Saturday, October 3, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 03 Oct 2015: IV the Emperor and XV the Devil. It is thundering, rainy and the sky is that uniform gray of a novice’s uniform in a particularly severe religious order. Perfect day for moody October, perfect day for me, I love them like this. Also, I’m not in the mood today to go down the Kabbalistic and alchemical symbol-strewn paths today on the reading, it’s just a regular reading. (Today’s deck is *The Zombie Tarot* Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni & Stacey Graham. Amongst the vast crowd of supernatural beings that delight me, zombies don’t figure at all. I couldn’t care less, but this deck is very, very amusing. It makes a great October theme deck, and if you are into zombies, then perhaps year-round. One thing – the illustrations are perfect for the Arcana.) I don’t normally have 2-Majors draws, so when they do happen, I both pay attention and am a bit confused. Although I hesitate to say it, I see 2 Majors in a draw as opposing energies, not complementary ones, and I need to consciously remind myself NOT to immediately see an opposition. I have to say that today isn’t preoccupied with a problem of opposition, but, if one can be so grand as to talk of oneself in these terms, an abuse of power and safeguarding against it. IV the Emperor is very much a me-in-my-head card, I take it for granted that I am the Emperor of my empire and that it is both my right and my duty. I don’t “enjoy” cards which are insights that tell me differently, but I’m working with the Tarot here, so “get used to the diet, pal.” I laugh a bit, because I AM used to it, I’ve been at this a while. The deck’s LWB says that the Emperor is “someone you count on when others are literally losing their heads.” . . . w-e-l-l, maybe not quite, but the insight is amusing. I can see this as my Heart today, my Emperor-ness. For the Feather of Truth, I was quite frankly surprised to see XV the Devil. Not the card of which one would normally think when drawing for “the Feather of Truth,” eh? Perhaps the Truth here, for me, is STILL my attachment to the material and the dangers of abuse of powers, as well as health, sanity & ego structure. In a discussion last night, I found myself arguing that the Journey isn’t about destroying the ego, but reducing it to proper perspective and semi-importance in the construction of the totality that is me or you. In turn, this conversation was part of a larger conversation about meeting the false buddhas that one does meet on the Road, and how to proceed. A friend had met one at a dinner last night & came by afterwards to talk through his reactions. This same friend told me that he kept hearing my voice at the dinner table, saying, as I often do, “If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” (Which is a whole OTHER discussion.) At any rate, WHAT is MY “Devil” these days? Pride, surely. It always is. Things, certainly, to a certain extent and purpose. I don’t like to be “counter-commanded” in my reality, and I don’t take kindly to it. I want what I want when I want it, and if “it” can’t or won’t fit those demands, it may be discarded as being useless to me. This is the shadow side of “wait a few days on that decision, Mark, and see if you feel the same in, say, oh, 3 days.” This is all wonderful to know about yourself, but if you don’t do something, then it is a useless and wasted observation. Watch yourself, Mark. Be careful of your use of your power(s), and try, at least TRY, to remember that you have, above and beyond all, a duty to the Universe to act in “a rightly manner” with that with which you have been entrusted. I love the deck’s LWB’s small write-up on XV, which I will not quote here, other than to paraphrase the end: “Why bother to behave and act in a right manner, when you can kick back and take it easy? Because you are better than that.” And ain’t that the truth?? I AM better than that. So are you, and you, and you. We can ALL be better than “that,” can’t we, if we just get off our cans and make a decision and/or take an action? We are, AT THIS MOMENT, living through the Shadow Manifestation of our culture; everything this culture has repressed is coming back to bite us MIGHTILY in the ass. Now more than ever I need to be an Emperor, and so do you. “Today, I am free to do as I choose.”   


  1. Great.
    I'd like to know why you happen to see the majors (in pairs?) as opposing each other rather than maybe flowing into the next card as "not only but also" or anything else.

  2. Sylvia - thank you for your interest! Actually, the simplest answer is, "Because that's me, I see everything as something I have to conquer, defeat, and/or overcome." This, OF COURSE, is no longer true and hasn't been for many, many years, but it WAS my core, at one time. I recently went through a massive interior project (chronicled earlier in this blog & FB) which dismantled the old frameworks which had rusted and long outlived any usefulness. I DO see the cards in MANY ways, all possible ways I hope, and I can move forward, backwards, sideways, opposite and together with any pair. I was just saying, THIS morning, I FELT "this" way an instant when XV turned over. It was surprising - but that doesn't mean I cannot use it multiple ways. Clear as mud, right? LOL. Sorry, but I think that covers it.

  3. as above,so below: moon goes into cancer tonight: more feeling/intuitive vs mental energy today....let go of the "shoulds"/ego talk and do go with your gut!