Monday, October 5, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 06 Oct 2015: I the Magician and the King of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Mystical Creations Tarot” by William Wraithe. It is, more or less, believe it or not, an Elemental deck, as that is how all of these animals are tied in to Tarot and Esoterism.  I like the cards, although they get middling reviews; the author has come up with something genuinely interesting. The card itself, however, has a clumsy, block-ish design which may be why it isn’t more popular. The animals can really “speak” to you; a “Good” deck, if you can find a copy.)  Random thought this morning – why do we place the Magician at I, directly after 0 the Fool? Wouldn’t it make more sense to place him at the end of the MA, as #21(22), the accomplished magician having successfully made the Journey? I understand why he is where he is, but as I said, random thought . . . . So; my Heart card today turns out to be . . . I the Magician! Ha! There for you, Mark! I don’t believe that I am “poormouthing” when I try to be modest when I am praised, especially for reasons esoteric (“poormouthing” – being falsely modest.) I may not be the most ignorant man I know, but I’m certainly the recipient of a thousand rapid-fire questions each second of my existence so that I have to scramble & try to ‘keep up with’ at a dead run. Do I feel like Master of the Four Elements? Am I as wise as an owl? Well, no and of course not; but the point is, I AM. “I just need to rediscover myself.” My gods of Light and Darkness! was ever a more innocent phrase uttered that was more opaque? “Just need” – ah ha ha. Yes, and the Lord of Light and Darkness “just needs” his Universe, in its entirety, to come to self-realization and rejoin with the Divine. That’s all. I live owls – if I can carry even a little of the Wisdom that they are reputed to carry, then wouldn’t I be the happy chap? He is, of course, Mercury in Aries, has the numerical value of 2 (! – because the associated Hebrew letter is Beth; but in value himself, he is the #1) and in origin he symbolizes “the House.” He is on the path of the Intelligence of Transparency. He is, of course, Air. “The Magician represents consciousness, action and creation. He's the symbol for the idea of manifestation - the possibility of making an idea come true. He gives meaning and direction to life, and he reminds us that the emotional and creative powers of our souls must have a physical basis to be of real use. Powers unused are powers non-existent, we have to set them free in order to use them, and to gain and renew. The Magician is related to the Mercurius of alchemy.” (Raven) His Drive is Self-realization, a strong will and the energy to have one's way, while his Light is Activity, power of life, impulse and energy. So this is where my Heart is today (if it weren’t me, I’d say “that fellow is rather full of himself, isn’t he?”), and I know that I am not overweening in pride and desirous of glory. I AM desirous to be ME, all of Me. Today this is paired with the card representing the Feather of Truth, the King of Cups. He is the Fire of Water, and you know, although I am reluctant to say it, I am starting to see small reflections of myself in the myriad-fastening shirt of mirrored mail that I wear in this role. Our Card is wearing showy clothing, too, even with the head of a magnificent mountain ram with an impressive set of coins. It’s always said that this king may be the most uncomfortable in his position; I’m not sure if I find that silly or not. He IS the King, so this washerwomen gossip doesn’t befit him; on the other hand, the grand make themselves small because they wish to be loved, not admired or worshipped, they have those already. It’s like that line from *The Great Gatsby*, “With the rich and powerful, always a little patience.” He sits astride Aquarius & Pisces (just before Aries, his head). He also called passive-aggressive and conflicted. As the Lord of Wave and Waters, he IS powerful, just as is “Water” in us, sometimes subjecting us willy-nilly to its tidal influence. He is in Chokmah, trying to bring balance to the two most opposed Elements, Fire and Water. These may characterize his nature, his basic instability. Where the Feather of Truth can wreak great havoc is in the realms where, OF COURSE, I am the least-talented: the constancy of depth of emotion, the reliability of the flames of spontaneity.  I am, of course, my worst critic; if I turn a balanced eye on myself, I am much craftier and wiser about the Game of Cups than I let on. But that is not my point; as I told a much-younger man the other day, a young man who needed a truthful answer for the question in his own soul, “I have ALWAYS lived to love and be loved. But it being such a zero sum game for me, it seemed, that I became a grand Master at others.”  This king’s Drive is self-sacrifice, self-redemption, grace and poetry, while his Light is compassions, solicitousness and sensibility.  Again, I need to voyage to the Kingdom of Cups to clarify matters today. It is entirely understandable that the kingdom is a bit topsy-turvy, after what I have been demolishing AND constructing there the last few months, and today, in order to bring a bit more verisimilitude to that Heart’s image of the Magician I should go and seek further truths from the King in myself with whom I am the least familiar, the King of Cups. I align myself with natural energies, and benefit from their strength. 


  1. as above, so below: today is intense; a big energy day! moon in leo well aspected with saturn and merccury...meaning we are finding much clarity needed to make a big decision!!!!mars goes in virgo;;;neptune in pisces tonight so pay attention to communications of dreams/innner worldto find the info needed to make this decision. may find resistances in libra sun;capricorn in pluto: a power issue....wwhich the magician is telling you/us to empower yourself(sellf actualization in process) .love yourself and every bit of info, including dark anger ...that may come up today as it will bring you to much more clarity by next tuesday for helping make that decision..

    1. Thank you, Linda. That is great pre-planning advice. Embracing the anger is bit touchy at the moment, as Anger is in disfavor, but it can all be done. The stars are wise, but cold, voices.