Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to my 2-card daily Balance of Ma’at reading Today we have the 6 of Swords as the Heart card and the Feather of Truth is represented by II the High Priestess. (Today’s deck is *Tarot of the Animal Lords* by Angelo Giannini. Normally it is the style of deck I stay light-years from because of the cutesy-wootsie theme, but actually, it isn’t bad. It handles like a dream, shuffling, mixing, fanning, etc. and if one doesn’t mind a bit of anthropomorphization in their decks, it’s OK. I won’t throw it out or give it to street-corner urchins.) But for my purposes, we are all going to ignore all but the meaning of the cards, and the illustrations can go live in Animal Land. My Heart today is the 6 of Swords, and yeah, I am feeling kind of 6-ish today. Not really committed to the growth sequence today, but a 6 nevertheless; not the “travel & enrichment” side, but the down-in-the-dumps depression and constraint that usually occupy this card when reversed. Let’s look at his skeleton for explications: well, his other name is Science. He is in Tiphareth (Beauty) on the Tree of Live grace of the Element Air. In astrology his is Mercury in the 2nd decan of Aquarius.  Raven has this to say, “In the beautiful harmony of Tiphareth, the Six of Swords have overcome the crisis of the Five, the emotional wounds are healed and the element concentrates on its origin potentials, its very own powers and qualities.” Well, perhaps, but today I’m not feeling so resolved and therefore curious. The Shadow side of this card is too much application of rationalism, distrust & misanthropy, which again are REVERSED qualities, but I’m not reversed. But maybe I should be, or else the card is saying that that is REALLY the field today where I have to do some work, and there is a goal. My Feather of Truth today is II the High Priestess. IT’s almost too ludicrous, isn’t it, the answer? “You wonder why you are feeling like this. Enter, enter beyond my veils, and search for your answers,” she calmly says to me with the ghost of a smile hovering around her mouth (or tusks, in this instance.) So, to find out why I am still so uncomfortable “outside,” I have to go “inside.” Makes perfect sense to me, said the Walrus to the Oyster. Somniferes really don’t let you rest; they let you sleep, but isn’t “recuperative” sleep, it’s just a state of corporeal unconscious where no interior healing can take place; that’s how I feel today. So I’m going to cut this short and spare everyone my endless blahblah today. I need to rethink my day, I think. May the Cosmos bless you!


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