Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at 2-card daily reading for 05-Nov-2015: the 8 of Quantum Space-Time and The Abyss and XVI Uriens. (Today’s deck is *The Shadow Tarot* by Linda Falorio. It comes with a companion book, which you will find absolutely necessary and of great help.) I’m doing something different today; I’m exploring one of the “dark” decks. “Dark” is really a misnomer, they are NOT dark as in “redolent of evil,” but as in “let’s do a little work on your Shadow side, shall we? Hmm?” Don’t let the Majors throw you; just subtract 11 from the numbering. (I’m still looking for the reasoning behind that. I’m sure it has to do with the loas – the ruling “divinities” or Energies. Something to be clear about when working with a deck like this is that you are working on the “night side of the tree,” the “Nightside of Eden” and the “Tunnels of Set,” “a network of dream cells in the subconscious mind.” (Kenneth Green). In other words, “This ain’t your momma’s Tarot, Virginia.” I’m using Ms. Falorio’s deck & book because they seem the lost approachable way to learn this method, this approach, this deck. I gather MS. Falorio knows whereof she speaks, being some grade of high initiate herself, but that isn’t the point; she opens, at least for me, more fully the Book of Life and Death since anything since my two original discoveries of the Tarot and Egyptology. (Not Erich Von Däniken’s “aliens from space,’ but the real profession of Egyptology; and not inventing a genealogy for Tarot, either!) The Tree of Life has a twin, the Tree of Death, and it is THAT with which this genre of deck works. So let’s dive in and see where the River Styx takes me/us. My Heart card today is Amdusias, the 8 of Quantum Space-Time and The Abyss. Quite a category, eh? I’m just going to have to give it to you straight and undiluted, because it is going to be Food For Thought in Translating 101 for me: “Demons of Quantum Space-Time and The Abyss. Rites of Sirius/ Alwass Ruled by Demons of the South-East and North-West, denizens of quantum space-time and the Abyss. Alien entities from the stars – the Nommo, the Deep Ones of Absu/ The Abyss penetrate the planetary life-wave via electromagnetic waves of quantum space-time for the invasion and control of Human consciousness. Mithraic rites, Shape-shifting, Lycanthropy, possession, Obeah, African and Oceanic cults. It goes on. So, let’s cut to the 8, and I’ll try to grok it at the same time as you. The 8 is titled “Indolence, Endings, Seeding of New Cycles.”  Amdusias, we are told, is the 67th Spirit in Order as Solomon bound them is a strong Duke of Hell who appears at first as a unicorn but will assume human shape upon request. Call upon him to hear musical instruments. His Shadow is the demon FURCAS, and call upon him to learn Astrology and Pyromancy. We-e-l-l, Okay. This is ALL another language for other energies, the Energies coursing around the Nightside Tree and its Paths. I have to quite literally guess by intuition, but I believe the Heart card today is talking to me about the need to meditate, contemplate, and absorb the fast & furious lessons of the past few months. This will be reinforced by my enforced post-operative inactivity and time spent at Frankenstein’s House of Physical Re-Education. It might be a good time to learn something deeper than my surface knowledge about the relationship between Astrology and the Tarot . . . we’ll see. Lately I have been feeling a strong desire to withdraw from active participations in the forums and spend a year reading & catching up on all the Tarot information I have ALREADY bought and have not had the time to crack their spines and hear them scream. And practice. And practice. And then perhaps return a better reader than before . . . on verra (French for “we’ll see.” J ) Today’s Heart card is accompanied by my Feather of Truth, XVI Uriens (Remember, this is NOT the Tower.) In actuality, he corresponds to the Hierophant. The design you see in the middle of the card is his “sigil,” painted on an inverted trial reaching deep into the Abyss. This is the vulva of a manifestation of the Mother, and Uriens bears the weight of her birth, the World, upon his shoulders. You auto-think of Atlas. There are symbols galore and awash on the card, and while they are fascinating, it would take a far longer entry than I usually enter here to go into them. What is important here is that the power of Uriens (me, today, or if you prefer, the “hint” from the Feather about where I should be concentrating my energies today) to ground oneself in self-validation. I am going to write that again – What is important is the power of Uriens to ground oneself in self-validation. That’s a fucking powerful statement, given some consideration. Inner strength & courage to live one’s convictions; facing the naked horror of existence without the illusions of divine protection. Dealings with the Law, Authority, Validation and Direction will all be riding on Uriens’ train, and looking for you, to “teach.” Now, a funny thing . . .  Ms. Falorio’s book, which provides the MAJOR portion of the “feed” for this reflection, is wonderfully complete everywhere but HERE. The last line on the page is, “on the other side,    -that’s it, no closing punctuation or quotation mark, nothing but blank white rest of the page, As if the writer had been snatched away mid-sentence by something far more powerful than she. I find it fascinating to    



  1. as above;so below: todays virgo moon has us separating the good from the bad data coming in....wave X still sending.....aa strong jupiter-uranus aspect helps to open our minds/eyes to an intellectual breakthrough......................have faiith in the huge amount of HEALING AT WORK!!!!how opportune!!!

  2. Thank you, Linda. I'm feeling a real draw to work with & heal dark side stuff at the moment. It is worthwhile, but "sticky" at times.