Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 31Dec2016, New Year’s Eve! Time for one last draw for this widely-agreed horrible year and I thought, “Okay, I’ll use the floating 3-card spread, even though the day might perhaps deserve a slightly bigger spread, but honestly, I’m only doing my usual, 365X-a-year morning write-up, so there is no need to change.” Ahaha. So, deciding to use the *Ibiza Tarot Soleil* of D. Andre, T. Sophia & A. Chitulescu, I started the draw. Fight off, 1st card! I pull IX the Hermit, only in this deck, the Hermit is mistakenly numbered XI instead of IX, and there is of course nothing in the “9” slot. Normally, I wouldn’t accept a Tarot with this flaw, and would demand a replacement, but I got the STRONG vibe to keep the deck as is; simply put, the deck wanted me to always associate the two 
when using it. So, when I drew “XI” Wisdom, I feel as if I drew “XI” Justice, also. Learning, wisdom coupled with objective justice & the rule of law on the other. It is a HELL of a combo, and although I don’t know why the deck insisted on remaining “maimed,” but it did. So, for the Active, Male, Sulphur, forward current I have BOTH XI’s, the Hermit or Wisdom AND Justice. Surprise, Mark! In the Passive, Female, Mercury, still current I have drawn 0 The Fool; Ha! and in the 3rd position, that of Reactive, Androgynous, Salt, and reagent is the Prince of Air (Swords.) So, for a short, ridiculously general read one could say, “Well, Mr. Dale, it seems you shall be entering the New Year with a spirit of private learning & meditation while at the same time underlining everything you are doing is the spirit of Balance, of objective rightness, of karmic equality; there is no better exemplar of Justice walking than you as you begin the New Year. On the contemplative side of things, you’ll be feeling a wild streak, definitely testing the nerves of both Justice & Wisdom, and yet completely necessary to the beginning of the year. He’s a WONDERFUL omen for you, Mr. Dale, as he brings to the forefront the idea that you should enter 2017 with an adventurous & carefree spirit, ready to explore every opportunity that presents itself and to learn along the way. Finally, influencing your entry into the New Year, Mr. Dale, is the Knight of Air, or Swords. He’s rather a one-person juggernaut, but he is a nice guy when he isn’t questioned or made to sit peacefully. This is most likely a younger person in your life, a male more likely than not, who accompanies you on your Journey into the New Year with loyalty & a touch too much fugacity. He’s not to be blamed for being blunt and abrasive, he just is that way; all the Swords are. So, on the whole, Mr. Dale, it’s going to be an exciting time! Starting a new venture of some sort, perhaps a new journey and perhaps that may be an interior trip. Whatever it is, you shall work in it with rigor and by the letter of the law, whatever it may be. At the same time as you are being this upright kind of guy, the Fool is spinning in your head with excitement é vigor & eagerness to get a start. Remember both the Hermit & Justice, though, as the start can be speedy but MUST NOT BE sloppy. You’ll have a point man, a knight in shining armor to ride forth for you, carrying your banner, but be just & wise dealing with him, he is explosively touchy. Do you have any questions, Mr. Dale?” Yes, one could say that and be perfectly correct, without coming across as a pseudo-mystical & carnivalesque charlatan. It isn’t necessary to make the Tarot seem eccentric & exotic, in fact, that rather offputs people. 
When told it is simply “a device” for self-improvement, however, (a gross understatement, of course, but one that can be easily swallowed by all 21st  century people, inheritors of the “New Age” that they are, to their chagrin. Let’s take a quick look at this draw another way, however, the words of A. E. Waite. The Hermit: “Inner Symbolism - The variation from the conventional models in this card is only that the lamp is not enveloped partially in the mantle of its bearer, who blends the idea of the Ancient of Days with the Light of the World It is a star which shines in the lantern. I have said that this is a card of attainment, and to extend this conception the figure is seen holding up his beacon on an eminence. Therefore the Hermit is not, as Court de Gebelin explained, a wise man in search of truth and justice; nor is he, as a later explanation proposes an especial example of experience. His beacon intimates that "where I am, you also may be." Justice: “Inner Symbolism - As this card follows the traditional symbolism and carries above all its obvious meanings, there is little to say regarding it outside the few considerations collected in the first part, to which the reader is referred. It will be seen, however, that the figure is seated between pillars, like the High Priestess, 
and on this account it seems desirable to indicate that the moral principle which deals unto every man according to his works--while, of course, it is in strict analogy with higher things;--differs in its essence from the spiritual justice which is involved in the idea of election. The latter belongs to a mysterious order of Providence, in virtue of which it is possible for certain men to conceive the idea of dedication to the highest things.” The Fool: “With light step, as if earth and its trammels had little power to restrain him, a young man in gorgeous vestments pauses at the brink of a precipice among the great heights of the world; he surveys the blue distance before him-its expanse of sky rather than the prospect below. His act of eager walking is still indicated, though he is stationary at the given moment; his dog is still bounding. The edge which opens on the depth has no terror; it is as if angels were waiting to uphold him, if it came about that he leaped from the height. His countenance is full of intelligence and expectant dream. He has a rose in one hand and in the other a costly wand, from which depends over his right shoulder a wallet curiously embroidered. He is a prince of the other world on his travels through this one-all amidst the morning glory, in the keen air. The sun, which shines behind him, knows whence he came, whither he is going, and how he will return by another path after many days. He is the spirit in search of experience. Many symbols of the Instituted Mysteries are summarized in this card, which reverses, under high warrants, all the confusions that have preceded it.” Finally, last but unknown if it is least (!) is the Prince of Air/Swords: “Skill, bravery, capacity, defense, address, enmity, wrath, war, destruction, opposition, resistance, ruin. There is therefore a sense in which the card signifies death, but it carries this meaning only in its proximity to other cards of fatality.” I think that’s rather a bullshit, weak and insufficient explanation of the Prince, but OK, Mr. Waite, you are entitled to your opinions. The point of this being that using my intuition rather than rote meanings gave me a fuller, more understandable reading than following the traditional meanings unto infinity. When in doubt, go with your intuition rather than a book, PROVIDED THAT you have done your required studies. An old axiom is perfectly true here, too; “You have to know the rules first in order to break them effectively later.” Remember that as you read. I ask the Cosmos to bless us ALL today with the Spirit and the Will to break into the New Year with an exploratory spirit and a tremendously open mind. Be Well!    

