Saturday, October 10, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 11-Oct-2015: XIX the Sun and IV the Emperor. (Today’s deck is *The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night* by Davide Corsi and Barbara Moore.) As you may already know, it is rare enough that I pull two Major Arcana cards for a daily reading, so when I do, I pay a *little* more attention than usual to what the cards say the day may bring. As my Heart card today on the Scales, I have XIX the Sun. Now of course our kneejerk reaction is, “Oh frabjous joy! Oh whick-oh-whey!” but look at in the comprehension of a vampire. IT is utter destruction. Now that isn’t what I feel when I see that card today, but I do intuit a far less jolly side of the Sun; it has the ability to throw open the curtains and let the light shine in on the Truth, unvarnished, well-lit, “nude, rude & crude.” Today I feel alright with that. “Let it all hang out, baby!” and other age-betraying euphemisms aside, I can feel the Sun “mercilessly” lighting up MY interior and revealing my “truths” to the searing light of verification. I suppose it reveals a petty and mean side to my character that I prefer that if MY truths must face a blinding light of day, I *demand* it apply all round, not just to me. “You want me to be honest? Fine, and please remember that turnabout is fair play.” Occasionally I am able to be the grand seigneur and embody the Virtues without obliging others to act as “nobly,” but that requires special motivations at special moments. I’m not grand and noble by nature, I’m human. I call myself, laughingly, a bodhisattva-in-training, because I DO SO want to help people, but I still have LOTS of room for expansion over in the “Don’t Take Your Ego Seriously” department. I’m not bound to my ego, as before, but that doesn’t mean it is dead; it can still stick its head up out of the crowd and yell, “Hey, how about ME? What have you done for ME lately?” (Manipulative, self-serving buffoon!) So, it is a GOOD thing to have this Arcanum show up to banish hypocrisy and deception with pitiless Light. On the “what are you made of” side of things, XIX the Sun is in House 5, shining with the joy of life, creativity and persuasive power. On the Tree of Life, Sol is on the axis Hod – Yesod, his Element is of course Fire, and to be noted is his numerological cross sum of 10, = The Wheel of Fortune and then 1, the Magus.  His Drive is aiming at the Light and living with generous, unconditional principles, while his Light is vitality, generosity & self-confidence. If one isn’t careful, there is also the danger of being dazzling but empty, to promise much but do nothing. Strangely enough, XIX the Sun is accompanied this morning by IV the Emperor (the “Master” in vampire lore.) Again it is easy to have the kneejerk reaction; Ah! Solid man, seated foursquare on the cube of reality and being the ultimate right-minded bureaucrat here in the Malkuthian realm. ‘On and on, blah and blah, yak and yak.’ However, I am of a mind and an intuition to take him in the same manner as the Sun today, a bit more sternly. To “boil him down,” the Emperor imposes order on Chaos. That has so many corollaries to what we are doing in the Work that it is pointless to mention any of them, just look around you.  “Divinatorically, the card is about strength in the capacity to persevere and endure, and to never give up. He is, of course, a lot more than just that; he is also the Balancing of Stability and Change, Forming a Foundation that supports continuous growth.” (B. Moore and me, chunkily blended together.) What he needs to be for me today, what I need for me to be today, is that “higher” form of the Emperor, that balancer of change and stability. This requires a larger, detached view, of which I am easily capable, but the danger there is losing any emotive empathy on an individual level, and that is crucial. So, dangers of which to be aware, Withdrawal and judgement. Every time XIX comes up in a draw, I remember being told to also be aware of the story of Icarus and his sad end. That is what the Emperor is there to prevent, I’m sure of it. The fact that here, in this deck, he embodies some pretty different circumstances, the essence remains – comfortable mastery. His building blocks start with him being in Capricorn (stable, secure continuity); zodiacally he is Aries, and he is situated on the axis between Netzach and Yesod. As the 4, and Fire, he is both basic order and security lit from within AND without by the Flame of Truth, which springs eternally from the Feather of Truth on the Scales. His Drive is mastery of the will over nature, a sense for plan and structure which is illuminated by his Light of creation, realism and responsiveness. (B. Moore & me, again.) I know by experience that in me, if I let the Emperor “go bad,” he becomes despotic, self-complacent and paranoid that rationalism is a prison. (“Note to self: Self, don’t be an asshole!”) So, vampire that I am NOT, I am going to let the Sun shine on truth in me today, and I will need to be in a bit of “The Master!” mode to get it done with any efficiency. “I trust and depend upon my own power.”
(Will be off the 12th, return the 13th [probably] of October 2015.)


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  1. as above, so below; SUN IN LIBRA in a very positive aspect to chiron: means great healing posssiblle in matters of heallth, work,,amd writing ones life script. jupiter well aspected to pluto as well: means good fortune of some type....quote:"you attract what you judge until you no longer judge what you attract