Friday, September 18, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at reading for 19 Sep 2015: the Knight of Vessels and the 4 of Vessels. Ha! Well, no mistaking the message’s topic today, is there? It is my emotion(s), my unconscious. I go through a morning ritual when I start my day, like most of us. Feed the cats; take your pills; prepare the timer-carafe for my wife, make a cup of coffee for myself; and, finally with the have-tos all accomplished, I am able to turn to the pleasure of my morning, drawing the cards. (We are going to assume there was no drama choosing a deck today.) I light the candles, I prepare the reading mat, and I “clean” the table of extraneous shit. I put on my Tarot music (Yes, there are discs & discs of it!), light the incense if I want some that day, and then I pray. I pray to the Lord of Light and Darkness, I pray to the Cosmos, not some insane demiurge that has been left regretfully in charge. Then comes all the hoo-rah with the cards (for which our cat Wendy is unfailingly present, watching; I fantasize that she is Bastet’s representative keeping an eye on things. She went so far as to reject a choice, once, and substitute another; and let it all be damned! if it wasn’t more appropriate!) Now, I’m going to tell you a groaner, but continue, please; I put Cher’s Greatest Hits (Vol.1) on this a.m. instead of soothing Tarot music. You all degrade & diminish her, now, but she was my generation’s diva (& come on, I’m bi-, did you expect me NOT to like her?), and her music means things to me. Funnily enough, with her playing, I get an all-Vessels draw. If you read me at all, you know that Cups and I are ALWAYS on shaky ground, even at the best of times, but today has me nailed, I’m afraid.  Just look at that poor Knight of Vessels, lifting his jug to “verify” the water; what is he doing, “verifying his unconscious?” He doesn’t even see it but he has the great good luck to have a fish leap out of the water to greet him: encouraging? Warning? A friendly presence? How about the truth, she is the messenger and the symbol that the Queen of this suit is watching me (maybe smiling? Oh I do so hope. . . .) She wants me to explore, she NEEDS me to explore, or else we’re stuck. My Knight screams Synchronicity at me, and I’m so used to that that I’ll simply nod my head in affirmation. Of course, it could be a telegram informing me that Liliane Bettencourt (the richest woman in France) has finally died and, surprise! the legatee is me! Ha. I doubt that, but a friend keeps pushing Creative Visualization on me, so . . . who knows? (I do NOT visualize Mrs. Bettencourt’s death!). Back to topic: no, this Knight wants me to explore my unconscious, & my emotions, today. I say that ESPECIALLY in light of my “feather” card (heart & feather, remember?) today, the 4 of Vessels. This is a surprisingly illustrated card and makes me smile bigtime, every time, until I remember his/her signification. That magnificent elephant is perfectly balanced upon those 4 vessels; but does he DARE move? If we follow Robert’s read (Robert Place, the creator of the deck) these vessels represent emotional complexes he’s balanced upon but cannot disturb. Again, Robert: “. . . the Anima Mundi is not happy because we have stopped evolving and growing.” (pg.210)  “Ya gotta break a Vessel, man, maybe ALL of them.”  I’m (more or less) comfortable, and I’ve settled into emotional, unconscious habits because, as far as I knew, this is as Happy as it is getting. I’m wrong, naturally. (It is amazing how that phrase becomes more & more familiar the older one grows!) At the end of a reading yesterday, when the client & I were just chitchatting, I mentioned that I KNOW the Journey goes on, that spiritual progression beyond this plane is NOT a madman’s fancy. She’s 24; she nodded agreement, but her eyes were one big question mark. Also, she had lost a family member VERY young and that puts a big rock right into the middle of your river, forcing you to find a way around it. She had a “good” reading; she has several decisions to make, and pronto! But enough about her, let’s talk about me, Me, ME! (I felt very “Norma Desmond” writing that – LOL.)  IF I’m not mistaken, Knights normally carry Swords, so perhaps me the Knight can take a might swing and break those vessels myself, freeing the “elephant in the room.” But oh good Geb and Nuit, I don’t like messing around with my emotions – they are SO all-over-the-place! That, of course, means my “emotional knots” have to either be A) untied or B) treated like the Gordion Knot and simply cut through by the Knight. Knowing me (and yes, I do, despite what you may think of my ramblings), that Knight is going to swing one, mighty blow and simply sever the knots. ‘That’s the way I roll, baby. Hop on, or eat my dust!”  I SO need a teacher for navigating my emotions, but the Cosmos seems to be telling me, “Hey, fella, you are a big boy now. You carry a sword, too.”  If I just didn’t want so many fucking answers, I’d be better off. Like my father always says, “It’s better to be lucky than smart.” He’s also the first to tell me, “If YOU can’t figure it out, I don’t know who can; You’re the smartest person I know.”  He’s not sending mixed messages; he’s just being my Dad. With Mom gone, Dad is proving to be an amazing source of joy for me. I’m going to leave you today with a few of {{shudder}} Cher’s lyrics: “Beneath the white fire of the moon // Love's wings are broken all too soon  // We never learn //Hurt together, hurt alone  // Don't you sometimes wish // Your heart was a heart of stone.”   

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  1. as above, so below: jupiter s enthusiasm is effecting/tweaking our perceptions still of new world/new light/new consciouasness....if you are Bright mentally, you may suffer from boredom too easily needing more/more varied stimulation....allow this enthusiasm , cosmically provided, to bring an opportunity for you...not to ignore as banality, but to, on a higher level of consciousness, re-evaluate(its retrograde mercury and some other??planet) life ans disciover, a new direction....tell cher, its better to allow the light of the gods to bring us out of this worm hole than to be numbed by her illusions/refusal to honor the cups water/go with the flow....................dont you agree???