Sunday, November 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily reading, the Scales of Ma’at, for 09-Nov-2015: as my Heart card, I have a rarity today, a double, III the Empress & XVI The Tower (I will explain) and as the Feather of Truth I drew XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot*, my very favorite off-the-wall deck; no traditional Tarot images here! Yet it speaks, and it speaks loud & clear and volumes of it! There isn’t really a way to describe this Tarot; Google it, do a little research, and if ANYTHING in you moves a bit to its’ images, BUY it. It’s really good.) Right off the Top - three Major Arcana, bing-badda-bing! And the reason for that double Heart card is that 1st I dealt XVI, the Tower, and as I am due for surgery in a week, I asked for “Please!! Confirmation!” and drew III the Empress. In this deck, both are “tree” images. The theme of the Tree is confirmed, but hardly the Nature of it! I’m going to have to sit on this a bit and see if it hatches; I don’t particularly relish the thought, but I WOULD like to have a better grip on what I’m being told. This reading “could” be a recap of the theme that dominated my weekend, “the fall of the American Empire, the Interregnum of Chaos and the eventual new society which [hopefully!] shall replace it.” My weekend was dominated by the in-their-20s generation, thus the subject. I become more & more amazed as the extant, breadth & scope of their vision, fractured though it be right now, is shaping up. They KNOW that they won’t see the payoff, but hope their children & grandchildren do. This old heart cries by being so touched by their sincerity and hope. Good gods almighty I wish them luck! I find myself in love with an entire generation of “kids,” and my heart breaks at the beauty of each of them, of the soaring spirituality and beauty of their souls. This is probably the last Great Love of my life, and appropriately enough, it isn’t one person, it’s all of us as embodied in the young, in their dream. I find myself in Love, for the 1st time in my ragged old life, with Humanity. I hope I die still loving. However, back to the cards; I’ve been waxing high a lot lately about the feminine, my Anima, etc. Here she is as my answer to the confirmation, and as I write this, there is a girl singing in the background of my house who says, “It’s gonna be alright – no one can give it away, it’s gonna be alright.” Please be right. We know the Mother as our Hope, and here she is, doubled up, as both Empress and Star, and I’m gonna put my eggs in her basket and I’m gonna pray like hell that heaven will happen. I don’t have anything else to say today, I’m overwhelmed by our world, my sentiments, and my love for YOU.  I see bridges burning and I know that the only way home is onward.   

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