Friday, October 16, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 17-Oct-2015: The King of Pentacles is my Heart card, and as the Feather of Truth I have drawn the King of Wands (I started to write Creativity.) (Today’s “October deck” is the *Dark Grimoire Tarot* by Michele Penco & Giovanni Pelosini. 1st things first – the art is mediocre & too ochre. Other than that, it’s medium-cool; I wish they could have done greater justice to H. P. Lovecraft and his entire Cthulhu mythos. I’ll compare it soon with a different Necronomicon (“Dark Grimoire” of the title) deck. This one? My well-considered opinion is, “harrumph!”) I’m just going to jump, because this reading seems to just flow from my fingertips. I’ve pretty well accomplished all I can with my health for the moment (and my money), and now I simply must wait for the surgeons to do their work and for a stay in Dr. Moreau’s House of Re-education and Rehabilitation. I’ll be gone most of the last two months of the year due to this surgical intervention in my life, but it IS necessary and I WANT it. My Health and Money, and yes, I am King of both energies, AND I have reached an impasse in BOTH realms. Well, I need to wait for the wind-up to wind up, and then do what the cards have been screaming at me in so many ways for so many days, “Break Out! Fly, Mark, Fly! Create!” I’ll whip up a pair of wings while I’m in the hospital, I guess! Seriously, my Feather of Truth card today is the King of Wands, and for some reason this is hitting me really hard today because of its urge to create. Hey, me too! I’d LOVE to be able to create an inspired oeuvre and offer it to the Universal Spirit, the Lord of Light and Darkness, with love in my heart. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, OTHER than I am a fabulous, capital F, storyteller. I live in the wrong age; I need to be called upon to tell stories, like Isak Denisen in her autobiographical “Out of Africa”: she spins stories, wonderful stories, for her dinner guests in Kenya, providing they provide the first line. (Meryl Streep does a magnificent job with this moment in the eponymous film.) Looking at the King of Wands I can see myself SO clearly, and even the Tarot’s little joke on me; this deck, with this king, go ahead, look at his left knee/leg. A younger, newer face on his knee – THAT is the exact same leg & knee upon which I will be operated in November! That’s me sitting there! Well, I’ll be damned! All of this is obvious and the progression through “kingships” is something the cards are asking me to consider today. I need to remember, though, that the Journey through the Arcana is like being inside a glove; you don’t get to jump from fingertip to fingertip when you are actually on the Path (“in the glove”), you must go up and down the full length of each separate finger in order to reach the successive “kingship progression.” As far as the minor arcana is concerned, my Heart is currently very much focused on being the King of Pentacles, and the Feather of Truth is that I should shift perspective and gaze and focus on the kingship for which I am waiting with ill-disguised anxiety/patience.  It’s a short post today because I’m feeling rather mentally brusque today. It is nothing having to do with you, my many millions of faithful followers, nay, worshippers, LOL; I just want to keep it clipped, brusque and short today. So, I shall focus today on: “I open myself to my own success and creativity.”



  1. to, you, king/FOOL?) of TAROT, who has been A HUGE above;so below: all day the energy is slowww..and generating a feeling of "not enough"....then 6pmish /tonight..mars and jupiter co-join in a very positive, take action, aspect..uniting personal power with your action...patting ypou on the back for having invested time, $,energy into the direction you are headed