Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 29 Sep 2015: the Sage of Crystals (Queen of Pentacles) reversed and XIV Alchemy (Temperance.) (Today’s deck is *The Sirian Starseed Tarot* by Patricia Cori & Alysa Bartha. Giant, oversized cards make this lovely deck difficult to handle, and some of the printing is askew, otherwise a pretty deck. I don’t remember the price, but if it was excessive, then the deck is overpriced. It is a nice deck, not a great one.) I used to consider reversed Queens as manifestations of the Queenly virtues completely topsy-turvy, an “evil” version of the upright card. “Crazy old queens;” ah, applicable to so MANY groups! I’ve grown-up since those raw, new days and see them for what they represent – high female and/or maternal forces “out of whack,” out of balance, over emphasized or underemphasized. With a Queen upside down, forget Alice, forget the cat that went to see her, she’s emotionally unbalanced and she is dangerous (or useless.) Much like the Queen of Hearts in “Through the Looking Glass,” she is simply out of control and unmindful of her duties, perhaps her greatest “sin.” Today my Heart card is the Sage of Crystals (Queen of Pentacles) reversed. (I DO wish we could make a worldwide agreement to use ONE nomenclature – I don’t really give a rat’s flying ass if you call your Queen of Hearts the “Sacred Cleaner of the Litterbox” and your Page “The Turdlet From Which Spring the Manifold Blessings of the Original Primal Waters,” Stop It. It isn’t cute anymore, it isn’t New Age-y, it isn’t “enlightened,” it is clumsy and/or confusing so on this you can call for a unity of labelling, for the gods’ sakes! ) For me, today, I believe this card signifies a rather useless return to the inverted policy of the Pentacles, or more likely the RISK of returning, to an obsessional and unhealthy relationship with the 3-D love of “things.” Be careful, today, Mark, the Cornucopia is out of balance and could tip and cascade into ruin at any moment. Stabilize it.” It could also mean that I have delayed or am doing so in order to delay some change in myself that *should* be beneficial. Perhaps I’m Suspicious? I know I am of state-sponsored “vaccination programs” (“WHAT are they putting into your body with your signed consent? Do you KNOW?”) So perhaps I’m suspicious of some platter of chocolate-dipped ‘caprices’ that the Sage has just waltzingly presented to me? OR I have slowed down the manifestation for fear of overflow at this time? I don’t know, but it is being retarded BY me FOR me, and I need to find out today if that line of thinking is true, and if so, productive of the protection I wish? Let’s leave out Kabbalistic & alchemical considerations today, and just look at the cards – I’m not motivated to do “mystic breakdown” on the cards this a.m. from those additional perspectives. Facing this rather snotty but suspiciously unbalanced attitude of the Sage today is my old, old friend XIV, Alchemy, wearing a different guise today, a more awe-inspiring guise of a flaming, sun-like orb, melting and mixing everything together in its’ great furnace.. One never really thinks of the practical when looking at a “normal” XIV – the need for a vessel to contain the original matter that can be heated to such a high temperature that the original substance inside passes directly from a solid to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid state. This “refinement” and “coagulation” of yourself as you transform yourself is, of course, necessary, otherwise you couldn’t (in the sense of impossibility) progress further into the higher Arcana. She is ALWAYS showing up in my life because a lot of mi life needs to be “tempered;” SO much raw ore that needs to be refined, melted, and recombined to produce a higher level of “me.” This can be done only at great temperatures or profound depths – in the heart of the flames or the bottom of the Limitless Ocean, in the coldest and most removed corner of space-time or at the gravitational center of a dark star, a “black hole,” the four transition points “in your cosmos” where such entire-being-transits are possible. Just as the galaxies are the citizens of a cosmic realm, which are each composed of billions of “subject” suns and on down the scale etc. (that might put us somewhere in the category of the fleas hopping around on a cow’s back on some outer-territory farm of our hierarchical governmental structure,) so we, too, must find a “democratic” way to blend the opposites and apposites of ourselves in the great blender of Temperance (which brings to mind, wouldn’t the alchemists have simply LOVED blenders?) I’m happy to see an old friend, XIV, but not quite as delighted to hear the message she brings, “Light the forges again; there are Works to create!” Ah, a bodhisattva’s work is never done . . . {{sigh}}. Grin – I don’t take myself that seriously, I really don’t – just enough. Well, it looks like I have to get dressed, go to Court, bitchslap a Queen, and then face my own judgement for my action immediately in the Court of Alchemy. I hope I hired a good attorney, but his name, “0 The Fool,” left me underwhelmed. We’ll see . . . .  



  1. as above, so below: moon moves from aries into taurus which will bring you more emotional security and grounding/stability....a shift is needed to estalish a balance with who youve become....dont waste time filling inner emotional "holes" of "lack";just tweak your perspective