Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card ‘Scales of Ma’at’ daily reading for 24-Sep-2015: XIV Temperance and the King of Wands, in the respective positions of Heart and Feather of Truth. (Today’s deck is the *Kabbalistic Visions* Tarot set by Marco Marini & Luigi Scapini. [Deck & Book] When I first acquired the set, the deck & I did not become instant fast friends. In fact, it went into my box of “regrettable purchases,” and unfortunately it isn’t cheap. Not remembering our initial failure to gel, I recently re-opened it and took a look. I have identified the problem, of course; a disastrous decision was made when the cards were designed to give them ENORMOUS black borders that do NOTHING to serve the image they contain, which make the cards of unusual & ‘unfriendly’ dimensions, and whose images’ beauty and impact is lost to the reader because it has been shrunk and is most difficult to appreciate in its’ sea of blackness. I have cut off these criminal borders & magnified the images slightly, so these are the cards that I would LIKE to see instead of the perspective-misjudged abortions that they are. That being said, it is, at heart, a WONDERFUL Kabbalistic deck. Symbology and image have been beautifully linked in almost every case, and now I can love this deck among my other chosen children; these were just born, unfortunately, horribly maimed.) I feel peace returning to the Inner Realm after all of the spectacularly stormy weather of the last week or 10 days, when rifts of results & great leaps forward were being tossed in my lap on a 24-7 non-stop cycle; the weather has calmed. And out of the receding weather and into the calmness of the moment comes my dear, dear old friend, Temperance, this time in her avatar of a lovely red dragon, creature of strength. ‘XIV is actually the final card in a certain process known as the Way of the Soul. The dragon’s beautiful red skin is, like ours, a delicate and sensitive organ, and Temperance’s is made of a pelt of zodiacal symbols and “help” represent our melding of the human with the Divine. Ruach, the central part of the individual soul that expresses the sum of our experiences is melting with Neshamah, the Archetypes. The melting produces Yeshida which opens the way to the last three Sephiroth: Kether, Chokmah and Binah. The planets allow an infinite cycle of everyday life by every human being. And it is only through the planets’ dance that we may understand ourselves as part of the Universe, otherwise distant and unreachable.’ (Freely adapted by me from the writings of Marini & Scapini.) The dragon’s forked tongue holds 2 keys, silver and gold, representing respectively the seven “fundamental planets” in their silver amalgam of influence on an individual’s life & choices and the golden key represents the great outer planets are living beings and bring us the ability to analyze our lives in context, and to see beyond into the universal and chthonic beginning of the cycles of self-realization. Without the giant planets’ influence our perception could never encompass the tableau of beauty beyond, the Universe which is the Divine. As the Heart card in my Scalar reading this morning, XIV speaks of continuing patience with obstacle-removal procedures, diplomacy and inner balance. No wild-eyed hare today, thank you! This is the very positive and foundational Heart card of my day. “The Feather of Truth” is represented here by the King of Wands. I must admit that, myself manifesting usually as one of the male roles in the Courts of Air or Fire, I’m not surprised to see the card but a bit surprised to see it today as the “Feather of Truth.” But its’ presence is a kind of divine pat on the back assuring me that everything is ‘on plan’ as planned. The King is pure fire burning out of control, by nature, but here is the Master Incarnation of it. All those green flames are Chokmah aflame: Yod, 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet stands guard above, as does the tattwa on the opposite side.  This is the “genuine access door” (LWB) to the Astral plane where the King can express the fullness of his power. Under a dome of protection supporting the King is the Tetragrammaton, reminding us how to find the stable form of this unstable force. IT is the feminine who gives form allowing the masculine to develop to its’ full expression without dispersion, which, unusable on the material plane where it generates chaos and destruction. It is ALL beautifully expressed in the image, where there is an eerie echo of my wail, “Why oh why did they have to go and ruin it with that black death border??” Suddenly, my interior cinema comes alight and I see myself starring in a production of “The Pietà.” Grin. Okay, back to “serious.” This card is Wisdom. He is awareness and psychological balance at a fine point. This is what allows the Tetragrammaton to exist WITH him but UNTOUCHED by him. This is a heavy-duty Ma’at card, because it is about Balance and the danger of the absence of harmony. This is a Big Boy card, as in, “I don’t have time, Ma; I’m a Big Boy now.” The energy failure of disharmony is necessary for the seeker to know his limits and make corrections, a process known Kabbalistic ally as “Tikkun.” I see ‘me’ being called to be ME. “You’re a big boy now, Mark, and the Quest, the Journey, the Path, the Red Road, whatever you want to call it, is rising under your feet to lead you through the climax of your movie. Put on your pants, we gotta go.” And so we do. ‘May the Lord of Light and Darkness guide our steps.’   


  1. as above;so below: well temperance could be reflecting the transition of mars into issues being front and center from today..mars will get things MOVING forward...pluto(like mercury) is retrograde but tomorrow will be going dirext: this may be whaT KING OF WANDS IS MESSAGING TO YOU: ASKING, AS AN AUTHORITATIVE ADVISOR, " WHERE ARE YOU EITHER 1. GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY, OR 2. WHERE ARE YOU OVER-POWERING/DOMINATING IN ORDER TO FEEL SAFE(R???????