Friday, December 30, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Dec2016. Today’s spread is again the Floating Three (the spread I can’t make up my mind about) and the deck is *The Tarot of Prague* by Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahoney. First off, I can’t remember ever having a draw like today’s, which is only a comment on my memory, nothing else. 1st card = 0 the Fool; 2nd card = 1 The Magician and the 3rd card = the Ace of Cups. All upright. Now, for an instant snapshot of my mind, I see this this morning and immediately think of a young man I met last night, around 30, who was simply and wholeheartedly delightful. He is, in fact, the Fool. He has joined my “circle of lost sheep” for the moment; we shall see how that progresses, if it does . . . I don’t push, it is rightly ill-perceived. Let the flower blossom, Mark. Don’t interfere. I am quite confident that this 1st card, in the place in spreads usually given to the male, the active, the moving forward, and I’m not feeling any particular personal resonance with this Arcanum today. Please don’t mistake me for an egoist who thinks he can NEVER be the Fool; I know & recognize it myself quite often; that cheery, happy-go-lucky dude tripping merrily along the Path of the Abyss and the choice to learn or to fall in, to be lost without hope. I have no ego hang-up with being the Fool, perhaps just a dose of Impatience, of “oh crap, here we go at the beginning again.” And, of course, that attitude won’t do at all if I am to take advantage of the placement of the Fool. Whether me or another, he is stepping toward the magic of love, and its expression through the powerful arcana of I the Magician and the Ace of Cups. I feel inherently that I am in this draw as I the Magician, in relation to 0 the Fool. For the moment, I am where he wants to go & to be. Perhaps it is a new/old category, “the discreet magician,”! Ha! All magicians, by definition, are rather discreet, keeping in mind the 4 powers of the Sphinx;
 to Know, to Will, to Dare, to Be Silent. Any magician trumpeting his wares or powers is by very definition being a charlatan. It is the same precept along the lines of the old “If you see the Buddha on the road, Kill him.” The idea being that the Buddha doesn’t travel the world claiming to be Buddha, and anyone who comes across as promoting their “guru-ship” is as phony as a Nerf dildo. The Fool looks to the Magician as if at a goal; and as he flies toward him on the nonsensical pillar capital he has the “look” of determination to “climb the mountain.” Motivating all of this, and turning it from questing for intelligence or action into a quest for emotion & intuition is the Ace of Hearts, a gorgeous rendition, too. The lion is from a door front in Prague, full of Masonic & mystic symbols, and the background is the Devil’s Channel off of Kampa Island, originally under the jurisdiction of Malta, and therefore home to the Knights Templar, (we can’t afford to go there here, it is volumes long.) “The beginning of wonderful new emotions and creativity. This is a tremendously exciting time [I mean to tell you!], and you feel as though you are bursting with life. Embrace 
this glorious sense of energy and innovation and use it to begin something that you will really love, whether this is a new enterprise, a great relationship, or something creative [Why not all three?!] The world is your oyster right now.” (*The Tarot of Prague* by Karen Mahoney; Magic Realist Press, Prague, 2016.) (I shan’t tell the lion that I don’t like oysters.) The Lion, by the way, represents the Philosopher’s Stone. There is a putative connection to the whole Holy Grail story, as well, but it is less well-known & documented. The Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II held his seat in Prague and was obsessed with the Grail legend. At any rate, WHETHER I am looking at a new relationship, or a new, transformed business arrangement, or a new career as the Picasso of Montpellier! Ha! I do rather have a favorite among the contenders, but I shan’t elaborate, you already know me. LOL. All, it is a wonderful positive draw for the day, as we head toward the exit from one of the shittiest years in recent memory. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a new dedication, a new push today in whatever our chosen Cups field may be. Be Well!   


