Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 29-Oct-2015: the 9 of Chalices and XX Judgement are my Heart and Feather of Truth cards, respectively. (Today’s deck is the *Dark Tarot* by Luis Royo. Dark. Correlation iffy at times, if not plainly erroneous. Nice-ish art. Euh, I wouldn’t weep over its dismissal to the bottom of a crooked-leg cabinet. I’ve never found any particular affinity between Tarot and big-titted warrior babes; I doubt you will, either. It’s the art of an adolescent’s wet dream.) In the spirit of not really liking this deck very much and moving right along, I think I shall be largely ignoring the illustrations here and instead comment on the application of a card to my day. So here, we start the day with a 9 of Cups, a throw of the die with which any reasonable person in this galaxy would be quite content. And I am, except for the unfortunate art chosen for this card, which instead looks like something entitled “Water-Spirit-Whore-Offers-Opium.” I don’t envision her as the definition of this card, “Happiness.” Let’s look over here, instead; ah, I am in Yesod in the Tree of Life and I have ridden Water here. In astrology I am Jupiter in the 2nd decan of Pisces (fish & water – the secret ingredients to happiness! Ha!) Tree of Life. I believe it is important to notice that I have returned to the central “pillar” of the Tree, and enlightened by Tiphareth that resides above one step from Malkuth as its root and origin, the completion of the journey. Briah “drinks” best at the “seas of Yesod,” so the card shows harmony and fulfilment in emotional matters. REMEMBER, I’m talking about the card IN MY HEAD, not that swamp-leech shapeshifter on this card itself from this deck. If that were to signify ANYTHING to do with the 9 of Chalices, it would be its shadow side, “self-indulgence and complaisance, the temptation to just enjoy the happiness but forget the reflection that keeps the light upon the waters alive.” (Raven) I DO feel rather 9 of Cups-esque, however, “For The Most Part,” in my emotional life. I STILL have the years-long issue of the addition of another person in my life, but that has yet to happen if it is ever to happen. I have laid aside most, if not all expectation. I know, I know, not until I don’t need it . . .  yeah, I know how that little game works. One must abandon ALL desire for the thing desired. Thus one may arrive at happiness in relation to the phantom desire only by abandoning the phantom desire. (I’m sure that when the Lord of Light and Darkness wove that into the Cosmos he did it specifically to fuck with the Asians, which is kind of mean-spirited. Ha! J ) My Drive is love, optimism and trust lit by my Light, luck and compassion. A particular problem with this card & its shadow to always be ready to challenge is its tendency towards self-indulgence and vanity. So, voilà the message to and from my Heart today. And the Feather of Truth? Well, today it is a card I like but am sure that I do not fully understand (because I have yet to live it! ipso facto . . .) Like Death, I have no fear of Judgement. I am under no illusion, I believe, about myself or my abilities and talents, and my all-too-human “involvement in my own case.” (It is similar to one of those police procedural television productions, where law prohibits you from participating in the investigation of a crime because you are emotionally attached in some fashion to the victim. My episode is even better! I am BOTH the victim AND the investigator, who find out that the criminal is . . . ME! J Maddening, isn’t it?) On a not so-aside aside, I do NOT object to this particular card’s art, although it is quite clearly not drawn with the Tarot in mind. (Which touches, perhaps, my little hissy fit with this deck; it is advertised as “Tarot drawn by Luis Royo” but it isn’t – it may be his art, but it ISN’T drawn for Tarot! Don’t lie to me and claim that.  Don’t make me stop the car and heat the irons, young man!) Here the message of Judgement is a glorious, spectacularly beautiful angel with golden wings and hair standing on an outcropping at the sea. Okay. Nice image. Thanks. Now, get out of my way while I look at the Tarot. As usual, I’m heading back to Tree Town. I am XX, Judgment, (The Aeon in Thoth decks), on the Path of Shin, 31, in the Tree of Life. Astrologically, I am BOTH Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius; I AM Liberation and Redemption. As a “purifier”, my element is naturally Fire. I’m walking from Malkuth to Hod, and my number XX has the cross some of 2 (10x2), the number of the Revelation of Destiny. Judgement “is the trump of time and the changes dictated by the times, it addresses finality and destruction as well as liberation, hope and redemption.”  (Raven) And the verdict on the bastardized Christian view?  “The limitation of this view is the involuntary association to a 'court of law', to the Christian concept of a 'Resurrection' where the pious may rise and the rest must burn.”  (ibid) Crap, of course.  (It is puerile, really, to still feel justified every time a Christian lie is exposed. So be it.) My Drive here is renewal and  transformation, illuminated by my Light of widened perception and liberation of abilities. This is a gate from which one does not return, so be sure when you enter. I can live with the Feather of Truth that it is mindful that I keep Judgement in mind today, and model my actions after my meditations upon it. “I shall rise up, let smallness and fear fall away below me; I shall expand my wings & be reborn.”   


  1. as above, so below: aries, the warrior, you must ALLOW your new SELF ttttto emerge/ will see yourself inyour inner world and in your relationships. yyyyour wholeness is shifting..stay grounded. rememer : no room for war in the new world....destiny awaits you. ask and you shall/have receive(ed)!!!!!