Monday, October 12, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13 Oct 2015: the 10 of Pentacles is my Heart card and X The Wheel of Fortune is the Feather of Truth card. (Today’s deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot: Borderless Edition* by Patrick Valenza. A truly lunatic deck . . . grin.) I really like today’s reading, but I don’t trust its’ “on the surface” message, because I already know it is telling a “version” of the reality, not the reality itself. Our couple (my wife & I) is continuing to experience cash flow problems, and we are both old and wise enough to know that “this, too, shall pass.” Well, yes, but until it does, it has to be endured, and it’s a pain in the ass, especially for a worrier such as my wife. I take a more “pragmatic” view of money; I try to attach very little importance to it at all. Material comfort, however, is a different thing. Well, on with the cards I DID get. The bare bones on the 10 of Pentacles are – Wealth, it lives in Malkuth in the Tree of Life through the element Earth and in Astrology sits in the 3rd decan of Virgo. With the Pentacles being in their homeworld, Assiah meets Assiah, or Earth reaches Malkuth (get it?), the 10 of Pentacles is at the point where its richest potential unfolds, getting settled and staid, realizing fulfillment of material gain. Also, the 10 of Pentacles is the very last of the numbered cards, representing the completion of work, the full circle of Earth. One can think of the dark side of the 10 as Jabba the Hutt, if that is any reference for you. His Drive is wealth & security and his Light is completion of success, material security, and well-being. To relate this to my life, I recently had an incident where given the obvious material inability to afford what I NEEDED at the moment, I threw a creative visualization out into the Universe, one tagged URGENT, about having more than enough of what I needed at that time. To make a long story short, the Universe came through, and supplied it the next evening, in abundance – a lesson, albeit a small one, that we DO INDEED create our own reality and our own lives, and with the cooperation of the Universe, the very best may be attained. I’m talking about human enlightenment, of course, not a bank account of $64 billion. I REALLY do wish that people would un-deify money! IT is ONLY a tool, and one that easily turns on you as well. At any rate, my thinking is all over the place this morning, but I would like to sum up the appearance of this card with the remark, perhaps snarky, of  “yeah, but things are STILL hidden” (the thieving servant under the table.) “Another 10,” this time “X,” is my Feather of Truth today, X the Wheel of Fortune. (Two 10s . . .  I can’t help but think of two gorgeous tropical fruit plates, and the advice, “Eat them NOW, they are already rotting!”) Change. Big, Bright, Spinning and Hypnotic Change. What comes down must go up and vice versa. OF course there CAN be unexpected results, but those can only underline the constancy and veracity of the statement, “All things change.” In this case, as the Feather of Truth in my day, I would like to think it signifies a reversal of the negative money energy in this house, a reversal of circumstances for the better, and an easier time of it for those who don’t see the archetypal perpetual motion machine behind it at all, the Wheel, the “incarnation” of the rule of Change.  Looking at Gypsy woman’s skeleton, we can see her bones are as follows: X The Wheel of Fortune on Path of Caph, 21 in the Tree of Life. Zodiacally, astrologically she is about Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - the masters of Karma. Her planet, however, is Jupiter, and on the T of L she travels the axis Chesed – Netzach. Her element is Fire, and of course the number 10 as a symbol for perfection, of which the cross sum is 1 (I the Magician.) “The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck, of the ups and downs of life and fate. Everything is in motion, turning and floating, constantly changing, accidental and uncontrollable. The trump also represents the need to be careful, to realize and recognize the vagaries of life, to accept the fact that fate is not what we could have done, but the result of what we already did. Today is the result of the past, the future will be the sum of the past and today, and no matter how accurately we plan, the Wheel of Fortune will mix up light and shadow.” (Raven & I, chunkily mashed together.) “Whether the Wheel of Fortune is positive or negative is not a matter of happenstance or events in the first place; but rather of the way we will deal with the results, arrange our lives with the unchangeable and work on what we might be able to change - and of course of our ability to realize facts.” (Pure Raven) Her Drive is eternal motion, changing, restarting and acceptance of fate whereas her Light is unexpected changings, fortune, or a realization of luck. The WRONG attitude to take here is Fatalism. So, there it is, a little mini-course in Reality 101 and Change & Acceptance. There are times when armfuls of cleaning equipment are shoved at me and I’m told to clean the chimney; there are times when I shove the chimney sweep broom up the chimney, as required and other times when I shove it up the demander’s ass. Today the ass is looking like a good target – I don’t feel well, or rather on top of things, and this seems more and more quixotic and changeable to me. I’m in a not-good space that I need to straighten out. So, with a bit of a “you’re going to get a spanking” attitude on my part towards myself, I look at today to make the necessary adjustment to live and breathe the truth in the affirmation, “Great wealth, good health and happy fortune now flow into my life.” This strikes me as just a different version of an ancient Egyptian blessing; “May your Name live, and Live yet again forever, for millions and millions of years! Life! Health! Prosperity!”   


  1. as above, so below: mercury is slowly moving from shadow to light;;;moon moving into scorpio: hidden/shadow issues divulged...mercury and saturn in a positive aspect, allowing possible solutions