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 29Dec2016, an exceptionally nasty year for the wine of Life, IMHO. However, for personal growth, it has been a dynamite year, with lots of growth for many of us, not without pain we must admit. So what? Fuck the pain, right? We HAVE TO understand, we NEED to now, and already know the pain was the same for suffering without purpose and suffering for a goal. Onward - - -. The spread today is the 3-card Wonder Bread Family; I call it that because it changes title every time I use it, and I just can’t seem to find the perfect fit. On the other hand, it WORKS marvelously well, so fuck the name at the end of the day, eh? The deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, J. Mori & J. Stockwell. Marvelous deck, very esoteric, colorful and talented artwork, the deck has it all, including it works. Really for the student of the occult and the Qabalistic Tree of Life with additions from Egypt and astrology. A deck you either love or hate. The minors are simple pip cards; the Court much like the MA. To fill the spread today I have pulled XI Justice,
XXI the Universe and the Ace of Disks as the 3rd card, the ambiance or child or otherwise involved person or energy to handle the 2 MA in front of it. As the 1st card, I have drawn XI Justice; the energies of this path are Equilibrium, Duality in Nature & the nature of Duality, Cause & Effect, As Above So Below. My Evolutionary State in this Arcanum is “Responsibility and understanding consequences which, by the way, I can understand quite well. Justice runs between Tiphareth and Geburah. Even though this feels like a male energy, of course it isn’t; it is purely a female energy and our card “spokesperson” is Athena, daughter of Zeus and Goddess of Wisdom. I get it; today is going to be a rather sober appraisal on something, yet I know not what. I’m guessing I’ll work it out as the day goes along. My 2nd card is one of the most powerful in the deck, and almost too big to be of any help on the individual level; XXI the Universe. This is Path 22 on the Tree, between Malkuth and Yesod. The card is CHOCK FULL of symbols, and my point isn’t to catalogue, but you may trust me that they are ALL legitimately tied in to this particular Arcanum. Over and around all is the Cosmic Egg, birth & rebirth on an infinite scale. The energies available for work here are 
“Culmination, Successful integration & dynamic arrival.” (BCB) The card, despite the rather sharp geometric appearance, is of cyclic composition; birth, death, rebirth. The energy available to work with here is quite simply, and quite grandly, Self-regeneration. This is all about the Kingdom of Manifestation, as well, with all of the royal houses united and of one unity, here. This is the final, absolutely last time that you will win the grand badge of manifestation before you are sent back out to swim in a sea of them. But one hopes all the wiser for having traversed the Tarot. And finally, as the motivating ambiance and/or person or character, there is the solitary and very humble Ace of Disks. However, the Ace of Disks is the endpoint for ALL of your manifestations, and thus terribly important to the entire Tree. With this Ace, we are practically still IN the ground, as it is Earth in Earth: here is the Spiritual Reality underlying the quaternary principle of physical reality. Here is the SOURCE of physicality and Form, it lives in Kether. And quite actually, without trying to slip a joke into it, it is the birthplace of reality, its womb, so to speak. When you think about it, that is a HELL of a LOT of energy? Say yes . . . LOL. That seems to really be as much of a hint as I will get about this day; it’s alright actually, as lately I have been experiencing sliding from state to state, from reality to reality, without the least incident or interference. One second I’m here, the next I’m “elsewhere” but I can still clearly see home. It is a bizarre feeling, and this slow but deliberate release on some of my control has had surprising results in showing yet again how much Everything is wrapped up in our growth and evolution. I ask the Cosmos today to grant us ALL connection with the true nature of the universe today. Be Well! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 28Dec2016. We are winding down now, and a lot of people are taking stock where they are as 2016 becomes 2017, with the general agreement that 2016 was a bad, fucked-up year. I’m with the majority of this one; it DID suck. Well, onward & upward, as I normally say. This being said while being in mind of the two (2) Horoscope casts I did for myself and the World. 2017 looks bad, whereas conversely, I make leaps & bounds in my spiritual quest(s.) I shall share both forecasts with you in the VERY near future. Today I’m using the classic, repro-of-the-original Tarot kept at France’s Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris, called simply *Tarot de Marseille* published by Heron, Maître Cartiers. The spread today is the old standby, “The Scales of Ma’at.” Two cards drawn from a full deck, meaning #1 represents my Heart today, and the other is the Feather of Truth. In Egyptian mythology, after death you were taken to the Halls of Judgement and there your heart was weighed the scales of Ma’at, goddess of “right living” and “balance in all things.” Forthwith, #1 is II la Papesse and #2 is XII the Hanged Man. Two MAs out of an entire deck . . . interesting. My Heart is off seeking hidden knowledge, and the card corresponds to the reality. I AM searching for Hidden Knowledge, but less arcane & abstruse than one might think. I’ve been noticing the small magics lately, and how easy they are to manifest if one concentrates a bit. Lately I’ve been slipping between dimensions, realities, branes, whatever, and while at first it bothered me a bit because it was happening unwittingly, I soon grew accustomed to the experience and now, while not necessarily always 100% in control, I do manage it & them pretty well. Soon it will be without thought; one adapts easily once it starts. SO . . . my being on the “seuil” (doorstep) of Sophia, and wanting in to get all my psychic ducks in a row so that I may progress quicker and more masterfully through these initial stages, and on to stronger Willful realizations. I realized over the holiday season that my work has brought me a l-o-n-g way this year, and now I am entering a deeper level of the labyrinth, and consequently a higher realm of action upon the Tree of Life. My seeking is faced today by the Feather of Truth in the form of XII the Hanged Man.
 There are exactly 10 numbers, cards, units between 1 & 2, and as we know, 10 is a completing number, cycle, finish line. The Feather is telling me that the spirit of self-sacrifice is weighing in heavily on the day; which is alright, as far as it goes, I have no self-destructive thoughts so he signifies simply the personal sacrifice for the greater good, and the end of the Cult of Me in the cards; up to now, the cards have been mainly “self-centered,” but now, they go “external” and rope Life into your weave. I’m going to include a LONG piece by Thierens on the Hanged Man now, because what he has to say is crucial to understanding this, one of the most misunderstood cards. Alright, take a breath, and hang on to your wits until we finish! LOL. The following is from *The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens. “This twelfth sign of house, closing the cycle of the zodiac, means loss to the outer world, solution, handing over the results of one cycle to the following one, whence comes the meaning of treachery in common astrology. This house contains the things which we have not yet mastered and those whom we have failed to understand or who have failed to understand us. So either this remains for the next cycle, or it will tempt us to waste our last forces. In the eyes of the world it is the sign of waste, spoil, mishap. Viewed from the other side it is the sign of the Golem, in which the outer world loses its importance or even reality, and the consciousness is opened to inner truth. This is the reversing of consciousness, which makes things change their significance in such a way that they appear to turn upside down: the world is now viewed from the other side. And this is the significance of the Hanged Man. . . . Well may Waite say: "It is a card of profound significance, but all the significance is veiled." Perhaps we might even add: it is the symbol of the veil itself and of everything that is and remains veiled in this world, and, in divination, to the Querent, ad hoc. Papus tries to identify