Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to whatever this is now . . . no, actually, it IS thought out and reasoned; I call it the Three Pillars draw. These would be, of course, the three pillars of Tree of Life; facing the Tree, there is the Left-hand Pillar of Mercy, running down the middle is the Pillar of Balance and on the right is the Pillar of Severity. Or, for better reading, these can be called, on the left, ones Atouts; on the right, one’s challenges; and in the middle Balance, Compromise, Solution. The spread is flexible, to each “pillar, one could one another set of three, and if wanted, another set of three, for a total of nine (9). Beyond 9, it gets unwieldy and unreadable but today’s is a simple three-card Pillar draw. (Today’s deck is *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery* by Robert M. Place. If you are unfamiliar with Robert’s decks, think Alchemy or at least alchemically oriented, clear, clean, concise lines and glowing, clear art. I am a BIG fan of his decks.) To start with, we have a 2 of Cups, all about “coupling” and partnerships and such. It also reminds me that the Cups adventure is just at its beginning; that the wine is still sealed, with a form of the “altered” caduceus in the center speaking of the health of being in a relationship, with him offering her a brimming golden goblet of ambrosia (sustenance of the gods.) Twos are unions, but it is good to remember that they are inherently unstable; you HAVE to grow or add the extension that will turn you into a tripod? Being much more stable. So, my newfound joy in Cups is wonderful but unstable, so I need to nurture our couple (my Anima and me.)This is my atout, my Mercy. My Challenge (Severity) is, oddly enough, making that viable by my choice, Appetite or Will. I’m giving Will the once-over, but don’t discount Appetite, she has a powerful, seductive presence: it is the choice between Lilith and Eve, of course. Cupid is not blindfolded now, meaning he is consciously directing his arrows. Directing this gallop toward emotional decision is VIII the Chariot/Psyche, which I would say is about having the courage to go ahead and do it – keeping firm Control of Will and Reason with the application  of this courage brought forth to carry our early emotion This all seems fairly straightforward to me. I shall leave it there, with the addendum of one affirmation for these cards & thus myself, “I move through Like triumphantly!    

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