Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at daily reading: the Sky Ace (Ace of Swords) and the Earth 3 (3 of Pentacles.) (Today’s deck is the ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’ *Minoan Tarot* by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, & object of my recent contretemps with a publishing company that the artist, Ms. Lorenzi-Prince, fixed herself for me after word had filtered through to her. So now I am able to use this beautiful deck without making absurd adjustments. It IS beautiful, and the Minoan-style art of Ms. Lorenzi-Prince is not only inspired but tremendously appropriate. I like the deck. She is also the creatrix of the *Dark Goddess Tarot*.) Last night was a wonderfully social evening with a group of “young people” (early 20s,) gathering here through synchronicity, ended up socializing “en grande” here in our home, under our delighted gaze, participation, and a sort of “imprimatur” as this could be officially considered “an evening” now by the French youth because of the presence of benevolent oldsters. This is a particularly French thing, and the youth are as subject to its implacable laws here as they are not in most other 1st-world countries. Because my wife and I are childless and welcoming to the young, we have “good rep” in the city. Grin. It is also, of course, of inestimable aide that I smoke herb freely and openly. This adds the cherry on the top of the cake. We ARE an eccentric couple – “but it’s a good thing, dude.” Therefore, yesterday’s victory of Love & Recognition bore delightful fruit in the evening. Today, for my Heart, I have drawn the Sky Ace (Ace of Swords.) It is a surprising image for this Ace, isn’t it? However, the LWB has a wonderful little interpretation by the artist that makes perfect sense; “The desire for change is only the beginning. Do not lose what is present through lack of attention. Try everything. Discover what it means to be alive.” (Ellen-Lorenzi-Prince) And really, seen from a certain direction in a certain light, it is a perfect way to see the Ace of Swords, or here the Sky Ace. The “martial” element is not present in this “psychic version” of Tarot; in THIS culture, in THIS Art, it is seen as that explosion like the birth of a star. And in the context of my life, it is perfectly appropriate here, as I still caper in happiness that I have initiated the golem’s self-destruction inside the palace, to profit from this star-explosion of energy and emotion in the Grand Project. Remember, however, this Ace tells me, you had free elements BEFORE the event with you that are still important; don’t lose sight of them in the carnival festivities! Today I’m not feeling moved to haul in all the Kabbalistic and alchemical drag in which these cards today can be dressed; So I’m going to take today’s Ace at “face value” here, today, for now. The “Feather of Truth” card today is the Earth 3 (3 of Pentacles). My very first reaction was surprise! that today’s feather was represented in an “event.” Yet the image of that antelope is provocative, playful and VERY curious!    Read the artist’s interpretation of what her “Earth Three” card meant to HER, and I could EASILY see it as her symbol for the concepts behind the 3 of Pentacles. That said, let the Antelope speak for itself, via the LWB, of course; “Look to other cultures for inspiration. Communication is the key to success. Speak from the heart. You hold the potential for beauty and originality in your hands.” Again, a side of this manifestation of the Earth 3 was beautifully arranged & displayed yesterday evening; but there is a smile there for and from me in there, as well, as recently I have been having long, serious conversations with several DEDICATED younger people who have arrived at a point that my generation saw as well, but differently. When Woodstock and the “hippies” and “flower power” and the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco was the hippie gone-to-heaven, there was Vietnam and here in France the whole ’68 “Revolution in the Streets” had just happened, and blah blah blah. THESE youths have arrived at that point, too, but their dedication and “soul-drive” is learning how to make viable alternative-style communal living a reality before we destroy ourselves and a great deal of the good green Earth. They have plans. They are buying land. They are already building in certain very carefully selected locations. When this civilization falls, this “empire” which has held sway a good number of millennia is finally forced to feed its own body into the burning belly of Moloch, they want that these communities be ALREADY established havens where we ARE going to learn to live differently, in HARMONY, with our universe. My original cynicism has given way to a blossoming awe at how far they have already thought this through and progressed in manifesting it as a reality. I find that ALL of this is EXACTLY what that Earth 3 is communicating. Therefore I’m being told today, that, “Yes, Mark, today’s Feather of Truth is that these ideas and original creations are important, pay attention because they already ARE of importance to you, as you will see.” I rather like that. I feel very much like I have just paid a more-or-less ritual visit to my spirit guide and instead of finding him at home, I found he was absent but in his stead the Antelope had been left on notice that I might appear, and if so, to speak to me if it would of what it would.  I liked that very much, too. I am most thankful to the Antelope for his words to me today, and I will retain his advice. And, of course, I shall continue to profit from the calming-down carnival going on over in front of the palace. I feel that I have received what I need, a restful reading which nevertheless gave me indications for my Journey today. I wish at least as much for all of you who read these words this morning, and may the Lord of Light and Darkness guide your steps.  


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  1. as above, so below: today the sun went into libra!....harmony,balance,beauty..we will see/feel....shamanic slant: the dragon fly is the essence of the winds of change...messages of wisdom,and enlightenment come from the elemental world..beckoning you to seek out parts of your habits that you feel you need to change..its the application of the art of illusion being called upon to help you realize that things are not always what they seem!.....antelope medicine will soon set you "free" by whispering in your ear(the one you dont listen well with) the solution to your situation...listen to antelope, who carries a message of higher purpose....antelope forces you to take authority; to act on behalf of self, family, clan, tribe,nation, mother earth...DO it NOW: NOW is the time;antelope knows the wY; THE POWER is YOU