the Hanged Man with the Hebrew letter Lamed which "designates the arm" . . . but fails utterly in his effort to explain this. We should say, if this identification be true, it may be because of the power to embrace and to execute. The arms hang, when not raised. We shall not try to explain it any further here. The man is shown hanging in a sling on one foot. Astrology teaches that the feet are ruled by the sign Pisces. The crossing of the legs is a symbol of 'crossing' in general. Among the other cards of the Greater Arcana, nine of which symbolize planetary principles and functions, three only are given in full as heavenly bodies: Sun, Moon and the--(eight-pointed)--'Flaming Star,' while the significance of the others is clothed in allegorical images. Now the question why only these three and not the other planetary principles should have been given in full is difficult to answer. In a way the 'Flaming Star' stands for the stars in general and so this trinity means: Sun, Moon and Stars. On the other hand, ancient priests and astrologer-initiates appear not to have chosen to communicate more of the significance of the planets than just a few of their apparent effects, while in 'Sun, Moon and Star' they strongly expressed the idea of a Heavenly Trinity, viz. that of the positive or masculine creative power, radiating life; that of a feminine or negative power, which rules formation, and of a uniting principle, he it under the name of Law, Love or Union. The latter was always represented as specifically benefic. It is evidently the idea of the planet Venus, the beautiful morning and evening star, which was known to, and adored by, all peoples in all ages. . . The Sun, Moon and 'Flaming Star' are not only one of the most striking and beautiful expressions of the Divine Trinity among our present-day Freemasons, as every handbook on Freemasonry shows us, but have been so for long ages. A specimen of it is to be found (Musée du Louvre, Paris) on a couple of border-stones or steles, put along the frontier of his territory by the Chaldean king Melichikou (1144-1130 B.C.). The heads of these steles bear a representation of the king and his daughter before a goddess (of Justice?) and above these figures are the images of the Sun, the Moon and the (eight-pointed) Flaming Star, which evidently mean, that the king, eventually for the benefit of his daughter as well, invokes the Heavenly Powers of the Trinity to protect his kingdom against invasion. Another border stone with the same figures of Sun, Moon and eight-pointed Flaming Star, even dates as far back as the year 1380 B.C., under the reign of King Nazi-Maraddach. So three thousand years ago the three Heavenly Lights appear to have been bearing the same significance and to have been used in this same mutual relation as at present in Freemasonry and in our Tarot system. We may accept this as pretty sure proof of the antiquity of both Freemasonry and Tarot. Astrological Correspondence: Pisces.” LOTS of info there, but all of it good to have, even if only as vaguely remembered operational points. That was long enough for 3 of my posts, so let’s cut to chase. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a better understanding of self-sacrifice and its significance on our growth. Be Well!  


Monday, December 26, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 27Dec2016. Today’s spread is the Three basics, without additions. So: sulphur, mercury and salt; Active, Passive, Catalyst; Father, Mother, and androgynous child. Therein I have drawn XVII Destiny (Star), X Fortune and VIII Justice. At this point, I am going to plug in information from *The General Book of the Tarot* by A. E. Thierens, a contemporary of A. E. Waite, who admired him a great deal. I’m back visually after the holiday, but not yet ready, willing and wanting to write but not yet, not yet. What I’d really like you to do is take today’s cards and applying logic and acquaintanceship, tell ME what you think my day is like: just two or three SHORT sentences, you don(t have to get detailed. . If you would like to do this, please do, and message me or catch me online when I’m there. Thanks so much, I’d like to see, informally, how you are all doing. Ok, let’s get on with it; XVII Destiny (the Star); the figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. The star is l'étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused therein. That which the figure communicates to the living scene is the substance of the heavens and the elements. It has been said truly that the mottoes of this card are "Waters of Life freely" and "Gifts of the Spirit." 
The summary of several tawdry explanations says that it is a card of hope. On other planes it has been certified as immortality and interior light. For the majority of prepared minds, the figure will appear as the type of Truth unveiled, glorious in undying beauty, pouring on the waters of the soul some part and measure of her priceless possession. But she is in reality the Great Mother in the Kabalistic Sephira Binah, which is supernal Understanding, who communicates to the Sephiroth that are below in the measure that they can receive her influx.” Okay, cool enough, even for the Star! Next, for Mercury, I have drawn X Fort. "It symbolizes Fortune, good or bad." (Mathers) So this means happenings, facts. It is indeed in the Tenth house, that the relation between the Self and the Not-self crystallizes into fact, happening, deed. Says Papus, identifying this card with the significance of the Hebrew letter Yod, that it indicates "the finger of man; the forefinger extended as a sign of command." This clearly has to do with the significance of the Tenth house as that of authority and authorities, 
who are qualified to give commandments. The commandment itself comes under the same resort. "This letter has therefore become the image of potential (?) manifestation, of spiritual duration and, lastly, of the eternity of time." In fact, the Tenth house of the zodiacal cycle, ruled by Saturn, has much to do with Time and manifestation in time, but not only potential; real as well.” And finally, I have as Salt, the Catalyst to make the other two to work together; VIII Justice. “At bottom it is more vengeance than justice and Scorpio is famous for its tendency to vengeance, in every way and every form. After Libra, the stage of total manifestation, this stage is the taking-back, the first step on the way home, which explains the well-known feature of desire, thirst for experience in this sign, because it wishes to bring home something from the voyage 'westward.' So the card of justice means above all the faculty of desire, higher as well as lower, from the most spiritual or religious longing down to the most crude lust. Sexual experience is one of the most important expressions of it, and we may safely say, that one of the principal significances of the card is sex. Another, principally where sex is sublimated, is occult experience and the psychical side of earth-life in general. Naturally it stands in close relation to the sign Virgo, on the other hand of the Balance, in which sensation was born; the faculty (or possibility) of the sensation bringing the desire to realize it. It is the sign of transmutation, which is the change of the inner composition by the experience won. The sensation realized makes one feel, actually, bodily, psychically or morally, the meaning of good and evil, and therefore the 'sword of discrimination' is the emblem in the right hand of this figure. Every mistake in the process of life will avenge itself with geometrical certainty. This house is the school of life and it is remarkable how it is concerned with 'school' in every respect. In this house the Self takes from life and from the cosmos surrounding what it wants, consequently what it does not yet possess, and the card of Justice becomes the index for our debts or the possessions of other people.” And there we have it for today. I’m okay with it, I’ve seen a sharp turn AWAY from the material & physical coming for quite awhile, and I believe that the New Year is the trigger. I hope I’m not destined for the streets! LOL, I can’t quite see us as homeless with a deck of cards to earn money. NO. I DO think my “spiritual game” is about to get a WHOLE LOT deeper and it isn’t so much deprivation that is going to occur but a complete & total lack of interest in some of the facets of materiality, manifestation & allowing blockage of the Path. On verra. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL the calm acceptance with which to weather the storms that may be on the 2017 horizon. Be Well!  


