Saturday, September 5, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma ‘at morning draw today, 05 sept 2015: the 10 of Wands (Oppression) and the Princess of Disks (Earth of Earth); (The deck today is the *Nox et Lux Tabula Mundi” by M. M. Melleen. I was languishing for its’ return!) I had no burning question to put to the cards this morning; I had actually slept for a change last night (5 hrs!) and felt relatively okay. So I asked the cards on my day today and how I could use it to further my progress of the Path, to get me ever more quickly back to Union with the Divine. The human heart side of the Scale is the left, and on it sits that 10 of Wands. I always get an ambivalent feeling about this 10 – we ALL know it means “making a decision on whether to pick your burden back up or not” but there are other sides to our tenner there, aside from the fact the he is titled the Lord of Oppression. He lives in Malkuth (duh!) through Fire, & his Astrological planet is Saturn, as is obviously depicted on the card. Obviously, because it REALLY weighs heavily here, the influence of Saturn as He is also in Sagittarius, carrying his “nefast” influence into another house of the Zodiac (it isn’t nefast, of course, it just seems that way.) Fire on the ground is uncontrolled burning, thus the fear here in this card, the trepidation. And with a ground fire around you, it isn’t a particularly good time to be carrying a bundle of dried faggots. So, down & liberty, or continue with a    sense of duty. Of course the “right” choice is to put them down, liberate yourself from the past you carry, and step into the firmament. ****BUT, there’s also that hasty anvil just floating there . . . here’s this from Raven, “Fire is not made to rest on the grounds, having lost the contact to the higher levels of spirit, it mutates to a blind and cruel force, not understanding the own self anymore. Fire is a power that has to be handled with imagination and reflection, not with stubbornness and hardened standards . . .  a free bird cannot survive in a cage.” He is detached from the Spiritual Fire, and so is simply ready to move on to the next element. (What next element? Certainly not the spiritual, so he is either caught in Daath or must, in other words, repeat an entire marathon of the minors AGAIN in order to reach this card with the right conclusion. ) Our 10 has a drive for cruel & overbearing force & a thirst for might, it seems, as well as the cognitive faculty to learn from his own experience. He is partnered today by one of the oddest of the altogether-odd royals, the Princess of Disks, the Earth of Earth. The Princess of the Echoing Hills, hmm? and The Rose of the Palace of Earth (this girl has more titles than an Egyptian pharaoh returning victorious from Kush and Nubia!)  The Princess of Disks represents the Earth in the Earth, thus she is the pure manifestation of the qualities of Assiah, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new begin of the circle. She, too, lives in Malkuth (don’t you know that if they lived together their house would be a real “bordello” of a mess?) She got there by way of Venus, the ruling planet/sign, however She is in Aries & into Gemini yet Taurus is implicated as well; Her Minor is the Ace of Discs, her Major Arcana are The Emperor, Hierophant & Lovers, with V the Hierophant being central. and she is indeed the Earth of the Earth of Assiah. She is the Sphinx with its’ “four powers” – to Will, to Dare, to Know, to Keep Silent. She points the way to the Fifth – the Spirit. This is a POWERFULLY evocative card of the near future, for it speaks of the fulfillment of Will and the sight on the horizon of the renewal of the cycle. This Princess synthesizes ALL possibility, and is THE Potential for the next cycle. She is ALL about Creation, growth, birth, making, generosity, kindness, love, faith, sensitivity and concentration.  Summing all of this up, it looks as if I have an INTERESTING day ahead of me, eh? “Drop the load, Jack, and don’t you go back no more no more no more no more;” to brazenly steal and change Mr. Percy Mayfield’s wonderful song. To tell the brutal truth, I have been feeling put upon, pressed upon, by experience, age, fatigue and a light mist of despair. I have a GOOD life, and a good marriage with a woman who loves me truly, deeply and sincerely. I have a few $cash$ woes at the moment, but those will pass, they always do. (“That’s right, Virginia, Tarologists can’t find hidden fortunes for themselves OR their clients; so hurry up, we have to get to the bank in Switzerland before it closes. You KNOW a trip to the bank is exactly the same as a trip to church.”) I am in lousy physical health, but all things considered, not AS lousy as I could be when I, in truth and with clear vision, look back and regard how I treated my body during my life-long search for Meaning in this senseless world. I started very young, and my search took me around the world and to many, many adventures where mistreating my body was the LAST thing on my mind. So, if I am truthful & reasonable (which I am,) I am now simply, finally, paying the bill that has been presented to me for the marvelous, extravagant, over-the-top party/festival/circus/ball/coronation that I made of my life. The price is astronomical, but that WAS one hell of a party! But look at me now – (I feel I should be a big black woman singing the blues) – IT got me where I wanted to go, I finally found the knowledge, the abode of wisdom, the answers I had sought so far and so long. And I’m happy with the Voyage – so what if it’s costing me the body? – fuck that, I’m tired of it anyway, they can shuck me out of it like an oyster anytime at their convenience, “I won’t squawk, honest, Lieutenant, I won’t squawk!”  The point is, I’m seeing a LOT of GOOD in the cards these days for ME, because I think I’m doing the right thing, and actually, physically “carpentering” my life to accommodate the Journey. I’m not in a hurry to leave just as I’m in no desire to stay – I feel Balanced? This is good. So, for today: I welcome growth and renewal, as I will release all repression so my Will flows freely.”


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