Saturday, November 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! dear friends, to the Scales of Ma’at for the 15-Nov-2015: my Heart card is the 3 of Spheres and the Feather of Truth today is the 9 of Scepters. (Today’s deck is the *Liber T: Tarot of Stars Eternal* by Andrea Serio & Roberto Negrini. It is patently a Golden Dawn system deck, in fact VERY similar to Harris’ deck for Crowley. Over the years, I haven’t worked with it because of its bad press [stupidity on my part]. I find, however, that it is a WONDERFUL deck in its own right, one can use it as “training wheels”” for a Thoth deck I suppose and it is far more clear in its presentation of the symbolism than the original Thoth Tarot. Fuck all you critics, I like it!) Today, I’ve drawn two minor arcana cards – I’ll admit to a bit of childishness; when I don’t draw a Major as one of my cards, I’m always just a bit disappointed, a feeling which I immediately dismiss because I know that ALL 78 cards have an unique message for me each & every time I see them, Major or minor. Still . . . . Ha, at least I can laugh at myself. Today I have drawn the 3 of Spheres as my Heart, well, okay; let’s take a look at his bones, then: aka “Works”, lives in Binah in the Tree of Life by the path of Earth. In astrology he is Mars in the 2nd decan of Capricorn (no shit, the card makes that pretty clear!) Here, “. . . the Three of Disks (Spheres, ed.) enters Binah, the fields of understanding and perception, initiating the process where the project that began in the Two of Disks is viewed and understood against its surrounding i.e. in its completion. The card also talks of the alchemical wedding, in which the alchemical mercury combines Sulphur with salt, thus building the living gold (the philosopher's stone). It implies the basic idea of Earth, the crystallization of its powers and qualities, the commencement of matter to be established.” (Raven) The name of the card is Works, implying a first taste of victory, an admission that progress was made. His drive is manifestation and his Light is progress & crystallization. In general, it’s an odd mechanism that operates in Tarot, isn’t it? The higher up in number one goes, the further from the Ace and thus from the purest manifestation of the suit, until in 10 it “almost” reaches over-maturation and begins the process of putrefaction, UNLESS on moves on. Here at 3 I am still “close to the message,” so to speak. I still have Power; I am at the birth of it, in a way. But “Oh! Oh Woe is Me!’ (throwing my left hand up to defend myself from the evil assault of ill-fortune while my right seeks the violet smelling salts on the night table) What has one here? Ha! My Feather of Truth today is the 9 of Scepters, which, while horribly threatening-seeming, IS actually a card of Vigor here, of triumph over adversity (There! Take THAT! you fucking fucked-up leg, I’m having you replaced and reconstructed! Screw you!), of a Recovery of Health! Hallelujah, Happy Horus!!!Let’s take a look at 9’s bones: aka “Strength”, he lives in Yesod in the Tree of Life, arriving by Fire. In astrology he is the Moon in the 2nd decan of Sagittarius (weirdly oneiric, isn’t it?) and the fiery Wands have reached the happy Nine, the number that reflects on itself. The Nine of Wands remembers its own qualities, showing the full powers of the fiery element rising again. So the card shows strength, determination and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.  His Drive is Spiritual truth & realization, while his Light is a combination of the consciousness with the unconsciousness. The 9 is VERY prone to contradictions! I like to think that this reading is about my upcoming hospital stay to have my left leg eaten by rabid weasels and replaced by cold, unfeeling plastic, just like my heart! LOL! No, no, no, I feel, believe me! That’s an old Mark from decades ago, when I lived by the precept, “Submit, or slay me if you can.” They all submitted, obviously, I’m still here, but OY VEY! The karma I collected! I’ll be working that off until the day I make the Change. People think I’m arrogant NOW, they don’t know 1/10th of it! Oh well, live & learn; even a cold-hearted arrogant bastard has to drop the mask sooner or later. I LIKE the 9; he has NEVER been quite the almost-disaster, the Hell-barely-dodged or sign of Impending Doom to me that he is the RWS system. You know, at that stage of the game, when you have lost or been beaten so badly, the 10 serves just as well as the 9 for portraying the “Oh, I’m fucked.” The 9 here still believes he can pull the 9 from disaster, as a matter of fact is the reflection of Strength itself! But like all 99.99% pure incarnations of anything, sometimes it isn’t enough, even loaded “pur et dur” like that (Fr. – pure & hard), to change the nature of the 10. Normally, this 9 can tell me that I am on the right path. Be wise and distill my judgement from the best sources. I need to hold on, and to see it through. “Know and respect yourself, be true to yourself and value yourself by walking your own path.  Defend your spirit without compromising – be honest.  Preserve your spirit – keep mentally, physically and emotionally fit and your spirit will naturally guide you.” (CrystalClearReflections) Well, yes, I’m glad, more than glad to get some Strength application as I head (feet first) into surgery. (This brings me to a different point. I won’t be writing in the blog normally for a while – this medical wanderjahr is expected to last until Christmas: operation, hospital recovery, then imprisonment in a tower of mirrors until a true Tarot friend shatters all the illusions and sets me free. . . LOLOL, no, and then to a re-education facility for up to 6 weeks of rehab and crying bitterly at night, alone, in the dark . . . LOLOL.  I’ll be fine as long as the occasional visitor brings a joint or three – please vibe that for me out there! Thanks! So wish me well.) I’m okay with today’s reading, no problems at all. I’m not anticipating surgery, but my 3 of Spheres tells me it is going to be done well. My 9 isn’t signaling my upcoming degeneration but the fact that I am carrying a lot of Strength in to this little dance party. So, for today, I acknowledge and grow into my Strength.   


  1. as above;so below: you may think working hard today will enable you to complete all that is expected of you but aa creative aspect between the sun and uranuscan be very distracting ...there may be many unexpected events occuring..dont waste your time blaming anyone...the cosmos ids testing your to just laugh!!!...stay in LOVE and through pout your leg procedure....and abundance will be yours.............................again..................sending much healing energy your way!!!!................create what you want mark......put your mind, heart and soul into that line of thought..........and keep it there!!!!!!!!