Friday, December 23, 2016

Good morning and Welcome to The Fool’s Tarot for 24Dec2016. There is no blog today, I’m on holiday break. However, I am still drawing cards for myself, and I thought that I would present them to you and along with the bare bone sketch of what spread & what deck you can look at the cards and think what they would have been like for you, or imagine what they could mean for me or anyone. Have fun; and a on a final, personal note, Have a Happy, Joyous Holiday Season no matter which resurrected savior is on your team; take care of yourself and your loved one; and above all, remember to be a true representative of yourself by walking your Path as proudly as possible during this holiday time. The spread today is the Alchemical 3 Principles spread, and the deck is the very wonderful *The Mythical Creatures Tarot* by
 Sophie Nusslé. I ask the Cosmos today to send us ALL hearts of willingness to cooperate and accept, to give of ourselves and tell those we love that we do. Be well, Blessed Be!   

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 23Dec2016; first things first, I wish to let readers know that I am taking a tiny Noel vacation and I do not plan to post again until December 27th. Onward & Upward! Today I’m using the classical (videlicet, I haven’t tampered with it!) alchemical 3 Principles spread and the deck today is the Pharaoh of the Egyptian decks, the *Egipcios Kier Tarot* by Iglesias Janeiro, an early 20th century Argentine mystic. They are, literally & per the strict definition, awesome. If you can find a deck, buy it. Pimp your children if necessary, but get it. I have drawn for the Sulfur, Mercury & Salt the following cards; XVII the Star, XVIII the Moon reversed, and III the Empress. Well, I guess I’m not exactly going to have a day full of manly men doing many things in a manly manner! LOL. 
(That is a rip-off of a SNL skit about the crew on the H.M.S. Raging Queen. It was hilarious. “Rum, Sodomy & the Lash!”) Look at that!! Three Heavy-Duty women and one of them is rolling her smokes with full-out insanity, the Lady Moon. Hope rides forward in the Active, Energetic “masculine position”, Positive; and the feminine current today?? Ha! Ah ha! XVII the Moon, but, considering she’s reversed, her insanity is milder than her sanity. She isn’t offering opposition in full throttle today, not a deeply mysterious and mindfucking trip to her Moon; today she’s calmed all of that down to “minor deception” settings, and what’s more, I will discover anything like that sooner rather than later. It could gift me with something gained without having to pay for it; it could be trifling mistakes or it could be exploitation. But it IS misty AND hazy AND toned down. And finally, the Catalyst to get these 
two females to work together is, Surprise! not a man, but another woman, III the Empress! Wow, wow, wow! Well, perhaps this reflects the heavy home/emotion/mothering thing that always goes on for a great many people when these winter holidays come around; all the better if you are resurrecting a dead prophet! You know, I get it, I really do, and that’s about all I have to say about it. I’m glad there’s going to be such an emphasis on the feminine today, it suits the season & the holiday. Okay, I said short, I meant short. I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a wonderful and blessed time in the Light during our celebrations this winter solstice and may the change of year bring us our Enlightenment. “Next year Jerusalem!” Grin. “See you the 27th!” Be Well, Be Zen, Blessed Be!    


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22Dec2016; today I’m still using the 3-card spread that today I am calling the Chemical Wedding; 1) Active/Male/Sulfur; 2) Passive/Female/Mercury and 3) Reagent/Androgynous/Salt. 2 Major Arcana and 1 Court Card including the Aces. 42 cards total. Today, I have received, in order, V Religion, IX Wisdom (typo on card=XI) & the 8 of Air (Swords) reversed (which was SUPPOSED to be a Court card! This slipped in, and I'm guessing, because IT NEED TO BE THERE SO I COULD DRAW IT.) The deck is new, the *Ibiza Tarot Soleil* by Dale Andre, Tamara Sophia & Amalia Chitulescu. (Say that last name aloud; doesn’t it sound great? I love it. Grin. She’s a Romanian artist, btw.) The deck is an oversized professional production with a polished end product, so no complaints about cardstock or ink or etc. The deck is centered around Ibiza, of course, but on its historical & mythological past; the Phoenician history of the island, worship of the goddess Tanit, and the fact that the earth’s 3rd most powerful lay line runs underneath the island and is marked by a prehistoric ritual pillar on the island. Cue the time-misty music, pump the fog onstage . . . . It’s a slick deck, and other than one mistake, the printers numbered the
 Hermit/Wisdom XI, and XI is of course already taken by Justice. Silly mistake, nobody caught it and now in the rare world of pricey off printing errors, if the deck is corrected tout-de-suite, this erred deck will become quite rare & valuable! Of course, I’ll be LONG dead, but perhaps my cats can profit . . . LOL. Onward & upward! SO, on the testicular side of reality today, I have drawn V Religion. Yeah, yeah, been there, done that; I KNOW, and it isn’t that I am resentful of the return, it is that my thinking has grown to the point where, recognizing the need for a Hierophant for the majority of people, I am also cognizant of the fact that I have so far outdistanced that its position & role, its very existence seems to have a kind of “Oh, you have a challenged child? We have a school just for that . . .” The next card, IX Wisdom/the Hermit, is more in line with where I am able to be, to function, to BREATHE these days. I just tried to be V, with my Tarot group, and fit died out from lack of interest. Also, it’s Noël, so the timing wasn’t great. AND, to top it off, I have NO desire to be the yardstick that everyone sticks up their religious ass in order to behave in accord with the masses; “Hi, Betty, so NICE to welcome you to the neighborhood! And OF COURSE we’ll see you at church every Sunday morning, right? Right, BETTY? RIGHT?” LOL, no, thanks, I enjoy disciplining adults but not that way or that reason. (Yes, you read that correctly. Erotic “play” is one of my likes. Want my phone #? LOL) And besides, who has the time?? If I’m going to assume the saffron 
