Friday, September 25, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 25-Sep-2015: the King of Cups, Prince of the Chariot of Waters, and the 9 of Cups, the Lord of Material Happiness. (Today’s day is one of my old friends, *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson with the Imprimatur of the Golden Dawn. I have a real soft spot and comfortable corner of velvet the Hermetic, as it was HE who carried to me the original interest in the Golden Dawn, an interest beyond mockery. He’s older now and hard of hearing at times, so I dare share with you that I love him DESPITE a bit of weaseliness in his character; notice the adoption of R-W court ranking system but retaining the ORIGINAL title of the Thothic system of A. Crowley. The King is a “Prince of . . .” and it reminds me of an overeager post-grad student who is trying to one-up his counselling professor and yet daren’t differ too far from him for fear of grave offense. Amusing, but only briefly; one moves on. He’s an old friend, so be kind to him, please. Thoth-ish, B-W, it is most definitely a Golden Dawn product, but you love it for all that, too. That being said, if I wanted a slick & professional look to escort Ms. Monroe to the Governor’s Ball, I’d go pure Thoth, leaving Uncle at home with some wine and a good book.) The King of Cups turning up as my Heart today surprised me, initially. I am FAR from being the Master of MY Waters! I just started that giant housecleaning project to dismantle old monsters! But it IS my heart’s desire, to be the king of the Court of my own emotions. This King is subtle, crafty, artistic, (can be) violent and is astride Libra and Scorpio, astrologically. He has a fierce nature, but also a very calm exterior, which is understandable, given his responsibility to rule equitably over the Court of Water. That is where I intend to drive this particular, current chariot I’m escorting; right to the steps of the throne and up, to claim my crown. So rather than today’s Heart, I see this card as today’s Heart’s Hope. The Feather of Truth today is, oddly enough, the 9 of Cups, Lord of Material Happiness; and THIS one I’m reading as sage & sound advice about the possible FOIBLES of kingship! Normally this card delights, yet today, while still delighted, I am also advised: “Remember, Thou art stardust and to stardust you shall return.” Also, remember the difference between the 9 of Disks in a Thoth and the 9 of Cups: the Pentacles are “the Lord of Material GAIN” (emphasis mine) where these are “the Lord of Material HAPPINESS.” That is a BIG difference. This is Jupiter in Pisces, and his angels are Saliah and Aariel. In its’ fullest, simplest sense, of course the card signifies “. . . complete and perfect realization of pleasure and happiness.” (LWB) This isn’t all, though; even upright, it may stand for vanity, conceit and self-praise! He’s a kind, lovable Lord nevertheless, although VERY high-minded and irritated with small and limited ideas. He may appear as full of Folly, as well, but he isn’t. So-o-o, I’m going to read this as a dual reflection card, and the sometimes dual nature of Truth: ‘It is wonderful to be given a kingdom to rule with all of it’s’ bounty; yet, beware! The traps that beset the path of the inattentive man in a demanding role are numerous and naturally, very dangerous.’ This would look like an easy summation of the read, and it is, actually; and with that I am highly pleased. Yet . . . yet, there are times when 2 yearns to be 3, when marriage requires fulfillment. I even have a “standard-for-me” 3-card format that I have used before on these pages. So there are times when I don’t wish to draw a 3rd card for the Scales (as well as inelegant!), as I wish to a dollop more of guidance or wisdom to my “daily dose.” I’ve never been very good at visiting my spirit guide, although we are acquainted and on friendly terms, and a trek to him just to ass that dollop seems excessive. I have decided, therefore, that I shall, OCCASIONALLY, add an I-Ching hexagram in card form from the *I-Ching Dead Moon* set by Luis Royo. I like the art and card format appeals to me, much more than yarrow sticks or coins. Today, on my virgin run with this approach (it has been a LONG time since I’ve broken any of MY cherries!) I have drawn Hexagram #46 SHENG: Earth Over Wind. “The push upwards.” “The wind lifts the earth, the trees fastened by their roots support the lash of the wind and its’ branches move silhouetted in the sky. Personal merit propels us toward a higher position, a continuous process towards an end. The effort and enthusiasm favor the ascent. With interior strength and discipline we climb the long stairway.” (L. Royo) I couldn’t be more delighted! This is “straight from” my Osage heritage (a Native-American tribe) into which I was born as a windworker in a clan otherwise composed purely of healers. They (my family) had no idea how that had happened, but it was OBVIOUSLY the marriage of my Osage mother with my rather Norse/Germanic father and his importation of other archetypes into their project together. I am aware of the INTENSE nature of the relationship between wind and tree, and to be a windworker you must work with trees, as well, otherwise you can neither call nor dismiss her. And the encouragement to “push upwards!” Wow, I’m a bit overloaded with the generous Welcome! of the I-Ching. That “meriting the higher position” and the “push upwards” are ALL about the work I am currently doing “in-house,” dismantling the golems and cleaning out the attics (see previous posts.) As well as, of course, continuing the journey on the Red Road. (The Red Road is the Native-American equivalent of the Tarot’s “Journey” or “Path” through itself.) I am unsure if the I-Ching has a patron god or goddess, but for the moment I shall thank Guanyin, goddess of Mercy, for her generous smile today. I pray she smiles on all of you as well.


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  1. as above, so below: today,s aquarious moon has us focusing on thinking unconditional love. plutos influence, as always: death of the old;birth of the new. the upcoming lunar eclipse in aries calls on the latest journey of the fool and this oneis to e "a major leap"!!!!the retrogrades are helping us to slow down a bit and focus on what we wish to manifest(9 of cups)...remember: metaphysically speaking, must know your thoughts;check in with what you are thinking that may be responsible for how we feel. never leap until you check in with your gut/heart/soul. when emotionally stable....after tweaking yourself in this way over and over, you will manifest/attract what you are wishing for.....and danger of 9 of cupos: be caREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH; YOU JUST MAY GET IT!!!!!!!