Thursday, September 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at reading today, 17 Sep 2015: IV the Emperor and the Queen of Pentacles. (The deck today is *The Lilith Bible Tarot Deck* by Lorelei Lee, the author of the previous *Halloween Tarot.* I have rarely worked with a deck SO beautiful and detailed. It makes me want to blow the cards up to life-size so I can see Everything! I sometimes seem insincere with overfulsome praise, but you are going to want this deck; Trust Me.  I praise Lorelei to the skies for the work that went into this jewel!) So today my Heart comes up rather boldly and directly as IV the Emperor. You know, it is a funny thing about emperors, but everyone forgets the Responsibility of the post. Pictures of mad Nero fiddling while Rome burned to the ground (he didn’t and it didn’t) are popular but misguided. Being Emperor sucked a man dry, just as the American Presidency today. You DON’T come out looking unchanged, you come out looking like you’ve just been to Hell and didn’t know if you were going to make it back. I was thinking of all this while watching the last Palaeologus Emperor lose Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in a movie. The Byzantine Empire was corrupt and all but dead anyway, but the passing of an empire is something to note.  I was thinking, “That Emperor has got to do EVERYTHING, his ministers are weasels, and he has to even take to the walls to fight the invaders!” He rolled in luxury for a while, of course, but the price was his Life. I’m not that attached to life that I couldn’t give it up for the good of many, or even a few, but it is the day-to-day responsibility that is CRUSHING. Luckily in Tarot we only see a figure of Power, but I think we should look underneath, too, at the sheer WEIGHT of it. Our Emperor here is naked, and yet he seems clothed in his royalty. The 4 animals all look like, “Have you got something to say about that? I thought not!”  What is he watching? He is watching someone/thing approach, and he looks a bit trepidatious about it. I’m glad I feel Emperor-ish today, and use it. He’s lifting me up out of a reasonless down-in-the-dumps state and helping me feel royal again. If this is my Heart today, I gladly submit it to Ma’at to be judged. What is it being weighed against, what Feather of Truth could possibly overwhelm me?  Ahah! The Amma (Queen) of Pentacles! She is EVERYTHING from which I just walked away. Look at her, really LOOK: she has it all, doesn’t she, from the fruits of the earth to sexuality incarnate, and this Lady has it going on. And to top it off, she offers me my RIGHTFUL place as King, rolling in abundance and luxury. Don’t get it wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with her; she is a gifted being. But she’s not what I want anymore, and I realized that a while back. Wealth, riches, gold, leopard skins and barbaric luscious princesses waiting for my calming and seductive touch were THEN, they are not NOW. I think Ma’at is asking me, “Are you sure? This can still happen if I wish it, or you may continue, unknowing and without help, to walk the Path of the Chosen. Choose.”  (That’s a bit of exaggeration on her part – you get clues & help ALL the time! You just have to know how to read them!) I loved her, you know, that Amma. I really did, but a being that can’t grow, can’t progress, is ultimately the most boring person in the Universe. I DON’T plan to be one of those lost and helpless souls.  


  1. I enjoyed this and your interior dialogue with the cards. Keep em comin.

    1. Thank you, Melanny. It is so wonderful to get feedback and know you aren't writing into the Void.

  2. as above,so below: an extremely electric day ....many cosmic influences guiding our choices in the world.....POWERful day....but not clothed...naked truth is that the POWER of which you speal is your EGO:the inner world power house that holds your reality/outer world story projection together., balancing the ID/gut/HEART of the situation?your life..with superPOWER/"god"/poers that be........what is lifting you UP is JUPITER(in virgo:ruling sagittarious who is now moved into saturn, the responsible one...we are all coming out of a FOG duw to jupiters wisdom and powerful bridge with neptune in pisces, and we are gaining clarity with which to move forward into the "unknown"....a BIG ....IF we can be responsible for all our inner work and our projections(putting our new found stories in the real world that others share, we have tweakes our scrpts that no longer were serving us and we have created a very positive story.......................the emotional stability this has cost and been rewarded us from this work has now contributed to our external powers of survival...youve apparently gained financial security and will perhaps be financially rewarded for your new script/story/movie.............................also, mercury is (again) its a time of delays/interferences, but is therefore, a time to reflect and reevaluate all this(x6wks)