colored robes of the teacher, (and I WILL CHANGE THAT COLOR; I prefer chromium yellow! Grin) I am doing it Hermit-style; and besides, he REALLY IS more me, hiding out and disinclined to involve himself with society UNTIL he has a yen to go out and amaze and astonish the local yokels with his party wardrobe & brilliant, erudite social chatter. LOL. Yeah, I’m a real fuckin’ case, I admit it, but . . . I do it with STYLE! LOL. My catalyst, my reagent, my “salty odd fellow” for the day is the 8 of Air (Swords) reversed. Hmmm. At the best of times, and upright, this 8 is terribly problematic, indicating you are in a bind and having exhausted all of your own ineffectual means to get out of it, you turn to the only thing left, Prayer. Okay, now, turn that on its head. What is it? A reversal of characteristics, a mirrored spectacle? Or is it more of a diminution of its qualities upright, as if diluted and sent away to boarding school. (Grin.) I’m intuiting here, today, that what I am due out of this card is the very gentle opposite values; I haven’t boxed myself into the bind (yet!) and while I could pray (and truth be told, probably will anyway,) LOOK at the card; the bind is falling away and down from me, freeing me of their own accord. I may still be smudging my mascara behind closed hands, but I’m NOT in the bind, now or soon. Perhaps I think, or thought, I was, but I don’t this morning, and that is the point. Remember, I’m not solving the Question of Existence with 3 cards; I’m just getting a read on my day! That seems more than reasonable as a write-up of my cards today. I sometimes wonder who reads these, and what kind of impression they have of me. And then I shake it off; it is none of my business. We are three days away from celebrating a commercial holiday; in the midst and underneath that, I’d personally like to wish ALL of you the joy of the lights and the brisk air; the pleasure of the smell of wood smoke and pine logs on the fire and warmed eggnog a little too heavily dosed (grin) but hell yes, we like it that way. That glance at someone near you and you are suddenly surprised by how dear that person is to you. That looking up at a cold night sky in deepest December and having a tear spring to your eye, not because it’s cold, but because the spectacle over your head is just so fucking amazing and moves you emotionally. And those waves and waves of love and regret and remembrance and sorrow that sweep over you like tides over shallow sand . . . I wish ALL of this for you this holiday season, and I shall ask you to know that, in some strange way, the Cosmos understands you and sends you reassurance of your Path, if you seek it. Be Well, Blessed Be!   

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21Dec2016. Today it is my meddling with the 3 Principles Spread with the 3rd card being a Court figure rather than another MA; so, for shorthand utility, the 3rd card is still called the Catalyst: now Court energy rather than another archetype. The deck today is Yoav Ben Dov’s *Conver-Ben Dov Tarot de Marseille*. The draw today is XVI La Maison Dieu, XXI Le Monde & la Reine d’Epée. (Which isn’t correct [modern] French, BTW – la Reine des Epées.) You know – damn it all to Hell, I can’t shake XVI, it is STILL around when I was hoping some already passed “crisis” would fill the bill. There is STILL a great & unexpected change headed my way, upsetting my world and reorienting my priorities. I can’t help but jump to the death of my elderly father – Noël would fit right in with the Cosmos’ sense of the ironic; my mother died exactly on my birthday 2 years ago. If it wanted to get really shitty I suppose I could drop dead too, my health leaves a lot to be desired, and then we have the sudden & unexpected accident to anyone I know – but no, that Tower is meant for me. I’m not sure I’m afraid, however; as a matter of fact, I’m sure I’m not. I’ve had too many Towers fall in my life to be “bouleversé” by yet another one, regardless of the magnitude – even my death wouldn’t particularly “upset” me – JUST ONE CONDITION, however, please, Cosmos: leave off the long suffering and excessive physical pain of any sort; you can shove that shit in a black hole somewhere. And of course the death of my wife would turn my world upside down, but even though she is a bit older than me, she is in MUCH better health, so I don’t worry about that. As a matter of fact, 
there is nothing TO worry about, you see? How is worry going to stop the lightning? How is fear going to prevent the fall of the Tower? You see? Complete & total bullshit, so why put energy there?? I can’t really bring myself to fear anything there, except perhaps the disturbance of my not-routine routine. So “hit it!” Tower, pour it on, let’s get this “cornholing” over with, ok? I’ve got other things to do today than lay around and wait for you to fuck me over. The passive, feminine, Mercurial flow today is in XXI Le Monde. Yeah, I kind of figured that – she & it have been showing up a LOT together for me in the recent past; whatever this Tower event is, it opens the World to me. And this is all shepherded into being by the energies of the Queen of Swords, who when reversed was my crazy mother (now dead) and when upright is just about every really close female friend I have, except for my wife – telling, that, eh? I LOVE the energies of someone a LOT like me, but I DO NOT want to be married to that someone. We make great friends & co-conspirators, but not romantic partners; too much Fire. When I married at the age of 53, ALL of my female friends were dumbfounded; a woman almost the exact opposite, a “they don’t make them like that anymore” wife who is of another time & generation, thus we work together. I don’t support competition well, and the fact that I would see it as competition says a 
LOT about how I see things in general. My “enlightened stance” of a 21st century male can be surprising medieval, at times, although I try NEVER to abuse my position or authority; and, I succeed. This is all okay today; not shiningly great, not horribly black, either. As a matter of fact, if you take Yoav Ben-Dov’s opinion/view of the Tower, it is the “Breaking up of solid structures. Getting free from confinement. Sudden breakthrough after long preparations. Sparkling sexual encounter. Success lies in simplicity and modesty.” (LWB) How’s THAT for a radically different interpretation? If I read it that way, then this breakthrough, here with Tarot I’m SURE of it, will open the World for me and eventually the culmination of this journey. Now THAT is cool! I don’t have suicidal thoughts, I don’t happen to believe you can escape that easily; but I WILL say that Death in order to move on (XIII has been showing up a LOT, too) is NOT the frightening event it seems to be to so many. Ah well, all in good time. Perhaps between now and then, I can sharpen up my game a bit, continue to gain knowledge and participation in the Grand Design, and I wouldn’t mind loving a man again, one last spectacular time, but it seems that may not be on the books; “okay, I can understand.” I have the great good luck to have love in my life with my marriage, and deep and mutual fondness for each other. We married later in life; we knew what we were doing, and getting; and, we are both quite happy with our union. It isn’t Fire, but I didn’t want that in my home life, so I didn’t ask for it. (Our union is Earth and Water, not Wind & Fire, although a bit of that sneaks in when I come unglued, LOL!) Ah well, perhaps on the whole a decent day; it only suffices to wait and see.  I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL some patience with our “Wait’n See” situations right now in life. Be Well, Blessed Be!  

