Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily reading for 28-Oct-2015: WIW the Sun and the 3 of Pumpkins (Pentacles.) (Today’s deck is *The Halloween Tarot* by Kipling West. Halloween-themed, of course.) Let’s just jump right in, shall we? I have to rush for my costume-fitting at 9 a.m. for my role in the next Cthulhu movie – although they can’t decide if I should be the innocent victim tied to a rock awaiting her “bridegroom” or whether I should play Cthulhu itself. I’d like a go at the big guy – I can show Evil HOW to be Evil! Bwahahaha. Whoa, Mark, whoa, costuming for Cthulhu starts at 3 in the morning, it is so long and arduous, and yet you were sleeping. It’s the crying little girl for you, my friend. (SHIT!!) Actually, my heart today is filled with the divine Heart of XIX the Sun. I’m not a big fan of long, hot summers and making love on the grass in the countryside (ticks, fleas, critters & creepy crawlies; and Ladies, you’ll stop asking for this bucolic experience one you’ve woken up at 3 a.m. after a camping trip and watched in horror and profound disgust as an 8” millipede crawls out of your snatch.) I’m not a big fan of gamboling children, either, one of the traditional images on this card. I much prefer the black cat and pile of happy skulls here. Sunflowers are admissible because they lend themselves to snacking, and I suppose in the interests of an honest breakdown of this card, I should admit that is probably me, the large, green double-headed troll happily chewing a bone (human) and just kickin’ back on a sunny day. Despite “things,” I’m not half-bad looking, am I? Hmmm. I like the Sun card, I do, and it is ALWAYS fortunate to have it turn up for a reading, unless the reading is at the express wish of a bitter daughter fighting tooth and nail with her avaricious step-mother for her defunct father’s millions and who has petitioned the court to halt the cremation.  “Sorry, my dear, the Court is ruling for Fire.” There really isn’t a lot to say about the guy, other than look at his bare bones: the Sun is on the Path of Resh, 30, on the Tree of Life. In Astrology he stands in the 5th House, for Joy, creativity and the proper use of power. He walks on the axis between Hod and Yesod, and of-course-you-booby his element is – ta-da! – Fire. His number, 19, has a cross sum of 10) The Wheel which has a cross sum of 1) the Magus. To Give without Reduction of Self. How about that? Do you think you are a wonderful enough product that you are motivated to give ENDLESSLY of yourself (when star-you goes, there are fireworks!)? My Drive is the Light, and living for generous & unconditional principles, while my Light is vitality, generosity, warmth and self-confidence.  “My inner sun shines bright, surrounding me with light.” Look who’s trying to catch his coattails to tell him something! Ha! The 3 of Pumpkins/Pentacles. I wonder what he wants. You know, I told the council this idea of letting the plebes speak directly to one of the Grand was a bad idea, didn’t I? (Oh do shut up, you dithering old fool.) The Feather of Truth today is apparently hidden in the mundane and quite material 3 of Pumpkins. The Master Craftsman. The pride of achievement, of winning through, of stick-to-it-ivness, all wrapped up and placed right at eye level where I cannot NOT see them. I see Hekate (cat) watching the balancing act, ready to help but not interfering, and this is the perfected utopia of the craftsman in one picture. What is the Feather of Truth here? I’m beginning to suspect that I know the answer, I just really, REALLY wonder if it is the right or totally wrong answer. I’ve ALWAYS been “tapped” or “tagged” to “do something” because I have a certain talent for it. I have never done it, and yet I have. Do I fear failure? Do I fear success? Is the willingness to explore that avenue, a gate which, once unlocked, can carry me beyond my wildest imaginings or am I taking the lid off of Pandora’s box? Well, 1st, calm down, you aren’t that grand, Mark, and secondly, if you want to follow through on that 2nd option, you know what you have to do; you’ve known for 401 years what you have to do. There were some valid excuses along the way, I’ll give you that? But now, really, no excuse suffices, and you just have to make a decision; are you going to explore that path of the future or not? Yes or no? Shit or get off the pot. I am already an accomplished and acknowledged master of my field, but my work lacks only the finishing polished stone or even gold pyramidion capstone, to make the pyramid complete. ON THE OTHER HAND, there is GREAT appeal to leaving it unfinished, a sign that “I” am not finished, either, not with this universe, not yet. (Oddly enough, ANOTHER card popped up with my 3, the 8 of Ghosts (cups) – Moving On. Ha! Reinforcement!! “Do it! Move on! Get going! Move it!”))) How are my bones holding up? (I’m always concerned about my “state of bones” since my troubles with my skeletal structure here on Terra firma.) Let’s look at them: aka Works, I’m in Binah in the Tree of Life and of course my element is the Earth. In astrology I’m Mars in the 2nd decan of Capricorn. This is where Binah is activated, and the alchemical wedding of sulfur, salt and mercury. It implies the basic idea of Earth, the crystallization of its powers and qualities, the commencement of matter to be established. My Drive is manifestation and understanding while my Light is progress and increase of substance. Well it’s a good draw as “Food for Thought.” I now have an idea, a REAL idea, of a project to begin after I leave the hospital, and one, with any luck, that shall carry me into the foreseeable future. “My Will flows in a perfect stream of force;”    

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