Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily reading which I call ‘The Scales of Ma’at’ for 26 Sep 2015: as my Heart stands the Knight of Staffs and as The Feather of Truth stands the Ace of Swords. (Today’s deck is *The Byzantine Tarot* by John Matthews & Cilla Conway. In this deck, Staffs are given the element of Air and Swords are given Fire. It is either jarring to one’s senses or confirms one’s newbie “mistakes” about elemental attribution. Individual call, “sortta–kinda;” if this were a more widespread variation, it would be a nightmare trying to keep track of what’s what. I have, of course, long-since “trained” myself to follow the accepted majority rule, so remembering the switch in this deck is both difficult but good exercise to use basic but dormant observational tipoffs. Here, you have to look for flame tipoffs in the Sword suit and Air tipoffs in the Staffs. I love the deck, but for this reason alone it will be of limited general use.) Seeing the Knight of Staffs depicted this way, I couldn’t help but think, “While his father, the King of Staffs, summoned and directed the army and occupied himself with supplies and logistics, the Prince was supposed to prepare to lead this force into battle; instead, he was off in the bushes fingering his own fife and lyre.”  For this one card, the elemental transition works as he is the “Prince of the Chariot of Fire" of both Thoth and Golden dawn decks. THIS depiction doesn’t really give one the impression of “Energy, Movement, Explorative, a Rebel and wanderer Leaving things behind but guarding a Passionate nature and a need for freedom.” (LWB) For Raven, this card is more about it’s’ place in Tiphareth and sitting astride Cancer & Leo. “The Prince of Wands represents the Air within the Fire, intellect and storm within the spiritual flaming. As the son of the Queen, he bears a certain heritage of the waters inside of him, expressing in romantic beliefs and a most generous nature. Though, the attributes of fire are excessively strong, combined with the flying airs the first impression is that of a hot storm, filled with action and willful, impulsive energies. Lacking the patience of the earth, the Prince of Wands wants it all and he wants it now. He has endless courage and tenacity; he can fight far superior forces until he has won.” (ibid) If I have to look at him as a Court character of Air, then he HAS to be the “hot breath of fire, “just as he may recklessly abuse the powers of his mind to fool and ridicule the slow and harmless. He isn’t mean-spirited; he simply moves so fast that he doesn’t see all of the ruins left behind. His drive, activity & impulsiveness are high and high-minded; his Light is Energy, creativity & passion. I must have mishandled the card in turning it or something – this could fit me today if read reversed; we’ve had a relentlessly “social” week, so today I’m staying home and being a couch potato. OR this rather “oisif” young man diddling mindlessly away (not necessarily being artistically creative!) as Constantinople shakes to the sound of Ottoman drums and Byzantine trumpets. Missing its’ much-needed directing hand, the young prince is being sought by The Feather of Truth today in the form of the Ace of Swords. Flames work better here, accompanying this incarnation of the suit as a whole and as it’s’ essence. Strength. Just pursuits. Agression. Power. Competition.  I’ve found that I don’t really consider the Aces anymore as integral integers in their respective suits, but form a 4-fold, separate “Noble Arcana.” THEN there are the Court Cards, then the pips. (Gladys Knight is nowhere to be seen.) It is the Roots of the Powers of Air. (Ugh. I feel as if I’ve been “put to the Question and recanted my heresy” . . . ! It isn’t really unpleasant but it IS uncomfortable. Burn the heretic! Burn the heretic! (If one had to be immolated in this fashion, I’ve always liked Jacques DeMolay’s parting malediction, summoning the royal house of France (the Capetians) AND the Pope to the throne of God within the year to answer for their crime (killing him) and they all DID die! Jacques was the last, official Grand Master of the Order of the Knights Templar. Live by the Ace of Swords, Die by the Ace of Swords. Ha.)  The Ace in this case (“he’s a poet but he don’t know it ‘cause his feet are L-on-g-f-e-l-l-o-w-s.”) This baby lives in Kether and is ALL of the Fire signs. Like every Ace, it represents the unstructured primary matter of its suit, the undifferentiated unity. The Ace of Swords is the beginning of thinking, a first idea, a first thought or impulse from the mind and the essence of the element of Fire (Air, damn it!) Here I believe, since I am already committed to my lazy day, the Ace is simply telling me that I should let my mind work rather than following my emotions only (which are VERY dominant right now due to recently solved “drama.”). It reminds me that the Ace is only the seed, that it needs experience to grow. I shouldn’t and I won’t put any negativity into the paucity of this reading, I just want to post it to show the general majority of draws, because the “showstoppers” are much rarer than one would suppose by my blog. Nevertheless, a reading is what makes it, and today exhaustion and a need for resourcing make this reading a lightly weighted consideration today. (Even if that Ace DOES want me to get off my ass and do something! today.) I am going to take a weekend of my own now, so I will probably be back Tuesday. Thus until then, keep it Zen, kids.