Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 27 –Oct-2015: the Ace of Swords is my Heart card and XX Judgement is my Feather of Truth today. It’s almost here! Almost here!! Hallowe’en! THE best holiday of the year which really should be celebrated several times a year instead of those dull, unproductive and un-fun “other” holidays! Harrumph! (Today’s deck is *The Vampire Tarot* by Robert M. Place. IMHO, this is FAR and AWAY the best vampire deck out there going. It is also Robert Place, and in the interests of full disclosure, while I am wild about his art, it isn’t true that I had his love child. This is the vampire deck that is the TRUEST to the Dracula story/legend. Slightly oversized, it presents Robert’s art beautifully, and the cards are so wonderful there are a lot of “ooh!” moments. I’m always telling you to buy Robert’s decks, they are so good, and this one is no different, and what comes up in readings when using these is surprising just because of the effect that the art has on the psyche. It is something of a shame that today’s reading doesn’t convey the full impact of the deck, but it does give me an excuse to use it again this week. Plus, it is the ONLY vampire deck that is everything a vampire deck SHOULD be, but is STILL completely a Tarot deck. You cannot lose on this one!) Well, on with the fun while we have it today! My Heart is starting today as the Ace of Swords, and to tell you the truth (Ma’at is watching) I’m not really sure how I feel about that. I’m just not sure that I really WANT an Ace of Swords hanging around my field of action right now, with all of its bright, shiny new energy and pulsions towards action and thinking! thinking! thinking!  I’m getting ready to go under the knife in 3 weeks, immediately followed by a l-o-n-g period of the litany of recovery in a rehabilitation joint, so when I step out the door to check into the hospital it is entirely possible I may not return until the Solstice. Shit. Damn shit fuck. And I’M worried about our cats coping . . . LOL. More importantly, as I am “on the move” until probably the Winter Solstice, AND INTENSELY FOCUSED on my health and following routine and getting use of my leg back, IT WOULD NOT be a good time to get zealous and ambitious on an intellectual roller-coaster ride. “Acey, Acey, go away, come back again on I-say-so day!” We know he’s the essence of everything Air, but what else? Here’s the short & sweet of it: I’m in Kether in the Tree of Life by way of Fire (interesting, non?) We ALL think, of course, so I am better described as the “Decision-Making Function” – thinking. (Place) My Drive is invoked powers, whirling forces of mind realization & logic, while my Light is realization, clearness and objectivity. ALTOGETHER just where I DON’T need to be during approximately the next 2 months. If I can transform this (and I should be capable of it, why not? I’ve done harder things, Osiris knows!) into an entirely INNER journey of discovery and/or transformation and/or further illumination along the Path, then Yay: I’m a go, big thumbs up, anything to keep my mind busy while the body is out of commission. However, if it is a “call to arms,” count me out. Which, I do believe rather humorously and ghoulishly at the same time, is accompanied by a very “vampired” version of XX Judgement. Angels and Transformation are a long way from the revenant/ newly-risen new vampire on this card. Dracula fans will go nuts over this card. Who is it? It isn’t Jonathan Harker. The captain of the ‘Demeter’ is never named. So, who? You? (You ARE supposed to be “Captain of your own ship” . . . right?) Has something unsolicited and surprising, perhaps VERY out-of-the-ordinary, made a return in my life lately? Has it caused me to rethink origin(s) and/or perception(s)? Only one thing, one ITEM, has come up for final review in my life lately; it has been found wanting, therefore I shall cast it down, down into the circles of the Pit, there to burn and suffer evermore. I speak, of course, of my original steel tibia & knee replacement apparatus inserted 21 years ago and very much a source of “Damn you!” pain now. Out with the bad, in with the good, or at least new: plastic, lightweight, and quicker to integrate; a new knee. Actually it’s a new ½ leg, as the original damage was wildly extensive (I fell off a 2nd story roof in 1994.)So, darkly humorous, I think my Feather of Truth is mocking me a bit, telling me I take all of it MUCH too seriously. I certainly hope he isn’t looking for a date, young and kind of cute though he is, because I have hemorrhaged enough in one lifetime. Judgement is rather turned on its head here, and I can’t help thinking it is as if one is seeing the XX for the 1st time from the POV of the peripatetic third soul being judged; in some decks, it is a child saved as well, but in others, it is a soul who does not “pass” Judgement and is therefore condemned to eternal suffering. That serves as well as any other string of words to describe a vampire, wouldn’t you say?  So, not so serious, Mark, not so lugubrious, either. Lighten up. And get your shit together because the Time is closer than you think. “My bare bones are from Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius (liberation and redemption) and – ta-da! - I’m of Fire. I’m on the Tree from Malkuth to Hod, and my number’s cross sum is a revelation of destiny” (? –okay, but hmmm) (Raven) But the real me is here, and my Drive is birth, renewal, and transformation (well, ye-e-e-s, “kind of” like a vampire) yet my Light is widened perception and the liberation of hidden abilities. All in all, this could be a very interesting day if looked at as a way to prepare on ALL levels for a physical invasion; for battle. I can do that. So from beginning to end, I started rather offended at the possibility that I was seeing this ace NOW, to an amused yet serious curiosity at the end upon contemplating Jonathan the vampire. So, what it really all boils down to is this, and I know it to be true: I trust myself in this moment.     


  1. as above;so below: full moon in taurus today:alot of fine tuning and with it clarity of vision/thinking forrmrevelation of next chapter coming up. taurus remins us to stay grounded annd keep our crown chakrahs(judgement) open.....we must "em-body our whoe-ness/holi-ness"...dduring this unfamiliar , new age transit, all is divine-ly perfect:karmicc;meant to be.....