ass over teacup in the stable yard until you fetch up against the stone wall with a head-cracking thump. “Phool!” I shall guffaw. “Send this young person to the shitters! Learn life from the bottom sphere!! Harharhar!” When dealing with a woman, ALWAYS deal from the top of the deck; that means, above all, be honest, because if there is one thing a woman will literally CRUCIFY a man for it is dishonesty. Take it from the son of my mother, it’s true. Second, BE CLEAR! What she is hearing is not necessarily what you are saying; she is doing inner translating and may miss a crucial detail. Repeat if necessary. For a happy family, FORGET cruelty. Just fuck it in the ass and kick it out. It has no place in life, much less happy family life. Its’ attendants, mockery and snakemouth and disregard need to be regularly whipped and put to work in the castle laundry on a regular basis, until they can bleach their colors and pretend to the rank of acolyte to Mercy, Justice & Compassion. Forget Money. Give the direction to one capable person, who understands the rhythm of the family, its needs, wants and even caprices, and can direct through lean as well as fat years. Then LEAVE IT ALONE, it isn’t your business. If necessary, your partner should know to let you know they need help, if they do. Above all, to maintain my own open, happy family, I do a kind of two-step; 1) Set aside EVERYTHING you know and/or suspect of this person, and enter THIS meeting with your heart high and your eyes bright. And DON’T FUCKING FORGET TO SMILE, and 2) Just Do It – Open your heart to the huge wave of Love that it is and engulf yourself, the room and the Other. That same reserve is what makes you cry unexpectedly at movies or suddenly thinking of someone’s death, it is ALWAYS there, waiting to go out and “lubricate” something that you will profit from digesting. Find beauty where you can – in the abandoned, the lonely, the sad and the forgotten. Touch yourself with pity and understanding and friendship, not brutality and mastership. Allow your heart to bleed and your eyes to cry. Mine are, right now as I write this, because I imagine so much beauty in a fulfilled life out there for you . . . .    

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