Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello and Good Morning! I’m at it again, or as my father used to say, “Boy’s got a hard head.” While I many no longer be a boy, I still have the hard head, but in this case it isn’t that I don’t want to accept a result but rather I keep looking to deepen the result I have already been given. I don’t find anything wrong with that, provided Dame Fortune doesn’t get irritated with me and sweep me out from under her skirts and into the clear where I can be whacked at leisure. The French have a saying, “Etre bien dans ta peau,” or “to be well in one’s skin.” Appositely, there is “Ne pas être bien dans ma peau,” which is rather how I am feeling this morning, and it isn’t the usual massive fistful of pills that I am required to take each day; I feel this rather metaphysically, as if when I got out of bed this morning I adjusted my skin suit just a tad incorrectly, and now I have a seam riding up my ass. Or something like that. On the other claw, I need to take into account “coming down from the high,” because I HAVE been on a high, dealing with the High Emotions of reunification (of sorts) with my Anima. Well, quest successfully finished, and now the letdown, the afterbirth. I guess I can live with that; I guess I don’t have a friggin’ choice, right? I’ve got a 3-Pillar again today, on the far left Mercy/my “aces;” on the far right Severity/my Challenges, and in the middle Balance/Compromise. To fill these positions today, I have the 2 of Swords, the King of Coins, and X the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Fourth Edition* by Robert M. Place. If you don’t own one of his decks by now, after all of my haranguing you, then I disown you, don’t come around for tea, leave the key under the mat, don’t let the screen door hit you in the ass. Get one.) Robert has a couple of nifty books out, but the one most applicable to his Alchemical decks is *Alchemy and the Tarot: . . .* His meanings are clear & precise and his summation of the alchemical involvement is clean & comprehensible. For me, the 2 of Swords has always represented A Decision To Be Taken, whereas Robert finds it echoes more with the Socratic Method. Tomatoes, tomahtoes.  And what, pray tell, shall I have from which to choose? THAT answer is already up there in the Memory Palace, and that is “the Path or the King of Lions?” I mentioned $$-flow problems the other day, and they continue, but it is temporary. I know, as well, that with a little razzle-dazzle, a touch of manipulation & machination on my part of the U.S. Government and material comfort, not wealth, can be assured for my lifetime and that of my wife. (It involves taking out my Osage Indian Guilt Harp and playing it yet again to the orcs in Washington, D.C. It isn’t really QUITE that simple, but close.) OR, I can let concerns for my just-more-than-comfortable living take a backseat to that which really IS my primary concern these days, my progress on the Path. So, if that choice is going to involve slighting the King of Coins (not really, but he WILL see it that way), then at least I am assured of a 50/50 shot at success by X the Wheel of Fortune.  With the red, volatile, male serpent “on top,” while the female’s back is roasting in the flames, surrounded by the signs & symbols of Alchemy & Astrology, I can’t help but feel that that today, this time, and the focus is more on the rise of the female than the dominance and fall of the male. Her time is coming. I’m going to directly attribute that to my recent commerce with the Anima, and the exquisite overpoliteness of the deal struck – while it is, in theory, a 50/50share and blending, right now she is having a bit of a jubilatory moment, and I don’t begrudge her that, Jeezuz! it is well-earned in her struggle with The Hard-Headed Boy. All in all, I’m okay today, and I trust that my skin-fit will readjust properly once it warms up. Now instead of signing of with an affirmation, I’m signing off today with a little prayer with which I ALWAYS start sessions: (I’ve modernized the language; I haven’t been impressed by Thee’s and Thou’s since the 1st grade. Also, this is attributable to The Golden Dawn :)
Holy Are You, Lord of the Universe.
Holy are You, Who Nature has not formed.
Holy are You, The Vast and Mighty One.
Lord of the Light, and of the Darkness.


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