Monday, November 2, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at 2-card daily reading for 03-Nov-2015: XI Strength and the 10 of Swords, representing respectively my Heart and the Feather of Truth.  (Today’s deck is *Le Tarot de la Rose Sacrée* by Johanna Sherman. [Whether it is actually French, or I have a French version, is unknown.] It is a good deck centered around the mysteries of the Rosy Cross, of course. Illustrations are bright & lively. A totally servable deck!) I’m feeling the itch; you know the one, the itch to change your daily go-to reading. Something I in the works, stay tuned. For today, however, it is the tried & true. My Heart comes roaring in like a Lion, but it is an all an M-G-M show because he is being ridden by a girl with an elaborate coiffure. The blend of the two “manes” has brought about equilibrium, equality and a harnessing of Forces neither would be capable of alone. (I am setting aside my bugaboo about the numbering of Strength.) The Royal Road surrounded by the riotous Garden of Possibilities surrounds them, yet they forge ahead? Their destiny calls. This card signals the civilization of the instincts and the cultivation of the Self by way of the Other. I would say let’s peek at the bones, and look at Kabbalistic and alchemical connections, but – euh – not today, I’m not in the mood. Though the lion be tamed, he doesn’t wish to dilly-dally. My Heart is feeling like striding and pushing ahead and carrying our balance on down the Path when we are met by the Feather of Truth for today, something that it is in my best interests to heed: well, shit, the 10 of Swords; Ruin. Well fuck me running. (Well, I have to do it; I have to open it up and look at the innards to see the pulsing cancer at its center.) I’m in Malkuth on the Tree of Life, and I’m Air. In astrology I am the Sun in the 3rd decan of Gemini. My Drive is transformation while my Light is rebirth, the end of a cycle. With the Ten of Swords, the development of human intellect has consequently reached its last step - from the birth of intellect within the Ace to complete ruin within the grounds of the Ten. “The card teaches the lesson that endless fighting ends with destruction, endless analysis with the complete loss of hope and belief. It forces the lesson of the Nine of Swords to its inevitable conclusion. But with the Sun above it, it does not lack every hope. It will silently return to its origin again, to the first spark of mind in the Ace, to start all over again. The big hope in here is that the lessons from the journey absolved won't get forgotten.” (Raven) I feel as if I just experienced *Thus Sprach Zarathustra* by Richard Strauss. It feels like a call to arms, doesn’t it? Just when arms have proven their utter futility. Ha-ha, one of Tarot’s little jokes & lessons. As to what the Feather signifies for me personally, I shall have to think about that a bit. Which Project, which realm, which moral and emotional & perhaps even physical investment, is going to collapse and die at my feet, stuttering, “Your pardon, My Grace; I failed.”? Of course, it could be less bloody than that; I could witness the drying out of a fruit tree in my garden and be sad at its loss but not moved to abandon the garden altogether. It could be more of a metaphysical musing on the futile means of violence and their lack of solution, harmony and compassion. I’m in a phase right now where I am “disliking” world stupidity and cruelty and acts of violence at an more heightened level that normal, perhaps because compassion and mercy are hopefully blooming in the mud of my roots and I am even more sensitive than normal to the path of apocalyptic self-immolation that humanity is forging for itself one thoughtless step and after another. The card is summary: glittering, icy, blood-stained swords piercing THE Tree wrapped in brambles, all reflected in cold, uncaring Moon. It’s more of a crucifixion than the crucifixion! Well, I’m not going to cry, weep, gnash my teeth and tear my hair just yet. The card signifies a MENTAL death, 1st of all. Dissection and analysis have arrived at term, and the field is populated with failure, desolation, chagrin and affliction. Paranoia is the air we breathe. The FREEDOM here is TOTAL. Something intellectual, something mental, is DYING or is DEAD, and I am FREE. My recent spate of really hard work, work-my-ass-off hard work, has paid off. Like the Lion and the Maiden I can go forward in equilibrium and harnessed strength. This is excellent news. (“By the way, every Ten in the Minor Arcana stands for the end of a process, for the need to restart or at least variate, only the Ten of Swords have an amazingly crude way to put it into words - that's just the way they are.” Raven)

amidst a swirling maelstrom
of imploding suns and stars and space dust
a dazzling supernova burns itself
so brightly, only for a moment
before it is suddenly devoured into
a cosmic black hole, that it’s fiery tongue
may remain silenced for an eternity
and all is still
yet from within arises a tiny spark
that promises to light
the entire void within the universe
it grows but quickly and burns
much brighter; it plays witness
as myriads of young suns blossom forth
and wake the galaxy into a new life.
10.17.84  Ester Grace


  1. bove;so below: WAVE X has been a cosmic event which will clear our minds,hearts,bodies annd lower bodies can align with our higher consciousness.....IF are emotionally reacting to anything/viscerallyy reacting....DETACH from those OLD BELIEFS that no longer serve you

  2. Yes, it has become more & more clear to "filter the waters"and consider itms in a true light. Thanks, Linda.