Friday, November 6, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my Scales of Ma’at 2-card daily reading for 07-Nov-2015 : as my Heart card I have drawn II the High Priestess and as the Feather of Truth I have the 9 of Cups reversed. (Today’s deck is one of my favorites in the “new-age-y, visionary, flux & reflux” style of art Tarot very popular here in the early 21st century, *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lanz. It speaks easily and deeply to me; whether it does to you is something you will want to find out on your own, indeed, it is the only way possible. There is great depth to the cards, but they also carry layers of symbology that are abundant enough to delight any scryer of cards. Go for it – it’s a deck worth having.) Well, let’s take a look at what I’ve got coming down the ‘pike for today; and a fine start it is, even if a bit hazy, with II the High Priestess. I rarely have face to face dealings with Her Grace; she is a bit off-putting to everyone. She reminds one of Kassandra walking into a Trojan feast and announcing, “I’ve got news!” but once one gets past the awkward news, the shadows and veils and electrum-plated quarter-moon headdress, she’s a perfectly normal, even banal, young girl. It is really rather the same with II the High Priestess; Guardian of the Galaxies, yes, she is that, but she is also Becky Next-Door who skinned her knee riding her bike and is making far too big a hue and cry about it. It is easy to let Astarte/Hekate/Circe confuse your senses and convince you that the only way forward is to put out your eyes, but as always you are hearing what you want to hear, not what she is saying; she says uncomfortable things. She can only speak Truth, and because of that, has invented an infinite number of ways to deliver it, even unto the point of making it appear false so that it appears true so that it appears false so that . . . etc. She’s a very, very smart & clever lady, our High Priestess (pre-requisites for even applying for the job!), and her greatest weapon is also her greatest shield, an astonishingly profound Intuition. She and the Magus form the Untenable Twosome, and there MUST be resolution. Look at her bones:   She is on the Path of Gimel (13) in the Tree of Life; she is the Moon in Scorpio (!!) in the 12th House, lunar consciousness, Scorpio standing for the powers of the unconscious. House 12 stands for the mysteries. She forms the connection between Kether and Tiphareth, and OF COURSE is of Water. She IS Duality. Her Drive is the desire to find the inner sources, and she steers by the Light of being one with the beginning of all and intuitive knowledge. If she is visiting my Heart today, then I am in for a good yet profound day – because I meet her so rarely “in the flesh,” when I do it always has deep reverb in my own unconscious and Intuition. Without breaking my arm patting myself on the back, I’m pretty good in the Intuition department as is, I just fail at times (less & less) to know how to implement my intuition in order to benefit all involved. When she visits, I get a HUGE boost. She reminds me a lot of my mother, who was that type of person; she insisted I learn “beyond” what was taught, that I explore the Mysteries, but she offered no direct help, other than to constantly reaffirm the necessity to Awaken. (I’m not describing a frozen monster – she was a normal mother. This was the metaphysical side of her.)  Today she and I are keeping company in the ambiance of the 9 of Cups reversed. (We are usually hanging out together, on those rare occasions we do, in one or another of the upper Cups or Coins suites; she has a certain weakness for luxe.) IF I were going to give you my boardwalk gypsy fortune-telling machine interpretation of this card, it would be somewhere along the line of “stop being such a lazy, greedy, rich, arrogant bastard, okay?” But I’m not THAT shallow, and I wasn’t manufactured in Jersey specifically for the boardwalk in Atlantic City. And it doesn’t really matter anyway, because the Feather of Truth here is right-on on ONE level – we are experiencing financial difficulties,. . but hey, join the crowd, Mister! Speaking on different levels, I DO believe I can correctly interpret this, as it is allied today with the II, as a “strongly-worded” piece of advice; “You’ve been living in a period of ‘faste et luxe.’ Your coffers are FULL unto overflowing with the keys to knowledge you have accumulated, but you haven’t had the time to actually OPEN the damned library and ‘bone-up’! So-o-o-o, we’re going to help; the river is going to be dammed for a while, thus giving you time to sort through and at least absorb a goodly portion of that which you have attained!”  This is fine with me, and I don’t even mind that this little cog of control has been taken from my care; I DO need the time to sit down and ABSORB what I have so assiduously collected over the past three years or so. I did it then because of a life-threatening event, I don’t want to have to be ‘cued’ like that again! So, let’s do this one NOW, while Nature is giving me a pause from which I CAN profit enormously, if I know where to invest my time . . . and I DO. To throw light on this from a different angle: money & I have always had an odd, quirky arrangement; the upshot of it is that I never suffer from ABSOLUTE pennilessness, but I am never terribly, stinking rich, either, and must “sometimes do the bidding of a fickle Fortune.” It’s a good deal and works in my favor 99% of the time. So I almost ALWAYS take any reference in the cards to excessive richness or poverty as metaphysical language when applied to myself, not factual language. Sure, I’ve been dirt poor, but THAT was a choice of youth when I wanted to be “free and live on the beach” . . . and mind you, it was the beach in Santa Barbara, not Papua, New Guinea. Ha! Spoiled youth – what are you gonna do? Now I say, ‘Just shoot ‘em all . . .’ Grin. Well, I shall think further on the 9 today and what it signifies in my life NOW, TODAY. And as for Her Grace, of course she may stay as long as she wishes, which I always hope is longer than it usually turns out to be. Filled with wonder and Light, my intuition works like an old and valued friend.   


  1. AS ABOVE;SO BELOW: SUN IS IN SCORPIO; NOV 5 NEW MOON IN SCORPIO...TODAY MOON IN LIBRA...MOVING INTO SCORPIO...air is balancing but merging into water...ALLOW high priestess to show you feminine divine/unconcccccccscious thinking and face it on...ALLOW scorpio to bring you all info you need in its natural FLOW....waxing /waning ebergies now will bring some old habits/communications your way...must ASK for YOUR truth to be revealed to you. rely on scorpios fearless perceptivity annd your gut in deciphering verbal and nonverbal communications....some of which clouded by neptunes influence with sun-moon warned against (reversed 9 cups) smug reliance on own intuition when multiple scorpian energies are at work.....but ...have high priestess "bring it on" confront /get through...ASK to be shown your truth(s)