Monday, November 9, 2015

Good morning and Welcome, dear friends, to my Scales of Ma’at for 10-Nov-2015: the 8 of Cups as my Heart card and as the Feather of Truth today I have the 10 of Swords. (Today’s deck is *The Byzantine Tarot* by John Matthews and Cilla Conway. Thematic, RSW schema. Lovely to read, especially if you enjoy Byzantine style art, which I do. I like it.) I had an interesting interaction with a friend, Terry, the other day; she had drawn a 3-card “Spread of Doom & Death”-type daily reading. Luckily, her question had been phrased in such a way that her choice of “need” versus “want” in the question turned out to be subtly, but Very important. I never freak on XIII, or XV, when I draw them . . . XVI can shake me a bit, depending on the *whole*, and this card, the 10 of Swords, is only now becoming more clear to me as I am obliged to face it by recent synchronicity. But that’s the Feather today, and it is better to start with my Heart card, today the 8 of Cups. First, let’s take a look at her bare bones: aka “Indolence,” she is in Hod on the Tree of Life, arriving by Water. In astrology she is Saturn in the 1st decan of Pisces. “The Eight of Cups has driven the debauch of the Seven to absolute excess, the delusions have lost all attraction and all that's left is frustration. The sequence of the numbers has reached Hod, calling for structure and logic, but the emotional waters of Briah cannot be happy with this call and remain in dumb resignation. Nevertheless, happy or not, the call must be heard to leave the bogs of numbness, and the Eight of Cups tells us to abandon the past, leave the current situation, make up our minds most honestly and open our eyes to upcoming changes.” (Raven) I like that take, and it jigsaws in nicely with my current situation (medical) as well as a “Take Notice” on the many societal maladies & hopes upon which I have been meditating for a while now. If you read me regularly at all, you know I believe we are living at “the end of Empire.” The world needs emergency surgery but all the surgeons refuse to give up their cocktail hours to fix it. I soar from *despair* to Hope when I contemplate the up & coming young, and I plummet down again when I focus on the world’s grave illness. I refuse to shut it out & live selfishly only for my own enlightenment & escape, so I “choose” to suffer, I suppose. Mr. Matthews reads this card as “progress through uncertainty.” I think it may be just a bit broader than that in application to me today – face facts, Mark, you’re life has changed, you are less financially free now (inflation & retirement) and you are going in for major surgery in one week, which can always raise issues of uncertainty. I am being called upon more & more & more to throw myself upon the mercies of the Cosmos and to trust in the Lord of Light & Darkness and all his many faces; can I make that Leap of Faith? I hope so, I believe so, yes. I know I don’t want to nor am I ready, just yet, to check out and continue the Journey in a different vehicle. I’d like to “keep this car another year or two, at least for now.” We’ll see if YHVH is cooperative when we get to the dealer’s lot! I need to jump to the Feather of Truth now, to add the depth missing from the “notice on the billboard.” The 10 of Swords – Ruin – is certainly not the jolliest card to show up on my doorstep right now, as I prepare to enter the hospital for surgery. But I am beginning to understand, “down in my gut,” how I can extend my Trust & Faith in the Journey, on the Path, from my already-established-peace-with-stepping-through-the-doorway, from XIII, to XVI AND the 10 of Swords. Quickly, his bones: he is in Malkuth on the Tree of Life, by way of Air. In astrology he is the Sun in the 3rd decan of Gemini. “With the Ten of Swords, the development of human intellect has consequently reached its last step - from the birth of intellect within the Ace to complete ruin within the grounds of the Ten. The card teaches the lesson that endless fighting ends with destruction, endless analysis with the complete loss of hope and belief. It forces the lesson of the Nine of Swords to its inevitable conclusion. But with the Sun above it, it does not lack every hope. It will silently return to its origin again, to the first spark of mind in the Ace, to start all over again. The big hope in here is that the lessons from the journey absolved won't get forgotten. By the way, every Ten in the Minor Arcana stands for the end of a process, for the need to restart or at least variate, only the Ten of Swords have an amazingly crude way to put it into words - that's just the way they are.” (Raven) That’s my good friend Raven (he doesn’t know we are friends, but that is of small import; I am always grateful for his/her take!)  With his Drive being transformation in his Light of rebirth, the end of a cycle and wisdom through pain and loss, I already know this gentleman quite well – age does that, you know, you find you’ve already met a LOT of the party-goers. I know it is certainly *ruin* for me entire left leg, whose interior is going to be largely replaced by plastic next week. (I was surprised to learn that while the surgeons can whip out a hip replacement without breaking a sweat, what they need to do to my *leg*, not my hip, is causing extra care to be taken that I don’t decide to do my final reading right there in the operating room – ha! if only. (Not that I want to die right now, far from it; but it would be a way to go, n’est-ce pas ? And for effect, a few spectators, as you turn over XIII and immediately drop dead right in front of the cards. That would make me howl with laughter, so to speak!) I’m not feeling nearly as freaked about the 10 as I would have a year ago – my experiences have changed the future, again. (Hint, hint!) That depended on MY taking the effort to understand those changes and to implement them. So, you know what? Bring it on, 10, I’m ready to give you this battle, but be advised; I WILL win the war. “In this moment, here and now, I create my future.”   


  1. as above;so below: lets look this new moon in scorpio in the eye!!!she is giving ypou an opportunity for a new lease on life actually....but its up to ypou to perceive out there in the world your own reflection....take what you see to heart...own it.....and thus free ypourself of any can not allow the negativity to rule you. simple as that!