Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 14-Oct-2015: the King of Wands and the 8 of Cups reversed. The 1st is my Heart card and the 2nd is the Feather of Truth card (if unfamiliar with the framework, research “Egyptian underworld” or “mythology.”) (Today’s deck is the *Dark Fairytale Tarot* by Raffaele De Angelis. I prefer the French name, <<Tarot des Contes Obscurs>>, it sounds more unknown, misty, more “supernatural. Or it could just be me, preferring French over English, although why I’m not sure. The cards are fine, if unexceptional. It might BE exceptional, except that you need to see these images in BIGass canvas renditions, not Tarot cards. Tragic loss to art history. Sigh.) Today is my wife’s birthday, and for a change I decided to ask how today I could better her day and, of course! how I could be of help today on HER Journey. I didn’t leave myself out of it, of course, it is MY daily reading, after all, but today’s reading needed to be more about her, a truly loving soul and being, and of what aide I might be today as she walks the Red Road. She has been a never-ending gift to me. So today the first card, the Heart card, is the King of Wands, aka Me.  I suppose I have been rather King of Wands-ish with my life, my wife and our marriage, but the ONLY reason I have been able to step up and into the “Transformer suit” is that I had to – marriage called for it, the situation called for it, my wife called for it, and when we made the decision to marry (late in our “leisure”) I knew going in that it was step up or step away. In return, I was gifted with the kind of wife one may find once in a lifetime if one is REALLY lucky. She is ALL Cups, A LOT of Earth, Pentacularly conservative and self-effacing to the point of appearing stupid around Wands. She is an old-fashioned wife; not in the bad, warped “television culture” way but in a way that used to be summed up in one word; my wife is my “helpmeet”. That quite literally means your PARTNER in the job of living. Thus, for that helpmeet, I am the King of Wands, and must finely study my acts and judgements in order to NEVER hurt or injure my helpmeet’s own Journey, as well. If we look at the machinery that runs the gears and motors of the Transformer suit, perhaps we/I will understand a little nook or forgotten cranny that may help MY queen today. In Astrology, I’m astride Scorpio AND Sagittarius, and of course I am Fire in the Fires of Atziluth. I live in Chokmah. I am the purest manifestation of my element - burning, flaming, enthusiastic and thrilling. Hopefully I’m a leader, full of ideas and idealism, proud and commanding, and at my best, I pray I am noble, honest, conscientious and intelligent. Wow, I don’t ask for a lot from myself, do I? LOL. I hope to stand for the highest inspirations, spiritual realization and purest creativity.  My hopes aren’t small, are they? Grin. I do have faults, of course, even as king. I lack the depths of Water, the stability of Earth and the analyzing logic of Air. My strength might degenerate to pure tyranny, my convictions stiffen to dogmatism; I may become cruel, bigoted and brutal at my worst.  IF I am only Wands, but I’m more, aren’t, even though the cards have it right that Water isn’t in balance within me, but it is working at it as I write, because we’ve done some HEAVY LIFTING at that worksite recently! My Drive is the Expansion of spiritual individuality, and my Light is Inspiration, spiritual activity, and a strong will. (That previous “kingly me” is a mashup of my words and Raven’s.) My Feather of Truth card today came split, and in an odd fashion. Not due to any agent such as honey or jam, TWO cards came out together when I pulled the 2nd card; this, the top one, the 8 of Cups reversed, but underneath and with it was the Ace of Cups.  The 8 itself is hard for me to interpret in this reading at this time and as the Feather of Truth, certainly it is NOT in ordinarily divinatory terms or even understandable application. Neither I NOR my wife are profoundly unhappy with the choice we’ve made to stay in this marriage (all of 10 years!) because Fear wins over the need to leave and explore. That’s a crock of shit, I know it and the cards know it. However, it was there for a reason; I surmise that the reason may be that it is a warped reflection somewhere in the past, or is a direct manifestation of the fear still living in the subconscious. “Either that or a rather dim-witted and going-deaf spirit stuck the Ace & 8 together because he “wasn’t sure which had been specified, they sounded almost identical!” I’m bailing for the Ace on this one; I believe with all my Cups that my wife is Queen here, and a great and glorious Queen, at that. She fights her own inner fights to remain for the most part upbeat and happy, I know, I see her do it. Most importantly, she IS and FEELS loved, which is her raison d’être, because that is what she gives in return, Love and acceptance and that entire and glorious ruby-red heart full of tenderness and the divine. In refusing that 8, in choosing that Ace, I am consciously choosing the best for my wife (I hope) “as I am supposed to do as the King of Wands.” The answer to my question is there, too, and it is, quite simply, “Love her. Despite the dryness of your own Fire, love this Queen. She is your wife.” So in context, with the entire suit of cups sitting inside the Ace, I can even refine that further into “Love her so that you may experience, at her side, the true, bountiful nature of Cups in yourself.”     

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  1. as above; so, below: the scorpio moon trines neptune: a positive aspect.."intuition speaks: are you listening?"...the moon harmonizes with mars, pluto,and jupiter:enjoy the deep conection, the passion, and the productivity