Saturday, October 31, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at, a 2-card daily reading for today the 31­Oct-2015: the Knight of Stakes (Wands) and the Queen of Holy Water (Cups) as my Heart and Feather of Truth cards, respectively. It’s here! Happy Hallowe’en!! Whether one celebrates it in Fun, or in Seriousness, or in Symbol, ALL peoples have a Hallowe’en, even those who don’t believe because that “gives it credit,”  because Hallowe’en is the grand human festival celebrating the Unknown, the “Beyond the Ken of Human Understanding.”  It is when we acknowledge and give official status to Shadow (one measly day a year, but he has the left laugh – he’s ALWAYS here.) I shan’t wax prolix on the subject; merely mention that, IMHO, this is the ONLY holiday of the year, along with seasonal festivities, which it is meet to celebrate in our most joyous fashion! (Today’s deck is once again the deck I love & prefer at this (or any) time of the year, *The Vampire Tarot* by Robert. M. Place. And again, 2 non-usual cards from the deck have surfaced, belying its nature and title. Nevertheless, I stand by my faith! Do a little research and see for yourself; the deck is to Die for!! Ha!) I can’t help but love the cards’ clever and infinite sense of humor; look at what they have given me!! It is a clever, literate, sensitive joke made with both humor and tenderness. My Heart today is Edgar Allan Poe, a deity in and of the Shadow, a master of the wand (the pen), and most surely a knight as witnessed by his uxoriousness, immortalized as “Lenore.” This is not a reasonable man, but he IS a genius. I readily claim the Knight as one of my past/recent incarnations, but E.A. Poe I leave upon his throne; that brash I am not. Continuing their double –joke punch, the cards follow though their 1st left upper-cut with a right direct to the kisser! – my Feather of Truth for today is Pamela Coleman Smith as the Queen of Holy Water (Cups)! We ALL know what we owe Pamela Smith; to see her here as an incarnation of Love (Aphrodite the Queen) and to acknowledge her essentialness to our process, our Paths. She re-gave a vision to Tarot at a time it desperately needed it, and tarologues everywhere “should” honor her memory. (Among others, of course! before flame wars start!) An apotheosis of Emotion is signified by the Queen, and I’m not feeling very Queen-y today (hey! Quiet in the Peanut Gallery, there! One mare smart remark and you can just sashay your drag ass out of here!), so unless the Feather is a target to aim for I am going to grok this card in the Light of Moon at the moment, my II? III? VI and XVII, my wife. I don’t tell a lot of her story on these pages because it is HER story, not mine, but suffice to say she is of inestimable aide and deeply profound support on my Journey. I quite literally would not have made it this far without her helpmeet. I think the Feather of Truth here is: listen to the Feather of Truth you have already partnered, the Queen of Cups, and reflect well on why you, a Fire being who fancies himself a marginal being, like a knight, like E.A. Poe, allied yourself with the Queen of Water. And also, remember, this is a weekend of Energy! so use it wisely! “My life has no limits; it is filled with boundless energy and I am a radiant, loveable being.”   

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