Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily draw for 01 Oct 2015: the Page of Pumpkins (Pentacles) and VII the Chariot. (Today’s deck is *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West. Cute, and surprisingly appropriate. I plan on rotating through a “dark” deck each day of this month. Should be fun!) Today is, of course, that 2nd most glorious day of the most glorious month of the year, October. Am I a little passionate about this month? Yes, you bet! Everything, literally everything about it pleases me; the changing weather, the advent of the season of madness, and it all ends in a glorious celebration, Hallowe’en! Had I received a personal, engraved invitation to the Ball of the Red Death, I couldn’t be more sanguine & happy. I even feel lucky in this month’s first draw; the Page and the Chariot are facing each other, which will mean interaction rather than ignorance and willful separateness. The Page of Pumpkins (Pentacles) is a strange girl, a bit Wednesday Addams-esque. She has put down her studies in order to pick up the suit symbol, which she contemplates with the help of the Moon, a friendly ghost and her black cat (its name starts with an S, but I can’t quite grasp it, and no, it isn’t Satan.) She radiates curiosity and, remember, is the throne of the Ace of Pumpkins. (On the decks this month that call for it, I shall give astrological, Kabbalistic and alchemical notes; on those that don’t, I won’t.) She is reflective, and although she has the drive of youth, she radiates calm as well, and can be bringing excellent news to me this morning. (Purely divinatory.) I’m not expecting any youth with a wonderful surprise, so indeed it shall be! If we do this divinatorically; if we don’t, then it could still remain symbolic of a fresh approach, outlook and/or viewpoint enters my building site today. If so, I welcome the intrusion, or distraction, because a new palace always requires a few surprise entrances and exits and perhaps she can be of sound advice, being a Pumpkin- kind-of-girl. Facing our “Princess” is VII the Chariot. The details of the automobile are sumptuous AND amusing at the same time. For example, WHO or WHAT is that passenger? Of course the car is along for the ride, but what IS that passenger? Each may decide for him/herself. This is used here mainly as a divination card, to mean that You, yes, YOU (and Uncle Sam Wants you, too!) are in the driver’s seat. As we know, that is by FAR from ALL it means, but we can leave it there for now, since I feel like I’m doing a 15-minute carnival read anyway – it is ‘almost’ impossible to take this draw seriously. But one can just remember; the sweet but knowing Page of Pumpkins is my Heart card on the Scales, and now we add VII the Chariot as the Feather of Truth card to complete the duo. That hearse almost looks like something out of “Harold and Maude,” and in its own way is decked out with the divine winged solar disk and even a sphinx (2) to answer question and hurry things along. There are seven stars in the sky, with a distant 8th not yet attained. Mr. Pumpkinhead (that’s me and no, I look nothing like the movie character of the same name . . . honestly!) is driving that hearse hell-bent-for-leather  down the highway, jaws closed (on the auto, corpse-brain!) and is in such a hurry he has even surprised a random pumpkin and the cat looks a bit concerned (or admiring, I can’t decide which, perhaps both?) I really like the presence of the animal-spirit, the cat, in all of these cards, and could wish that the dog on O the Fool could and would follow him through his RWS or Crowleyian voyage. (Sigh, the world isn’t as I would have it be. Boo-hoo.) This is a sinfully short reading, but “whatchyagonna say?” It is what it is, especially with a light deck like this, one presented for more amusing than divinatory reasons and presented to a public which is assumed to be familiar with and sophisticated enough with the Tarot to get the joke(s.) I find this deck VERY cute, but for all of MY practical purposes, useless. That doesn’t make it any less fun, and occasionally giving a reading like this is fun, too. I’m receiving fresh input today, most likely from a new source or younger person, and the Chariot tells me whatever this news maybe, it is yet just another trigger to get off my metaphysical ass and get going! A new insight to my recent behavior? Could be. A fresh way of “re-encapsulating the vision/experience so that it is of more direct benefit (although that is hard to imagine,) perhaps as well. My benefit from my recent work has been the destruction of the false Memory Palace, to be replaced with a true one. It is HARD to improve on that improvement, but if it can be done, I’m willing to try.  For a more solid sense of the day, as well, I will draw an I-Ching card today, and I receive: hexagram #11, Peace. “A period of harmony between myself and my surroundings, a “heaven earth” when it is time to strive for ideals. Don’t oppose your destiny: it is inexorably running its’ course. The strong and the weak are joined. Your internal strength is superior to every external destiny. Be patient, but watchful for an uncalculated chance. In times of growth, be mindful to be kind to the people who are attracted to you.” (mix & mélange of my own words and the creator of this *I Ching* deck, Klaus Holitzka. . A superb deck, very different than the Royo, but this goes right up there at the top.) So, with this all in mind, it is good to remind myself, from time to time, of today’s affirmation: I move triumphantly through Life.   

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