Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to another Scales of Ma’at 2-card reading for 03 Sep 2015: XIV Alchemy (Temperance) and the 9 of Fire (Wands) are what the Lord of Light and Darkness has decided that I be informed today. After a truly pleasant social evening and five hours of blessed Sleep (which has been playing “tag” with me a LOT lately) I awoke feeling decent and not quite so grumpy as otherwise might have been the case. I was immediately challenged, of course, in the early morning hours by my wife making an unaccustomed and inhabitual appearance and making fucking Noise! exactly as I was constructing my “sacred moment” for the day’s reading. I needed to restart the meditative process, both to calm down and to put perspective into the moment, so I did so, and immediately smiled when the 1st card I drew was my old, old friend XIV Alchemy (Temperance). (Today’s deck is the *TaRota Paris* by J. Philip Thomas.)  When I first met XIV, I didn’t like her much, yet now we are fast & close friends because, uncharacteristically, I decided to listen to and heed her advice about Moderation and Melding, Mixing, Blending and thus winning a clear Path forward. I really like this depiction of XIV, with its’ overwhelming image of “Symmetry in Motion.” I find that to be a perfectly apt method to describe what XIV is and what She does. Today, she not only reminded me of her lower, exterior meaning of Moderation (“Your temper, Mark!) but She brought to mind the glorious vision of the goal, She IS “Synthesis and Integration.” It is a great way to start the day, to be gifted a momentary glimpse of where you are going so as to keep you motivated now – not that I NEED a carrot-and-stick approach to progress, but my stubbornness can very easily at times make me resemble a mule! Hee-haw! “At any rate, Madge, . . .” this card felt REALLY good to draw as my 1st card of the day, but in these cases it also brings a touch of trepidation; it’s HARD to top XIV, there are only a few cards that do it, and by saying “top,” I don’t mean that I believe that some Major Arcana are “better” than others, but rather I was thinking in terms of the ease and/or difficulty of constructing my reading if I received TWO big Majors or, worse, two clashing Majors! (Not really possible, but when brought down to Malkuth, quite possible!)  Again the Tarot smiled upon me and gave me my 9 of Fire (Wands), which, just a few years ago it seems, would have been a SOLID 9 of Swords! I’m less prone to generalize my battles, now, and seem to have been able to cross the Bifrost from one 9 to the other. Rather than being a gobstruck and insane Ares, I have calmed down in my dotage to Julius Caesar directing his troops with the Master Baton of his Leadership. This is the Tarot’s touch of “Here is Reality today, Mark, here’s your own hint on how to orient yourself today.” So, today is all about allying XIV Alchemy/Temperance with that 9 of Fire, good Generalship coupled with right-thinking and wise & intelligent choices. In other words, Mark, it is NOT a day to let the Four Horseman of the Emotions run amok among the fields of your Secret Garden. Okay, I can grok that. Since I’ve used a deck that speaks in terms of Alchemy, I’m going to lift a daily affirmation from the data cloud that surrounds Golden Dawn-style terminology; “My life shapes itself in perfect patterns around me; I acknowledge and grow into my strength.”  

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