Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nhr hrw Iiwi! (Good morning and Welcome! – still trying out ancient Egyptian.)Today’s reading is a Scales of Ma’at reading responding to my general question of “Of what do I need to be aware today and if at the same time I make progress on the Path, which is the best way to do it today?” (Today’s deck is again *The Bohemian Gothic Tarot* by A; Ukolov & K. Mahoney. I find it provides a 180° break from the thought patterns of a Golden Dawn-ish deck like the Tabula Mundi or the Alchemical IV. Plus, if you look closely at these cards, you can find oodles of disquieting details! Fun pastime, plus affective if you can weave them into the reading.) The draw today is the 2 of Pentacles reversed and XI Justice (yay: for this system of numbering!) The 2 looks a lot like an entertainer of some sort, accompanied by what is obviously a cheeky puppy, and for all the world looks like a female version of the fool. Bizzarerie: behind her is the shopfront for the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. If you don’t recognize that, Google it. A reversed card does not indicate complete reversal of card meaning, usually. Usually it means an attenuation of the force of that card, a weakening. Here we have out “juggler,”, and in a reversed position, it isn’t the crashing, splinter of disaster you hear, but the arrival of a disquieting person or stranger who will affect your ambiance? IT may have to do with any collecting I do (Egyptian miniature statuary and Tarot decks) or it can mean simply chaos & clutter, which is far more likely, given my wife’s utter indifference to housework and my willful blindness to it. She’s wheeling her velocipede towards XI Justice, in this case an elderly barrister in full court drag, holding a candle for illumination and a copy of a famous grimoire of the Middle Ages, assembled by the Church as a “how-to” manual of witchcraft and how to recognize it, the *Malleus Maleficorum.* IT was usually known as the Witch’s Hammer, for obvious reasons. Behind him stands a tall figure reminiscent of a vampire or a lengthy example of a half worm/half man grown exceedingly tall and inhabiting the dark interior of the Legal Library. My personal preference is that he is a Ghoul. Regardless, here is an incarnation of Justice, an avatar of Ma’at, even in the realm of this dark & “gothic” place. Here he carries a whiff of karma about him: “You get what you deserve.” On a darker side, which he is not today, he could represent a parody or pretense of judgement, corruption, and excessive cruelty. Ugh. On the upright side, why ever he may be necessary in my life today I welcome his presence. I don’t have any problems with Justice, being rather black & white myself. I make judgements from first impressions, and it takes a lot to convince le I was wrong. However, here I grok the feeling that Justice is showing up to remind me that compassion has a large part to play in the Law, Justice, & Karma. I can definitely feel a lot of pressure not to judge too quickly today, as things are not always as they seem, after all, look at me; a raving madman hidden inside the body of a genteel and educated retired professor. Ha! Let’s look at attributes for both of them before we draw any connections &/or conclusions. For the 2 of Disks – The Lord of Change, lives in Chokmah through Earth. In Astrology, he is Jupiter in the 1st. decan of Capricorn.  “The 2 of Disks directs the pure material resources of the Ace towards a specific goal, in order to change from the raw material to the actual creation. . . In nature, everything is in constant change, well balanced with and in each other, building the principle of natural growing and proceeding. The 2 of Disks reminds us that we are still part of that nature, that we have to accept the natural flow of changes and handle it with care and consideration.” (Raven) His Drive is growing, proceeding, the begin of a project and his Light is Flexibility, and the enthusiasm that a project proceeds More important to me today, though, is his Shadow, and here I am getting Imbalance, or the inability to accept a change, or clinging to a status quo that is about to change. Boy, that doesn’t sound like me!! I suppose it is possible that I could have a moment of reactionary conservatism, but it is hard to swallow. THEREFORE, I resolve NOT to retreat into some sort of republican shell and just shout “No!” at everything and everyone. Warning taken, cards, and yes, I will keep Justice uppermost in mind today. “I move toward balance and harmony." (app)  

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  1. as above;so below: this is the week before the solar then lunar eclipses..make no major decisions!!especially about a major PATH change.."a darkening of the light does not allow enough information available but needed to make the best decision"