Monday, December 19, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20Dec2016 ; today I’m using the 2 + 1 spread, you know the one, the Scales of Ma’at with a 3rd card, the Bes card. The Egyptians LOVED to party, they even had a god for it: Bes. He was a short, ugly dwarfish creature, always smiling and happy, and ALWAYS yelling, “Lets Party!” I’m a big fan of Bes; I can no longer partake of the fermented date wine, nor the “ayahuascotep” (LOL!) of the Temple, but by the teats of Hathor! I love a good party! And, as we know, ANYTHING can happen at a party, so this is neither “good” nor “bad”, just “there.” And for this macgyvered spread, I am using today *The Egyptian Tarot* by G. Berti, T. Gonard & S. Alasia. I love the deck, of course, but more importantly, it has the blessed quality of always delivering the Truth that is somehow palatable . . . or perhaps that is simply my penchant for ancient Egypt, who knows, but the deck works. If it appears too alien to you, don’t worry, get it. You’ll never be disappointed, (Okay, enough shilling for a company from which I receive NO remuneration!) Onward & upward! Call it what you will: Sulphur, Masculine, Active, Heart, Foundation, the 1st card I’ve pulled today is XVII the Stars. I ALWAYS like pulling our Star Lady; she is Immortality in the Divine World, the Spiritually Illuminating Inner Light in the Intellectual World and in the Physical World she is Hope. “. . . She drops dew on our saddest days.”
 (BCB) The Flaming Star symbolizes the Apocalypse of Destiny, enclosed by the seven seals which are the planets, and the butterfly is the symbol of resurrection, of course. (Loosely paraphrased from the BCB – Big Colored Book.) I don’t really need to paraphrase or quote anything; I KNOW this gal, she is one of my oldest, dearest and truest of best friends. She has kept tight company with me ALL OFMY LIFE, and it is by grace of her intervention that I am alive today, still learning and continuing my Journey. I am quite serious about that, for reasons which shall remain private. Suffice to say here it represents how I feel this morning, pushing ahead and full of Hope for our Illumination and eventual “Repatriation.” Just to briefly note, her nakedness symbolizes that after all is gone, Hope remains. “Remember, oh son of Earth, that hope is the sister of Faith. Strip yourself of passions and errors in order to study the mysteries of the true science, and their key will be given to you. Then a ray of divine light will shoot from the Occult Sanctuary to dissipate the shadows of your future and show you the path to happiness. Whatever happens in your life, never destroy the flowers of Hope, and you will gather the fruits of Faith.” (BCB) Next up for my day came the Mercury, Feminine, Passive, Feather of Truth, the Solidifier, the 2nd card today is XIX the Sun. . . . which is EVERYTHING those qualities aren’t !! LOL! One thing the Sun brings, and that is heaping cosmos-loads of energy to wherever you apply it; so, today, I’m interpreting the Sun here as my own personal nuclear dynamo hiding in and power the feminine currents of my being. It feels kind of perversely exciting, to tell you the truth! The Sun, that big butch hunk, is doing drag today! He is the Letter Q and the number 100, expressing the supreme Heavens in the Divine World, Truth in the Intellectual and Happiness in the Physical. 
Zipadeedooda, Hallelujah! ‘Remember, oh son of Earth, that the light of Mysteries is a formidable fluid put to the service of Will by Nature. It illuminates those who know how to direct it and strikes those who ignore or abuse its power.” (BCB) Yes that’s it, took the words right out of my book! LOL.  SO . . . in a way, we have the masculine in the feminine and the feminine in the masculine today; you COULD say, “Boy, he’s got a fucked up day ahead,” but No! Oh Ignorant One! (grin) you forget the TREMENDOUS advantage of having struck a balance with your anima/animus and the fact that, IF YOU SO CHOOSE, you can “go hermaphroditic” at any moment you wish; throw your feminine into the masculine and your masculine into the feminine, and if you aren’t scared BECAUSE YOU’VE ALREADY WORKED IT OUT, you can have one hell of a super day! And then to top it off? The King of Chalices as Bes? Really, BES ??? You give me the party god “in love” on a day when I am going to have this wonderful synthesis going on? LOL, stand back! Hermaphroditic me at an emotion-banging party, eh? The day should be memorable! Finally, I’ve basically just described the entirety of Bes, so to sum up a bit on His Majesty the King of Chalices, the Lord of Bounty. An educated, cultivated and sophisticated gentleman, if one is reading him as a person. The symbol of faith & credibility in the emotional world, and yet a bit withdrawn himself, because “As We Know,” the King of Hearts actually fears a bit giving his heart entirely to another (and I’ll give you one guess . . . LOL) Which is why he so deeply feels the need to connect now, as he nears the next step, to connect entirely and now. I’m missing one element for that to happen, so I continue to search.  Well! This has ALL been a most enlightening wake-up call for the day. I like it. I DON4T like being reminded I’m still lacking an ingredient for the total synthesis, but Amon-Ra willing, I shall find it. Who knows, perhaps even today? I ask the Cosmos to give us ALL a rebirth of our deepest, unfulfilled desire today, and the ability to light it anew, IF IT BE YOUR WILL. Isis & Osiris keep you, Be Well!   


