Friday, September 18, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the 2-card Scales of Ma’at today, 18 Sep 2015: 0 the Fool and the 5 of Pentacles; so-called “misery.” (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot: Fourth Revised Edition* by, of course, Robert M. Place. A winner.) It isn’t, of course, rather let’s think of it as “Privation,” for then it can be read in a much more useful manner. I find the Fool very elegantly turned out indeed, for the start of the journey. Except that he has been blindfolded, which you often don’t see on Tarot cards of 0 the Fool. There is no yawning chasm but instead a rabbit hole (“remind you of anything Alice?”) He’s red-headed, supposedly a fey color and one signifying traffic with the supernatural – if you are from Plumpit, Tuscany, in the 13th century. In general, however, in the Middle Ages a “ginger” was not a favorable sign. So, I have Me, the Fool, born already with a certain amount of bad luck and devil-take-the-hindmost! About me. ready to set off, guided by magical rabbit (another alchemical sign of good fortune) and really fairly even ground for the star to guide me. Being Mercury, I’m quick, and I’m also heraldic, but in this case I have nothing to herald except my arrival. The other, PRIMORDIAL thing that 0 the Fool does is put me in the Way-back Machine to the MINDSET I had at the beginning of the journey, the “OK, let’s see what happens if I step out of my role!” 0 the Fool is a warning, too, if you are already walking the Path – DON’T LOSE TOUR INNOCENCE and your Spirit of Adventure. “All I have to do is finish you now, incomplete, and you’ll have to go back & start all over again:” Appreciate what you’ve learned while keeping your mind open and your mouth shut. I always feel a bit stupid & lost when I pull 0 the Fool to represent me (or in this case, my heart) but I have to admit to a great advantage here & now: the heart of a Fool is lighter than air because it contains no knowledge of any kind! Let the heart come back and be weighed at around 15 or 16, and THEN we’ll see if the 42 Negative Confessions are truthful when spoken from my yap. Go ahead, look up the 42 Negative Confessions, and tell me that you can recite them without lying, IF you are a grown adult. You can’t. Moses covered 10 of the basics, but the Egyptians were thorough!  OK, so Jack (the Rabbit) and I are off on our travels to discover the wide world and the wonders that inhabit it. And to whom do I run into right out on the Path? That’s right, the 5 of Pentacles, another “what an odd card!” Misery, poverty, hard times, yakyakblahblah, yes, we all know that; BUT look what’s going on. She/he is bypassing the town: he KNOWS there is no charity there, just as on more traditional depictions of the 5 you’ll see beggars walking past a church with its doors CLOSED, or NO DOORS at all. Your journey has cut you off from Christian succor. You KNEW that going on this journey was going to take the blindfold off, open your eyes, and see the Truth around you – reality is a suffering illusion that one MUST live through to gain the other side. You didn’t know traditional religions and systems of support would be closed to you? – then you are either a liar or an unrepentant Idiot. The Path is one of many, and CERTAINLY THE BEST, for leaving the trail of sheepdom and slavery. And look at our beggar, SURROUNDED by wealth if he will only see it! Did you notice the Pentacles are the 4 Elements? Did you notice he’s missing his right foot, not his left? That he still has the right hand upturned to ask “Heaven” for guidance & sustenance? The beggar passes by the town BECAUSE he knows that what he seeks isn’t there. And look, the Star is still shining on him, bigger & brighter than ever. Necessity of hardship is something we must ALL face. It is being thrown up on my board this morning to remind me that I’m just the Fool on the Journey, that my wife and I are in a moderately severe money crunch NOW BUT IT WON’T LAST FOREVER, and ABOVE ALL, take a look around me at the treasures that are just literally lying on the ground at my feet and I won’t see them, concentrated as I am on my empty hand. Look Down, Look Up, Mark!! You are being offered the Elements, and you don’t see it. By the way, just in case you were wondering, the lost left leg is the body part he has to give up to attain this stage, SO FAR. (It only makes me grin a bit nervously that all the leg trouble I’ve recently had is the left leg, also.) Son all in all, today I’m being upbraided, not only for wanting to return to simpler ignorance and for my blindness to the riches that DO surround me. Therefore today I will take a more forceful, positive attitude about my “fortune:” I can deal with my life – it is my most precious possession.” (app.)    

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  1. as above, so below: today the higher self triumphs over the ego(yesterday).: saturn moves into sagittarius(x2Yr)...the FOOLS JOURNEY (this time) is : we are all learning to make ourselves at HOME in the new consciousness