Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello and good day! I flagrantly broke my own rule this morning of doing my daily draw immediately after the chores were done; 1st cup of coffee and the draw. But it is AMAZING how reparative & restorative a really good night’s sleep truly is, and having had the 1st one last night in so long that I cannot remember the last, I languished in bed until I felt good & fucking ready to get up and gracefully glide through my day. So here its, noon. And I’m getting around to it. A brunch reading, how quaint. (Today’s deck is the NEW *The Alchemical Tarot Renewed: Fourth Edition* by the wonderful Robert M. Place. You know my rap on Robert & his decks. For me, they don’t get any better than this. And if, I say IF, you don’t have one of his decks, I shall light a candle in desperate prayer to any god that will listen that you see the Light as soon as possible.) My question this morning was the same, more or less, as yesterday’s question, except with a request to dive a little deeper from the general gestalt and show me the behind-the-scenes.1) XX Judgement; 2) the Lady of Swords, and rounding off our symphony of the macabre in a big way is 3) XIII Death. On a salvational note, this is all great news for the ME that matters above the mud: on the other hand, it just simply doesn’t take the physical, my physical, into account at all, as if it has already disposed of the physical. (Note to self: Look for body bag charge on wife’s credit card statement.)That creeps me out a bit. And what song is the Lady of Swords singing that she looks rather aggressive, not to mention the sword above her head flying toward the object of her view? And Balance between Judgment and the overwhelmed housekeeper is Death?? Really?? Transformation so astounding and deep that my entire life changes? Fire is telling me that every act is an act of worship; every act is an act of love. My challenge in the fog is the Lady of Swords, oddly enough, and she’s all about the rushing air and a bit of blowing dust. XIII Death? Yeah, I know this is coming anyway – Hell, I’ve been consciously trying to engineer it for more than 63 years: no, not my “death” death, but this upcoming super “kick-in-the-pants” gift from the Universal Psychic to ALL who can profit from it. My Anima’s home on a cautionary basis –her cautions, not mine. I’m not aggravated, I’m deeply pleased, I hope she stays & we work on our team, because we need to be united to do this, to continue, we can no longer afford the luxury of living “separate lives.” Transformation Junction, here we come. I’m happy with my cards today, I just need to find the right shield to approach the challenger and “cut her strings."   

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