Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at for 21-Oct-2015: the Knight of Swords as the Heart and XVI the Tower as the Feather of Truth. (Today’s deck is the *Black Cats Tarot* by Maria Kurara. Cute. Black cats get their shot at it.) Based on all the data shoved into the computer so far (deck; spread; relevancy of cards, revelations) I decided to right up front draw an I-Ching hexagram as the “help me make sense of this” card. It is Hexagram 49 Revolution/Shedding.  Wow! It seems as if there is going to be “a good time in the old town tonight!” The Feather of Truth is XVIF the Tower and my “directive draw” is Revolution/Shedding; methinks I am being told in no uncertain terms to “Buckle your seatbelt(s); it’s going to be a bumpy night.” (Bette Davis/Margo Channing, *All About Eve*) I am going to dismiss the Knight of Swords; that is to say, yea, yea, yea. Been there, done that. I KNOW, I know. I should just have it branded into my forehead so that everyone can know, there are no questions, and we can move business right along. And by the way, smartass little Missy Tarot, I’m too old to be a knight. Update, ostrich-girl. (Shhh - maybe she won’t know any better, that I am terminally self-involved; my saving grace is that, unlike most men, I admit it.) Back to business. I am floored, literally floored by this development. I rarely pull XVI in readings in general; I have NEVER pulled it for myself (although there were times . . .) before, at least not in memory. It would seem that my life is on the verge of upheaval. Old systems die, new systems are born. The hexagram advises me to take it in stride; if I’m not in tune with the Revolution yet, be calm and wait, I will be. Line 6 - the Revolution has already taken place, in case I didn’t know. It is time to notice that! Line 5 - My ideas of change can find fertile ground if I state clear guidelines. Line 4 – Allow intuition to guide my behavioral change, consciously, with detailed preparation. Line 3 – No haste, Mark. Think things out. Line 2 – Precision and explication is absolutely vital for community. Do that. Line 1 – Be clear in your choice, Mark; if in doubt, wait. Lead by surety. Whooo . . . that is a LOT to digest in one plate of Ramen noodles. I DO have a “The-Revolution-IS-Coming” rap that I have found in my mouth much more often lately. This is so because, and yes I believe this, We are already lost as a civilization. We have fucked it up SO bad that there is no turning back time, not now, it is too late. I see, and “see,” the Revolution coming, but it isn’t Che Guevara, we are too decadent and perverse for that kind of action to have any meaning. No, THIS Revolution is the heart, mind & soul of enlightened man, and there is one thing everyone forgets; Enlightenment is pitiless, way deep down. It is us fulfilling and evolving into our genetic destiny, and Evolution (Mother Nature) is the most pitiless deity of all. I’m not doing a lot of Tarot-y things today with today’s cards – I’m not in the mood; these cards just swept me away into my personal visions of the future and how perilous a time it is in which to be alive and striving for Enlightenment. The world has become an actively devouring maw of evil, driven by the engine of the majority’s blind life-force, and there is no sign of it REALLY slowing down, much less reversing. I feel very much as if we are being told, “Hurry Up! Evolve RIGHT NOW or DIE!” It is helpful to remember that She had no problem wiping out the 160 million year reign of the dinosaurs when they failed to build a self-sustaining and progressive civilization. She won’t even need to blink her eyes for us, we are in the process of doing it ourselves. Every morning, I pray to the All-Spirit to be “given my directions and to know my role” in the world that is on the verge of birth. It can change everything, or it will die on the delivery table along with the mother, us. Places, everyone; it is important that this child lives. VERY important.  



  1. as above; so below: moon is in aquarius:aa humanitarian big picture day. moon is connecting positively with mercury,,,neptune, pluto and saturn: this day is NOT A gaame changer...butt offering a mere annoyance with the way of the world.....sso...to feel better about the inevitable....change your perspective!it is our heart and mind which must re-align. we are still recalibrating from recent cosmic influences. think: selllf love;judgement-free thoughts;;;;;(ddiivine female) ALLOW the unknown to evolve FEARLESSLY