Saturday, September 12, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at 2-card reading for 12 sep 2015: The Ace of Cups and the 7 of Swords, with a little help from our friend the charioteer. (Today’s deck is *The Byzantium Tarot* by John Matthews & Cilla Conway. I have a weakness for all things Byzantine and especially the Empire, so these cards feel good to me. Beautiful, iconic-style art, fabulous colors, and good scenes reminding one that Byzantium was a Naval empire more than a terrestrial one. Water = Emotions. I find that loving Byzantium is very much a matter of memory of the heart, so the cards deeply please me.) I start with a glorious, magnificent agate chalice, the Ace of Cups. It hovers above water & land, and the Dove descends upon it. I should have family love & emotional contentment: the former in basketfuls, yes, but the latter is always shadowed by my desire to complete the Path. I can feel the Cup in me, the home & family, the “feast & opulence,” the Joy & Delight of the Ace of Cups, these things are present in my life WHEN I WANT THEM. Faced across from the Cup is the 7 of Swords, here depicted as a sea battle. The secret weapon of the Byzantines was Greek Fire, a kind of early napalm, composed of pine resin, naphtha, quicklime & sulphur. Launched by catapult, when one hit an enemy troop formation or a vessel, it simply burst into unquenchable fire; the Byzantines were greatly feared because of it. It was pumped out of pressurized hoses, as well, on troops attacking the city walls. I am OFTEN full of Greek Fire. IF I’m going to “judge this card on its’ looks,” then I’m looking at hope, believe in myself, and with help (Greek fire) I can overcome the odds. It is about Perseverance, strategy & Cunning, which is where it just borders a “normal” 7 of Swords in most other decks. I’m not talking much about Kabbalistic meanings, but in Constantinople at the height of Empire there would have been charm sellers, “witches” and “occult personalities” by the fistfuls. What their knowledge was, centuries-sifted Roman beliefs along with ideas brought in from the East (like the Pantocrator, for example), and all of it would have made for a heavy, Christian-dominated brew. Well, all of this is fine. A loving, beginning Ace of Cups and a combative, piss-in-their-eye Byzantine captain vanquishing superior forces; but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, ties these together. That means I have to crave Ma’at’s forgiveness and throw a third card directly on the weighing arm: VII The Charioteer! Yeah! I was recently gifted with a large, card-at-random art print, and it was this, VII the Charioteer. Now he isn’t who springs to mind when I’m contemplating favorite cards, but perhaps he should. He’s Johnny-On-The-Spot, he’s willing to go ANYWHERE for me, and he is adored everywhere in the Empire that he goes because he’s a charioteer, a “modern gladiator;’ the races were the be-all and end-all of Byzantine sporting events. The Hippodrome occupied the center of the city, and played a far larger part in politics than imagined. IF I’m called to do anything by this card, it is to take the Ace of Cups to the warring lieutenant and let him drink of its’ calming brew; and I al to take back the lieutenant to remind the feasting and celebrating Byzantines that the barbarians are at the gated and it is time to get off their asses and organize a defense. I’m a go-between today, between pacific, warring feelings and the realm of the calm & joyous. I’m hoping this is a civilized era and the messenger isn’t executed if he brings bad news . . . and I really don’t have a favorite in these races? The monotheistic fervor of “You WILL search for God/Allah!” or the Byzantine obsession with the glories of the faith and the mercy of the Mother. So, we’ll see how this goes, but good Zeus! look at the energies: Water in the Kether of Briah, Netzach in Yetzirah and bridging them Cancer, a Water sign, with the Moon & Jupiter tripping the light fantastic in the background, as the Moon keeps showing up. So, Mark, go-between time today, and depend on your intuition and not you logic this time around. “With the Ace of Cups in your heart, go forward one step at a time, on task at a time, and I will move through Life triumphantly.’   

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