Sunday, October 18, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily draw, the Scales of Ma’at, for 19-Oct-2015: the King of Cups is my Heart card and the Feather of Truth is the 8 of Cups. I feel a frisson of horripilate delight as the month winds down; our greatest holiday is almost here! Hurrah! (Today’s deck is *Penny Dreadful: The Tarot of Vanessa Ives* by Showtime [yes, the network] and an anonymous artist to whom we shall attribute no blame. These cards COULD HAVE BEEN so much more, but unfortunately they are of poor quality and made almost unusable by brand-marketing and flimsiness of quality. A kitschy TV show memorabilia item. Do NOT buy to read, but if you like the series, euh . . . . If I have to use them, then I just take the card title and run with it, the card itself helps 0%. Honesty compels me to admit that I liked the series, so I bought the cards. Ah well, live and learn. Now I must contact Eva Green and tell her the sad news of her impending blindness.) So today, I’m handing out a mishmash of what I think, maybe a bit of what Raven thinks (google him, informative) but most of all what THAT center of Activity activated by the IDEA of the King of Cups as my Heart card, and ditto for the 8 of Cups as the Feather of Truth. 1, 2, 3, Go! The first thing that has always struck me about the King of Cups is how UN-kingly he ALWAYS looks in most decks, and even in those where it isn’t obvious, the idea is already firmly implanted in my psyche about this card. Even here, in this severely limited deck, he seems TO ME to be staring down at the Chalice in doubt, and clinging all over his right, logical side is the tentacular octopus representing - ? Certainly not malevolent sea life; what interests me here A LOT, is that the Feather of Truth card for today is the 8 of Cups, and the King is being consumed by an 8 (OCTO-pus), as well. I need to take a closer, spare, theoretical look at the #8 in Tarot.  Alright, what is 8? It is one number beyond Perfection, and thus Infinity. (Lay it sideways, you see? Admit it, you were shocked, the farm will never look the same now, will it? J ) This is the card that insists you move on from an overwhelming emotional situation Okay, I can grok that, my Cup has been WAY supercharged for a while now. I can groove on the idea that I’m encouraging myself, “Okay, that’s enough, for now, you’ve got things that need attention, pal.” The meaning of eight rolls into our consciousness with the momentum of all the numbers that came before it. We just stepped out of the aspects of structure and perfection in the number seven, and that paved the way for yet another evolution in the magic of numbers. As an evolved child of structure, the number eight seeks balance with non-structure. Number eight is about cycles, revolutions, and progress gained on the invisible level. I know what I am asking myself; “What moves me to inspiration? What can I learn from the cyclical patterns in my life?” These questions offer a depth to this number, and encourage us to use the number eight in our spiritual practices with a goal to tap into that rhythmical, cyclical nature. With this in mind, I can look at the King of Hearts IN my Heart and ask myself, “What have I learned here? Why is it this way for me? Do I need to change it, or am I OK with it?” Given this, I think I’m going to throw an I-Ching consideration into it. Just a second . . . alright, I have it; Hexagram 37 - Kinship. This calls me to recognize my own role in the “family” (yes, I have one, quite large, heteroclite and varied as it is!), and to fulfill it to the utmost. I know the role, Pater Familias. My father left the stage when my mother died, leaving my wife and I as “the eldest living couple” in MY family, and here in France (my wife’s native land), our family is large and varied, one we have created for ourselves, and again, we are among its elder members, certainly the eldest living and married. It is true that I oftentimes shirk my duties as Pater Familias to either A) play the buffoon, or B) absent myself in every way but physically. Pay attention, Mark! Put some Balance and attention back in your role, dude. I need to honestly ask myself if openness and trust are in my relationships. Express your feelings, and BE SURE to live your ideal. It seems to me that in this hexagram, it is line 4 which is the most pertinent to me today, and it fits nicely for numerological manipulation. (2 [cards] X [line] 4 = 8, the number enduring the Question under the pointed investigations of my subaltern, Tomás de Torquemada.)  Here is line 4; “Balance is the first and most important rule in each relationship among equals. Make sure that justice is done to each person – not justice in the same way but according to each person’s needs.” (Marlies Holitzka, LWB) Yep. Yep yep yep yep. “That’s my cab, ma’am. Step aside, don’t make me use my stun gun.” Balance, Justice, 8, Live Your Ideal, XIV, VIII, never a week goes by that I am not reminded that these are my Striving For – points, where I need to be steering this boat through the shoals, or over the deep, deep dark of Nun, oldest of the ancient Egyptian gods, “He of the Primeval Waters.” Nun’s qualities were boundlessness, darkness, and the turbulence of stormy waters . . . LOL, I really DO have to chuckle, as I imagine that is a close approximation of how I am described by my “family” members. Ha! Well, despite my loudly proclaimed statements to the contrary, I do NOT believe myself to be a god, or even a re-incarnated pharaoh. An aside: Has it occurred to anyone else that it certainly is coincidental that no one who remembers incarnations of the past remembers ever having lived a rather dull, pointless life that had nothing to do with spiritual growth but merely farting and eating and surviving? Discuss among yourselves . . .  So, really, we wind up back at a card that was NEVER drawn, or rather TWO cards not drawn this morning, but which are the actual forces at work: VIII Justice and XIV Temperance. Well, I can live with that today; I’ve been making steady course corrections for several years, and I believe we are much truer to our goal than before. So today, as I stand in the airport wrapped in orange toilet paper holding a tin pot begging coins, the mantra you hear me chanting will be, “I move towards balance and harmony. Ommm. I move towards balance and harmony. Ommm . . . .”   


  1. as above;so below:moon is in capricorn:work hard/be practical in your heart of heart intentions!!!. moon is positively aspected to mercury and venus: communications require sonnme due diligience. practical desires can make some headway. later today, energetic increase in pace with more favorablle and powerful energies!!!