Monday, November 2, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at daily draw for 01-Nov-2015: the 9 of Hearts as my Heart card and as the Feather of Truth is the Queen of Pentacles. (Today’s Tarot is the *Witches Tarot* by Ellen Dugan.)  Well ke-e-r-a-p. Here we go with three of Swords again, and as we know, I don’t fear the 3 but it does cause anguish because it sops up time like a sponge.  Also, while technically flawless, this 3 of Swords leaves me unmoved. It is an exercise, not a work of passion. Too bad. It sits in Binah, is an Air card, and astrologically is Saturn in the 2nd decan of Libra. This illustrated card can tell us NOTHING, so let’s look at its bones: here’s what Raven has to say, and I agree, “Sorrow- With the Three, the Swords are entering Binah, the fields of understanding, of perception and realization, and they reveal the dark side of understanding - or the truth behind the common saying that idiots are the happier people. [Remember that? mm] It is the curse of the Swords to be so clear and honest, to analyze what others prefer to ignore, to put in plain light what others hide in the dark. They are not like the Cups who are lucky when they understand themselves, the Swords are the Mind and when understanding what they see, they dive into melancholy.” (Raven)  So, my Drive is melancholia, facing up to a painful truth and doing this with my Light of understanding and the sobering of false illusions. I’m accompanied on this somewhat nigaud task is the Queen of Pentacles, (Queen of the thrones of Earth to give her her Crowleyian/GD title.) She’s currently got her luggage unpacked in Binah in the Tree of Life She seems to like horned, hooved playmates as she is sharing both Sagittarius and Capricorn. She is Water in Earth, the mother of her element, but also as stable and reliable as the Earth. “The Queen of Disks is kind and tender, friendly and good-hearted; she has fine instincts and intuitions. She is strong and sensitive, protects her house and family and cares as well for emotional and material well-being. She is calm and practicable and can be a good, industrious worker.” (Raven) Now, if you are really lucky, she loves you “à la folie” and is immensely rich! HA!  We’re going to have to look at the bones, again, because the illustration here is “nice.” “Nice” as in “Oh look, honey, we can put this in the guest bathroom. It won’t offend anyone.” (Yeah, with any luck, it’ll help some wandering Tarologue take a good dump. Tarologues = that’s us. It’s the French for Tarot card reader, & I LIKE it. One [1] word speaks of specialty [angiologue, phlébologue, géologue, archéologue etc.] and takes care of silly questions from lookieLous. “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a Tarologue. Now step back, please, I’m in a hurry and lives are in danger.” On a functional level, the Queen of Pentacles is, in a minor echo kind of way, my wife at the moment and to a certain extent myself. The Earth has been good to us, we need to be good caretakers, too, and that can take time & effort, both of which we can afford. We ask the Earth for a LOT, it occurs to me, and I tend to be more conscious of that than my wife, for whom it is simply a given. Sometimes I’m bothered that we can’t do more to nourish her back to tip-top form, but we do what we can, which is still pissing in one’s diapers. The world needs powerful champions right now; I hope, fervently, that they arrive. I’m not tickled down in my Secret Astral Reproductive Glands with today’s reading, but I don’t feel the need for a hemorrhoidectomy, either. Today was something I haven’t had for a while – dishwater dull. And you know what? Some days are like that – dishwater dull. A Good day, however, to do “housekeeping” shit, whatever that may be – from sweeping cobwebs to paying bills. Personally, I’ll polish all the sterling silver frames that hold photos of charming me in wonderful places with wonderful people. I really am wonderful, you know. . . . LOLOLOLOLOL. “My heart’s haven surrounds me always.”   


  1. as above;so below: venus(the emotional body rep) and mars(the physical body rep) join today and all week for profound healing;their positively linked association with chiron, the wounded healer,, ensures this. "the wound is where the light is"/enters". cellularly we are clearing out old karmic injuriess/debts so we can re-write the story (ies) behind the injury(ies)......creating our futures anew..IF we do not, what will be the cost?????our weeks ..intuitive/cosmic homework

    1. I believe th idea of the cost set off the tsunami in the 1st place! I'm not so much interested in "re-writing history" as I am of letting it assume its' far-less-important-place-than-it-imagined in the construct of the psyche. History produced me; I have no desire to suffer from the "Grandfather Paradox." But let the Past BE the past, so to speak, as in that song, "Do not weep for me, for I am not here."