Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 04-Nov-2015: the 2 of Wands and XIII Death. Well, at least we won’t have any arguments about who gets 1st billing! (Today’s deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans. It’s a work of art, a different look at the symbolism of the tarot, simple in its images yet profound in their meaning. Wonderful deck for contemplation, good deck for reads. (RWS-style) If nothing else, this deck “refreshes you,” and brings joy for the reader into its readings. It’s a treat for one’s self, but you won’t know that until you open it up and use it. It is a delight.) Let’s just move on down the airport sidewalk, shall we and pick up the 2 of Wands at Luggage. The idea has ben born, and now we are burning to put it into action. It’s a lot of Energy we are bandying about here – this 2 lives in Chokmah by Fire of course (Wands) and in Astrology hang onto your winged hat; it is Mars in the 1st decan of Aries. Mars & Aries – clear the decks! Clear the decks! “The power . . . in the Ace is given direction . . . . and a goal in the Chokmah is the best possible surrounding for the flaming forces, the first manifestation following the pure idea, the beginning of transformation.” (Raven) The energies are potent here, so be careful not to crush your newborn. My Drive is courage and the will to conquer while my Light provides power and creativity. IT is a good think I have all this bubbling energy today, because I may NEED it for a SUDDEN and DRAMATIC change in life, XIII Death. Nobody has EVER? EVER? EVER said that the Death card is inherently BAD – we ASSUME because we think of Death as a bad thing, that his most potent symbol will stand for the same thing; the brutal cessation of life and activity forevermore (sic). “Mais, Non! Héloise, ce n’est pas ça de tout !” I have my own major life change coming up just on the horizon, and that is the removal of a goodly part of my left leg and its replacement with manufactured parts. (I had this done once before, when I had the original accident, and at the time the gold standard was lots of stainless surgical steel – now I gather they print out the part they want at bedside while you wait for the printer to hurry up and finish – Horus!, doesn’t that sound familiar?) The real problem was that the cartilage had ceased to exist, so it was just bone on bone or bone on steel. I asked them to get Ciro Marchetti in to colorize the new interior machinery but they absolutely refused! Bastardi! At least I am looking positively at the connection between XIII and the replacement of the leg is rather a broad sweep, I admit. This card also applies EXACTLY to what is going on in the interior work, as well. My latest visual for myself and my work is that I am the team in the interior of this magnificent, one-of-a-kind palace, and I’m heading up the effort to bring the jewel-box brilliance back to the interior, so that it may be worth of its next occupant. “What do my bones look like? Ahahaha, aren’t you the funny one, Mr. Obvious. Look and count, idiot.” Alright, no need to get snappish! ‘giggle): XIII, - Death, is filing his nails on the Path of Nun (24) in the Tree of Life. Not surprising, and yet, surprising for him when he meets a Saturnian or admirer of Saturn, he plays Saturn in House 8 - the planet of “The Border,” the House of 'Death and Rebirth. I tiptoe between Tiphareth and Netzach and yes, though you may find it hard to credit, my element is Water. (Think about it.) If 12 is the perfection of Number, then I am that one step beyond, the Destruction. I am not so naïve, though, as are the younger, that I think it stops with me. I am merely a Portal, but enjoy my role as much as any mummer! I’ll never give the game away, although they already know it. But the demands of their culture and all that frippery, you know – the TRUEST representation of Me, the portrait that hangs in the Halls of Hathor, is the black circle on the white background. And even there, I’m not REALLY pictured, because I am the exact moment the circle breaks and lets the imprisoned spirit free. I bring Joy; I wish you people knew that. That’s my voice, BTW, therefore no quotes. I say it because it is important, and it is important because I know that about myself (again bringing the macro to the micro); I DO NOT fear death, nor Death.  I used to fear it. I used to fear death by fire, in particular. Then, a cinema experience gave me a bit of perspective on my fear, and it has been receding ever since. I don’t think I am a brave man. I would probably crumble under torture. But I DO like to think that I would “hold out unto death” to protect those I love. Tara can be rebuilt, Scarlett can’t. My Drive here is death and Rebirth, transformation and metamorphosis. Wisdom should make an appearance dressed by Enlightenment All is lit by my Light, which is: Get rid of the old, make way for the New.   


  1. as above,so below: when you now see the fear manifested in/by others with whom you may be partnering(for whatever reason) no longer react to them....but....you are to begin standing up to your own fears ,becoming more and more aware of your own personal truths......and then.....boldly....honestly.....communicating your truth......thus creating ....a NEW you/woorld

  2. Yes, one can see/feel it happening. Thanks, Linda.