Sunday, September 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at today, the 20 Sep 2015: the 3 of Cups and the Ace of Disks. My, my, my, how quickly the tune changes! I haven’t been having particularly dark readings lately, but THIS one is so filled with Light, Love & Creation that one could be blamed for thinking my luck had taken a dramatic turn for the better! Now, if you’ve paid attention to the large legal warning nailed to my forehead by the government that the Tarot is for “Entertainment purposes” and nothing else, I’ll tell you that these mean you’re going to find a friend today and the two of you shall come up with a great material idea. Then you could laugh, say, “Sure, bloke, pull the other one!” Hahaha.  However, if you DON’T live in one of those benighted, bedeviled countries, I can speak a bit more to you (me) about your cards. Let’s look at my “1st card off the Wheel,” the 3 of Cups. Sure – joyous reunion, the possibility of imbibing a bit too much, but a trio of friends celebrating together. Well – yes and no. That trio is the three phases of the Moon, and the Dark of the Moon has been replaced with an act of Love under the canopy of the Chariot., and the 3 is the Lord of Abundance (it really should be the Lady of Abundance, but I’m not getting into another fuckin’ endless argument with Aleister!) Besides, we can fit the Lord into the schema of things, especially considering the next card (not yet!) Out of the 3 Cups rise three hands, holding the Pomegranate, the Golden Apple and a sheaf of wheat. Do I really need to repeat “the three phases of Woman” bit for you all? I thought not, you’re smart (you found this blog, didn’t you?) That curious little cross and shield with canopy below, by the way, IS the act of Love; lingam enter yoni, taking place under the starry canopy of the Chariot. She is ruled by Mercury in Cancer, but look at Cancer for a moment; Its’ decans are ruled by III the Empress, I the Magus and II the Priestess. The Big Three. Makes you wonder what is so damn important in finding this “lost” companion, or whatever? I believe that yes, there is joy in the finding, and happiness in the celebration, BUT there’s a servant at the back of the Chariot, whispering in my ear, “Remember; enjoy it NOW, it is evanescent.” Now isn’t the time to worry about the bill for this shindig you’re throwing, but don’t forget, it WILL be presented. (This is perfectly analogous to my physical health; I KNOW I’m paying the bill NOW for all those past years of decadence and living very large. However, knowing it will be presented and then seeing the actual sum are two different things!) This card goes on and on and on, but it seems so simple & pretty, doesn’t it? “Look at the pretty picture, Virginia; it will distract you from the fact that you are pregnant;” And WOW!!! Is She pregnant! She is the Root of the Powers of Earth, and ALL that implies. (I’ve changed J.S. Bach for Rihanna, so buckle up.) If I was going to tell Mr. Noodle on the street to give me the name of the Tetragrammaton, he’d bash me with his umbrella and move on. But this Ace is the final letter, Yod-Hè-Vau-Hè. And once you pronounce the name of “God,” you start again, you repeat it. (There is probably a tale somewhere of some anchorite rising into the clouds by meditating on the Tetragrammaton by itself, but I don’t know of it.) You know, what do you say about the Totality of Malkuth in front of you? I wouldn’t be saying much, my jaw would be on the floor, the spectacle is SO dazzling and overwhelming. Spirit made flesh. Filtered through the Sephiroth, Malkuth is the ultimate Disneyland.  Remember, the Princess of Disks is the “throne” of the Ace, and she is so strongly “recalled” by the 3 that she is almost present there, but she makes a late entrance like the Court Royalty amongst whom she belongs. Her baby? Oh, that’s Harpocrates, the twin of Horus and the Lord of Silence. Do you remember the 4 Laws? He is #4, “To Be Silent.” He is “also the mystical absorption of the work of creation, the Hè final of the Tetragrammaton.” (Meleen) (How odd – the words Thelema and Agape just jumped off my desk onto my feet, and there is NO breeze here in my study this morning.) By the way, did you know that, geographically, this Ace represents Europe and Africa? I didn’t. The Princess is ALL OVER Aries, Taurus & Gemini, whereas our 3 was Cancer. We can make it blend, I’m sure we can, I just need to find that damn Philosopher’s Stone, now where did I put it? (Speaking of stones & crystals! I ALWAYS wear citrine for its regenerative essences; I even have enough of them, ranging in size from 362 carats to tiny tiny, that if I had the money, I’d make myself a citrine crown, too. Back to the point – I keep a sack of stones next to my reading mat, and sometimes, NOT always, I ask Ma’at if I need to adjust my ‘crystal energies’ for the day. I did, today, and she was unequivocal, I need to wear sapphires and diamonds today, so I’ll search my rings. I believe I own 1 sapphire ring – I’m not as entranced by them as other stones. But they have made me think of Anastacia, so she’s on. Rock the neighbors at 9 a.m.!) My wife (she has a name – Jeanne – don’t forget it. And yeah, that’s a threat! Ha! I call her the Countess; she is, actually, the 22nd comtesse de Quelquedis, [poor as shit!]. The only family she knows intimately that is older than hers is mine – my Indian genealogy goes WAY WAY back.) As a French “aristocrat,” she is dyed-in-the-wool Catholic, but NEVER interferes in my beliefs. The Great Spirit blesses her for that.)Back to the cards – finally! – So, let’s give Mark his ha’penny worth of Fortune at the Brighton Pier Fortune Machine: “You will meet an old friend today and make plans for the future.” Well – perhaps. Yes, perhaps I shall “re-find” a person from my past, but good Geb, look at Facebook! You can have more “old friends” than Jesus on FB. And as for the festivities, don’t worry; I’m keeping a third eye on the mounting bill. The Ace excites me; Malkuth generally treats me VERY well, (well, not lately, but that’s just cash flow.) And besides, (and this marvels Jeanne – I don’t care if we ARE broke, because money means very very little to me. Having grown up with it, I never “learned the value of a dollar,’ to quote every single American father. If I have it, I have it; if I don’t, I don’t. What’s the worry? Go ahead; tell me about rent and food and electricity and autos and petrol and all the else – I DON’T CARE. Is there earth to sleep on? Is there wild food available? Have I found a relatively safe cave? Then I’m fine! I exaggerate a LITTLE, but not much. Money means so little to me, and yet it rules this Malkuth. Why? Why aren’t WE ruling Malkuth? (Political warning: as I get older, I become more and more an advocate of open rebellion in the streets. Tear down the banks! the stock markets! the fortresses of Money! and let’s start again; besides, Gaea isn’t giving us much time at all to straighten out our act.) Floating that “balloon,” if you will, of the ACE is Babalon and the Beast combined, mother and son and yet not, floating in a cloud of numbers being 666 and 156 (the Sun). The Sun and Materiality – that’s a lot, eh?

To finish off, I’m going to borrow from M.M. Meleen again, who ‘borrowed’ from the Tao Te Ching; “Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know. Keep your mouth closed. Guard your senses. Temper your sharpness. Simplify your problems. Mask your brightness. Be at one with the dust of the Earth. This is primal union. He who has achieved this state is unconcerned with friends and enemies. With good and harm, with honor and disgrace. This therefore is the highest state of man.”   

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