Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good Morning and Welcome! to this morning’s Knot of Isis (a Tyet:  , in this case meaning a simple 3-card reading composed of 1) My Aces or atouts in the field, my advantages, 2) My Challenges and 3) Resolution or Compromise. Today I have the 9 if Swords, The Queen of Swords, and XIV Art. (Todays deck is *The Rosetta Tarot* by M. M. Melee. To be honest, I am consoling myself for not yet using her new deck, *Tabula Mundi Tarot Nox et Lux*, which is SO delicious looking that I can’t wait to dive in to it. However, not yet knowing it, (it just arrived,) I shall get thoroughly acquainted with it before I flash it up here. I LOVE the Rosetta deck, though, so I’m not really suffering. Thoth-like, paintings of great personal depth & power, it is a winner for ease of reading and clarity. An A for Ms. Meleen on this one!) I start the Tyet with the 9 of Swords, The Lord of Cruelty and Despair. He’s all about Mars in Gemini; he’s also all about truly cruel wounds that he or she may inflict verbally. This is the Great Trial, and it is Sturm und Drang all the way. The ONLY thing to do is to walk straight through that gaping maw of blood-dripping swords and into the heart of your Fear yourself; So, I need to march into the heart of my Fear; easier said than done, since my fear isn’t neatly concrete or beatable. My one Fear is not making the Changer to Enlightenment, and remaining down here blind in the mud forever. THAT scares the living shit out of me! Now, if you have read me, you KNOW I’m really good at this, and if I wish to be mean, what I can make come out of my mouth can be utterly destructive and beyond cruel. I have to do THAT with Directed Will, and it is an act of dark Magic, which I don’t like to use, the price is horrifying. So no Snakemouth today, Mark, under ANY circumstances; and if you are the subject of it, remember, Mark, “Be large, Be large,” and shame the attacker into silence. This card is placed as an advantage, however, so either it will be comfortable to have, knowing I can use it, or it will partake of the battle & cause havoc. His/My Challenge today is the Queen of Swords; Queen of the Thrones of the Air; Queen of Sylphs and Sylphides. She’s about Virgo in Libra and is the Water of Air. You’ll notice she’s carrying a severed head: mine? Naawww. IT is symbolic of liberating the mind, she’s cut herself free, and if this is a sort of castration. She has silenced upper masculinity but keeps the lower, killing Illusion  and separating the intellect from the animal. Showing up her on my board means that I am being Challenged to face the truth, to cut away illusion, to liberate myself from the animal. This isn’t another person coming at me, this is ME coming at me, wanting to “kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out!”  I must be careful pruning the tree, however, as I don’t wish to cut away any of the good with the bad. Finally, our solution, my compromise, is XIV, Art. Art, Temperance, the Rose of Shannon, call it what you will, a pair of ben-wah balls smells just as sweet. She has herself some titles: Daughter of the Reconcilers; The Bringer Forth of Light; she is Sagittarius in Jupiter along with other Kabbalistic bric-a-brac. It’s a bit like being told you have to go search for Temperance and your hunting partner is Temperance herself! Perhaps she is along so that when I finally turn and recognize her, she casts me into Purification and thus is able to unite and synthesize the 9 and the Queen, both of Swords you will have remarked. The suit of Fire. Yeah, that’s me, Fire all the way. Intentional process → Anima and Animus balanced, and contact with the soul’s guide. This is the Art of Alchemy. (Last conclusion freely adapted from M.M. Mellen) So today, My Life is a Constant and Glorious Exploration! So mote it be; As above, so below.  


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