Saturday, August 1, 2015

Well, Good Day, all you moon bathers and assorted cards, crystals & whatever folk! I myself was able to bathe a few items that I “knew” would benefit in any case, in any way, from being exposed to healing energies from the Goddess or simply a night’s fresh air to “stretch their wings” a little.  It had been cloudy all night until it cleared our visual horizon; the winds cleaned the sky & Shazaam! She WAS beautiful last night, wasn’t she? Harrumph! Enough Lunacy. With it being the 1st of August, and Leo fully seated on his thrown regardless of what ANYONE wants or doesn’t want, FIRE is in the House. I was interested enough, it being the 1st, to draw a 3-card Aubaine-Challenge-Synthesis reading for the entire month, so we ARE talking semi-broad strokes here, Mr. Wellborn. AND, I decided to do it with a deck with which I shared recent history; I had combed the entire globe for a Bonefire Tarot – no luck. Then, I was in the right place at the right time and picked one up off of eBay before it even “hit the street.” Delight! Squeals! Frissons! It arrives, and it creeps me out. No leeway, no I’m-having-a-bad-day, it fucking creeps me out; the vibes are ugly, musty and badly intentioned. Thank the Goddess! the Astral McCaffrey Anti-virus program kicked right in and put it in psychic quarantine until I figured out what to do. Last night, with PLENTY of my own juju, was my chance. I’m using it this morning, to give it a run and carefully observe where it is at on the Scale. So, without further ado, here’s my August, (or “Août”, as the French spell it, but say “oot”): ‘Aubaine’ (Grace) = Ace of Wands; Challenge = 5 of Swords; and Synthesis = 7 of Coins. Well, they aren’t predicting my immediate death by card cut, so that’s good. Actually, they feel VERY neutral this morning, so now I think I can easily let my own vibes sink in without fear of them mutating under the influence of alien DNA. To sum up, I see all my strength coming right up front with that lovely, lovely Ace of Wands and its ability to start me up AGAIN with energies & ideas. Challenge looks like it’s going to be my temper, and most likely over the medical situation which is still present but under reconstruction that is just taking so fucking damn long. But, I may, I say MAY, be Dancing In Lughnasa by Hallowe’en; that’s great news, to me. But Wow! Despite France having the #1 health care system in the world, you would be (perhaps not) appalled at the number of doctors you need to wade through before you find one more intelligent than you – because by the Bright Blue Blood of Osiris the Blessed he/she had BETTER be more intelligent than me! For the obvious reasons, of course. And they are, of course like doctors everywhere, upset when they aren’t automatically accorded divine status by me. So, Mark, shut your mouth and be nice to your doctors and let them save your fucking leg, OK, PAL??” (small voice) “Ok.” And Synthesis????? Let’s not dress it up today, the King is waiting and he gets pissed easily – I “just gotta bear it.” Patience. Wait for the Harvest. Use the time to Evaluate, to appreciate what you’ve done to get where you are, and I’m NOT talking materially. The work is over – let Gaea do her Magic and, well, we’ll see what blooms.   

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