Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 02 October 2015: the 5 of Swords reversed and the 10 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is the *Ghosts & Spirits Tarot* by Lisa Hunt. This is one of those decks that upset you because the cards are just too fuckin’ small for the kind of art drawings or paintings involved. They are detailed, complex images that NEED to be seen LARGE, not card-sized. I’m sending the publishers (U.S. Games) back a grade of F for their “adaptation of art to medium” misfire; they should have known better. It dampens my spirit for the whole deck. Otherwise, it is exactly as advertised, a Ghosts & Spirits deck. “October . . . whaddayagonna say?” Love the month, though, my favorite of the year.) To tell the truth, the 5 of Swords reversed doesn’t really interest me today, although fortunately he is reversed. I haven’t failed at anything lately, I have adequate energy (but not more!) for whichever task may be at hand, and I am able to keep stitched together a growing-in-strength weave of cloth that shall decorate my palace stairs. Sentiment has NOT unseated my reason, although I WILL admit to being overemotional during the most difficult parts of my Journey recently in the queendom of the Anima and the Destruction of the Golems. The 5 is all about being Venus in Aquarius, and oddly enough, one of his angels of the Shemhamphorash is Haamiah, “Hope of All the Earth.” (I wasn’t aware until very recently that he is also involved in my Osage calling of windworker.) The knowledge of herbs and precious stones is hidden somewhere inside this Arcanum, as well, although it is VERY foggy about “how?” This is one of those “well, okay, it’s acceptable, at least” cards, neither blowing up your skirt nor down your cleavage. (Just in case you can’t see it, a youth stealing a child is being pursued by a screaming phantom & the trees are witness to it.) Our 5 is accompanied by an odd card to accompany it, at least in my opinion, which is the 10 of Pentacles. I don’t get ANY vibe of material gain or wealth here, but I DO feel that this card applies to the present moment for me. I am surrounded by a happy and loving family of MY choosing, not randomly thrown at me by the karma of birth. My wife is a literal “helpmeet and companion,” and my children and grandchildren and, yes, it’s starting already, great-grandchildren (it’s complicated, believe me) are around and NOT out of a sense of duty, but one of LOVE. In an odd kind of way, it IS a ghostly version of the “other” 10 of Pentacles, the “Technicolor one.” Do I go to bed every night thanking the Universe for my odd version of the 10 of Pentacles? No, not really, & perhaps it is as crass as the fact that the lucre has been fading lately, a LOT. I don’t seem to be worried about it, though, I’m not afraid of tight spots, I have lived them before. So, actually, the 10 of Pentacles here is a personal reminder to ME that if I want more out of the “filthy lucre” side of this card then I need to put more energy into it. “C’mon, Mark, it ain’t rocket science.”  So, short & sweet today, no pork. So I think I shall stride into the day with: Trust in the Universe is essential; I am endlessly wealthy.  



  1. as above, so below: sun in libra; moon in gemini...mercury is retrograde and mars and mercury are in an aspect making connections to the much needed DETAILS; as is the big picTurE WHICH NEEDsTO BE COMMUNICATED, AS WELL....all qutotes.....