Monday, September 21, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 22-Sep-2015: the 3 of Swords reversed and the 8 of Swords. (Today’s deck is, again, one which was “delivered” to me this a.m. by my “card cat”, Wendy, one of our 4 and the serious card reader of the group. [Cat owners will understand.] I already had in mind a deck I wished to use, but one doesn’t ignore the Goddess. Today’s deck is *The Lilith Bible Tarot Deck* by Lorelei Douglas [I mistakenly called her ‘Lorelei Lee’ in my first post on her deck, thinking, of course, of Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” She is also the creatrix of *The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot*, which I would recommend as much as I do this current one. Her decks work, and they do it magically well. Yet there is something in this one, *Lilith*, that is spiritually magnetic in an undefinable way.) After yesterday’s Rocket to the Stars reading, I experienced an unusually “active” day emotionally; I was consumed with my reading, with my emotions, and with yesterday’s Big Decision the “seams” started to come apart on my first golem; The Great Sarcasm has begun his decomposition. I shed a LOT of tears yesterday, many of them happy, many of them tears of sheer relief that I have decided to do what I am doing. It was a GOOD day, but an exhausting one. So today, as I prayed to the Lord of Light and Darkness to aide me in his Wisdom, I had no idea, but a small hope, that today might perhaps, maybe, please? be just a little lighter for me.  It’s funny what the cards give you, sometimes; and I don’t mean funny ha-ha. I pulled the 3 of Swords reversed as my “Heart” today, and I didn’t even wonder one little bit, I knew, “Oh Lord, I’m free at last.”  The card can be interpreted as a blockage or refusal to deal with the Pain, thus even increasing its’ hold; but NOT today, not for me. This 3 speaks directly to my relief on the dismantling of the golems and the emergence of my heart, my REAL heart, not that hard ruby jewel I used to say was my heart. The “life-force” of that continuously open wound is gone, I have withdrawn it. The reversal of the 3 says THIS to me, a more alchemical reading, and not the other meaning which became attached for its own (negative) reasons. I am, however, being “witnessed” in my recovery by the mysterious and seductive 8 of Swords, a goddess by any other name. One white shoulder, a bared back, a swirling chinchilla wrap, and a crowned pearl snood all pale in comparison with the glow in her green, green eyes. And those eyes are looking at me, inexpressibly emotive, not in thanks but something else, something deeper, for by healing my wound I am setting her free. The bars of her prison are already rising away, and she will be let go to live her existence as Vital Life Force, as Libido. Her bars were my blocks. She, too, had been a prisoner of the golems, but that is over, now. I do not know if I shall ever meet this woman in this form ever again, I KNOW that, but the deed is done; I looked into her eyes, and I am in love. I am in love with whom I have set free, and I DO SO wish her well. She is, of course, always with me, but inside now, in a heart that now has room for her. I may never meet THIS beauty again, but we have each other’s love and recognition. And for today, for me, that is victory: Love and Recognition.

“Today is the only day. Yesterday is gone.” John Wooden   



  1. as above, so below:9/27 lunar full moon eclipse is beginning its influence: new beginnings and painful transitions;releasing thiose old karmic lessons!!!message is and i quote"let go;...shit or get off the pot"...its a time to focus on the imbalances...i.e. where we may have boundary issues/co-dependence..."we need to stand up for ourselves!!".."to nurture ourselves"...confront the inner anima and incorporate it....detachment creates a freesom long sought, even within our together-ness relations.....i always thought freesom was knowing our limitation and being free within them.......

  2. I get the astro-info being communicated, but I'm with you on feeling like "someone's trying to use the fog-machine again" on that part about "freesomness." Yes, incorporation of the anima, yes, check, etc. But what detachment & freesom & the price of tea in China have to do with the last bit I just don't get. I'd feel more trusting of a blind reading of the I-Ching, and I don't read the I-Ching! LOL. Oh well, as the French say, "à chacun son goût" ("to each his taste/style") :)