Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 08-Oct-2015: Astaroth, the 6 of Dark Energy at the Event Horizon, and Antares, the Watcher of Dark Energy at the Event Horizon. I know; we’ll get to that in a moment. (Today’s deck is *The Shadow Tarot* by Linda Falorio. [The companion book by the same creatrix is *The Shadow Tarot: Dancing with Demons*.] This is a Qliphothic deck. “A what??” many of you are going to say. The shortest answer to that is that Qliphothic studies involve studying the “Night” side of the Tree of Life, ‘The Dark Tree’, or even the ‘Tree of Death.’ This is a twin-system to the “daytime” Tree of Life, but the Energies & energies here are VERY different and are based on Chaos, and not Order. They originate in the Ain Soph, just as does the Tree of Life, but this is “the reverse side of the coin.” When you dive in, there is no way to avoid the impression that you are dealing with dark & demonic forces, and you are, but they are yours, just as are the others. They exist outside of you, as well, of course. I don’t go here often, I’ve had a LOT to do lately over on the Daytime, but if my buddy XIV is to be TRULY observed as a guide, then I need to take a trip over here, too, to see what the Chaos has to say. I’m not good at this, as I don’t travel here regularly, but I shall give it the best shot I can – that is all that can be asked. My very first talk with my HGA was because of my inexperienced fooling around here decades ago and “him” teaching me how to construct and use “Odic armor.”) It would be a mistake to make a 1-to-1 correlation between a Qliphothic deck and a “daytime” deck, but insofar as that can even vaguely apply there are 1) Primordial Fire, 2) Quantum Space-Time & The Abyss, 3) Dark Energy at the Event Horizon and 4) Worm Holes & Radioactive Stars. IF, If I were going to draw a correlation (which I have just firmly advised against) then I’ve got two cards from the “Swords” Suit, the 6 and the Watcher (Page.) And THAT is the LAST time I’m going to do THAT, it really is neither fair nor just to either system. The 6 of Dark Energy at the Event Horizon (hereafter “Dark Energy”) is my “Heart” card today (insomuch as that may apply,) who is gifted with Science, Inspiration and Creative Power. (Okay, now hang in here with me, it starts sounding “different”) Astaroth is the 29th Spirit in Order as Solomon bound them, a mighty duke of Hell. Upright he is of the character of Zamradiel. He is joined by Demon Phenyx, a great marquis of Hell, whose song you must ignore but may be called upon to recite the wonders of Science and poetry. (BTW, this is all more or less “lifted” from Ms. Falorio’s book; I couldn’t retain that much hierarchical information!) I can get behind the Science, Inspiration and Creative Power idea; the fact that it is over there swirling around in the dark turbulence of its’ ambiance, isn’t a surprise, I can feel it “waiting in the Chaos” to cross over and manifest here, as well. I’m not particularly scientific other than Egyptology, Astronomy (or Astrophysics as it is now called) and the Tarot – I investigate as many of my will-o’-the-wisp thoughts about Tarot as I can and can recall, and the more I learn the less I know. It’s superb, it’s what I always wanted as a systemic skeleton to clothe with my investigation of the Great “Why?” This combination with Inspiration is exciting, but I do wonder about my levels of Creative Powers – oh yes, they are there, but just like sleeping pills, you don’t want to become too dependent on them. Mostly this feels like the rational ME trying to break out of the Chaos and manifest over here, again. I’ll need to think about that. I’m not even sure that I CAN use this reading in this manner. Time will tell, I suppose. The Feather of Truth today is represented by the Antares, Watcher of Dark Energy, who is typified as Dangerous coupled with Devotion.  Antares itself is a binary star, the “anti-Ares”, the “Rival if Mars.” (Its situation astronomically is in “the Scorpion’s Heart,” interesting to me because for years my spirit-guide was a scorpion, not my favorite animal/insect/arthropod; however, he may still be around for all I know, I haven’t seen him in ages as every time I try he’s gone but has left a “guest host.” With advice, of course.) Antares is one of the 4 Royal Stars of ancient Persia, and with many names, it is the symbol of Isis in pyramid ceremonials, as well as the star of Selket, Goddess of the Dawn. He fits right in with the science and adds philosophy and metaphysics Apparently, he also carries the dangers of calumny, mixing faith $ money, financial struggles, and a danger of sickness or death in the family; all of this IF accompanied by Zamradiel, which he is here. Oh frabjous fuckin’ joy. Now I will DEFINITELY need time to meditate upon how that signifies the Feather of Truth for the (my) heart thus described. I don’t (yet) make the kind of jumps in comprehending immediately the groove between two cards on this side of the Tree, and for some reason I don’t believe that the same talent(s) necessarily implies that it can be used willy-nilly over here, as well. I’m not all that conversant when asked to speak with the Chaos, but I will take what I can from this reading and mull over it today. There are big hints here as to what is going on on the underside of the Tree, or the Night Tree, if you prefer. If this were the other side of the Tree, I would tell myself that the lesson in the feather today is that Ethical Will is the Will of the Universe; I choose to believe that in some manner I do not recognize or do not have the knowledge to perceive, the same is true, “to a degree,” over here as well. We are ALL emanations of the Ain Soph.  


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