Saturday, December 26, 2015

Good Morning and Welcome! to my 2-card Scales of Ma’at daily drawing for 26/Dec/2015: the 7 of Wands as my Heart and as the Feather of Truth the 4 of Swords. Well, hi, everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m home again and back in my “Santa Muerta” bureau with hundreds of Tarots and a most unholy mess! Also, I’m still weak & need a lot of rest every day, but I AM free! of that admittedly luxurious chateau-clinic where I was recuperating. I do feel moved, however, even excited, to re-begin the Scales of Ma’at daily readings, even when they aren’t ALWAYS “daily.” Ha! Today I’ve got a rather straightforward reading, the cards on being kind on my 1st day back in the saddle. My Heart is the 7 of Wands today, which is both appropriate and perhaps far-seeing. Progressing through physical recovery is now up to no one but me; since I am out of the clinic. The recovery isn’t finished, of course. But it is within the realm of MY doing it without team help; and so I must. I’m still weak & unsteady, but that will get better. And on the Spiritual side of this card, it speaks to my decision over the last few weeks to openly declare my allegiance to the Process & the Path and to devote myself OPENLY to that work now. No more “hidden little secrets,” not that it EVER WAS that! but you grok what I mean. It’s less traumatic than coming out of the gay closet, but just as life-changing. My Courage and Inner Strength have been tested by Fire and have come through unscathed, even if reeling a little, and I’m going forward. Tarotman returns to Gotham! As the Feather of Truth today, there is the blessedly restful 4 of Swords. Restful, yes, but not inactive. It’s time to let the body continue to recuperate while I take the mind in, in and down, down, looking for the wells of my soul, my creativity, my essence & my divinity. I need to dive deep, and it is a good time to do it – I’m recuperating at home, thus no constant interruptions from a well-meaning staff wanting blood samples, temperature readings, putting syringes in my admittedly lovely asscheeks, etc. I am entering a specially blessed time, the Change of a Year, The Change of My Vision and the Change of Importance & Urgency in carrying my work forward to get as far along the Path as is possible in what Time the Norns have given me. I’ve been going through a re-birth of my Kemetic “faith,” recently (I LOVE the “system,” I worship at NO religion.) There’s a point to it, I’m sure. Kemetics go back to my early childhood; the 1st books I EVER read from the public library were about Egypt and the gods and etc. I believed in THEM long before societal & family pressure co-opted me into “organized” religion (now THAT’S a joke! Organized! HA! About as organized as the vultures feasting on a dead Jew thrown into the desert!)  Kemetics, is, of course, not unique or alone in my mental cosmogony, but they are important because the embody Truths to me: Spirituality; Beauty; Truth; Character; Worth, and an approach to life that tells you, “you, whether you are great or small, whether you are Pharaoh or servant, can participate in the Goodness and the Beneficence of Ma’at, *Living in Right Balance*.” “We ALL voyage to Eternity when we live in Ma’at.” I can’t possibly tell you how all-encompassing and all-important this is to me; I believe in this as I believe in the necessity of air for my body. Rarely, I weep, secretly, at the lack of Ma’at in the world, because I’m a sentimental kind of guy, you know? But, I shake my head, I blow my nose, and I reaffirm to myself, “We build Ma’at one brick at a time. WE do. So, get out there and help make things right.” And I lever the old carcass up and rumble forward, antique juggernaut that I am, and I ask the cards how I can help. You know, EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME I HAVE APPROACHED THE CARDS WITH SERIOUISNESS AND HONOR, THEY HAVE COME THROUGH FOR ME. Never, not once, have I ever had something so terribly off the mark it was baffling. IF I DO get a reading like that, my gaze swings INSTANTLY inward, because the fault is in my approach, or rarely, the question/Querent.  I don’t doubt the cards any longer; I haven’t for a very long time. (Marcus Katz told a story the other day about “Just Read The Cards,” and it was so right on and so evocative of exactly what the cards are and do and even why, and what WE are doing there interacting with them.) I’m het-up about and my butt’s on the burner about this; “We need to listen to what we are being told! Dammit! LISTEN!” Don’t you ever get that feeling that it’s just around the corner? Well, it is. I won’t belabor it any further; the Good Taste Police are looking at me as if I may need to be forcibly clothed in out-of-season wraparound white sleeves with a princess bodice. I was amusing myself the other day thinking about Great Bitches in History, and really, you start but you can’t stop. Every time one of these extraordinary women showed up, events turned ever so differently than they could have.  And I’m not talking about Great Women; Marie Curie was a Great Woman, but she is no Great Bitch. Livia, wife of Augustus, was a GB. On and on and on – and why? Because, in their own way, they restore just a bit of Ma’at to a world which is so heavily imbalanced, so “we see white, black doesn’t exist.” So, as something completely off-topic, let me ask you this; the next time you make an automatic judgment to indulge in Imbalance (thought, word, or deed) why are you doing so? Look at your motives. I’ll be looking very carefully at mine.    

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