Sunday, December 18, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19Dec2016.  I am really not up to saying much, there isn’t much to say. XIII Death, II The High Priestess and then Sun keeps turning up for me, a LOT. OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN; if I’m going to die and move on to a bigger, better life I’d like to at least do that! I Can’t say I like it, as I’m not sure I understand it. So no commentary. There is, however, a long and fascinating reflection on the Death card from Evolve & Ascend.Com – so I hope you find it informative. Until tomorrow; Be Well!
 “Alphabet: N, Nun in Hebrew Numerical Value: 50  Astrological Nature: Scorpio 
As channeled by JOB: XIII – Death: Death is the transition period in between the law of the universe, and the wall of the mind.

The Death card symbolizes the time your life is finished on Earth. The gong of Death sounds when the ballad of the symphony you sang while you were alive on this plane of Earth is completed. Allowing the gong to sound is the call you put out when your mission is finished, and you are the balloon of hope, now gone. You either inflated your balloon to the highest level, or you did not fulfill your mission. Your mission is to be the best version of yourself, and to live a life that does a service to others. Death is an illusion to cause fear, but fear is irrelevant – it is also an illusion that will trick you into thinking you are helpless. You are not helpless…you are always guided, but how you choose is your choice and how you fare is your choice as well. You are the creator of your life and you are your own architect, but you are also assisted by beings that wish for you to be led to the path that is your highest calling, and these beings are your angels. They are not of the body, but are of the being of pure light. They are not of the darkness, so they do not know judgment, and will never judge you for your 
decisions. They only see the good, and always are available for assistance. Stopping the thought process of not being able to be helped will make this life a whole lot easier. If you signal for help from your heart, you will receive an answer in the form of a sign, or a symbolic encounter to validate their presence in assisting you. If you signal for help for egotistical gain, you will summon up a demon. The demons are not evil, but they thrive on your fears – they love to cause chaos, and are always trying to push you towards making bad decisions that satiate the egotistical side of your soul. The angels and the demons work hand in hand, and do not interfere with each other, but the important idea is to choose wisely while you are here, and not get caught up in the temporary satisfaction that is brought on by the ego. The ballad of the gong of Death sounds for everyone. Nobody is exempt, but the idea here is that Death is also impermanent, just like life, and will be able to return and leave, and return and leave…like the rising and setting of the sun. This is why the Egyptian mystery schools did not have a proper word for death, because they do not know it as the western world knows it. To the Egyptians, death is viewed as only a transition into the next realm and is the ballad of God in the form of new life, coming from a prior life’s end. The only thing worth fearing is if you did not live a good life, and did not love enough people. This is the real fear, because if you did not love enough, you did not live enough, and if you did not live, then what is the point of that life? Stopping fear of Death allows you to live, and stopping judgment of others allows you to love. If you loved, then you have really lived, if you have really lived, then Death is only the door to a better next life on the next plane of existence.” (Evolve &

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to the Fool’s Tarot for 18Dec2016. Well, we’ll be celebrating the birth of a prophet in another week. If we are going to do it for one, shouldn’t we do it for ALL? That would at least be fair. (“Sure, go ahead and rale against the Judeo-Christian establishment that has a stranglehold on the culture. Keep it up and they’ll cut your dick off, buddy, and feed it to the crazed zealots they keep caged underneath the Dome of the Rock.”) AT ANY RATE – I’m feeling like “Tarot Lite” today – not necessarily good OR bad, just the way it is. Conversely, I’m using one of the most beautiful decks in the Tarot de Marseille-style category, the *Tarocco Soprafino* Milan, 1835. It is one of those decks where you keep saying, “Oh, wow, I never noticed that!” And it isn’t cheap, especially the il Meneghello woodcut reproduction of the MA (get the whole deck 1st); but hell, you could easily spend the money on a lot of other things that aren’t nearly as beautiful or soul-nurturing. Enough – onward. So, I’m involved in this other, closed group where we are doing a 5-day gated spread to greet 2017 and scope out our possibilities. The first step was picking a Major to identify yourself, and then some procedural work. I picked IX, the Hermit. As it goes along, we’ll see how he grows and evolves into 2017, and I’m looking forward to it. In that theme, although the Hermit is not present here in today’s draw, I’d like to take a look at XX Judgement in the Heart position and XIX the Sun in the Feather of Truth position. The Ace of Coins reversed is indicative of the atmosphere at the
moment, and appropriately so! Ha! My wife & I are in a temporary cash flow crinkle, so money is “tight” for a bit.  I’m not going to go all heavy & deep today; I just want to lay out a couple of thoughts on the cards, separately, and leave that to pool collectively in the psyche. First, let’s take XX Judgement. As you know, he eats at my table pretty much every fucking day, but you know how it is with freeloading nobility; you can’t kick them out. But he IS a good friend, and always had something relevant to say, if I can translate it from his usual deathspeak; “Jones, there, was a bad man & must suffer!” = “Jones there spent his life avoiding his karma; he will be back.” I can understand the latter; the former is just condemning and condescending mutter-y bullshit. (Perhaps this was behind my choice of IX the Hermit for the closed group; the need to escape the endless ebb & flow of bullshit.) You know, for the most part and most of the time, I see Judgement in a GREAT light, not just good. I’m a BIG practitioner! Ha!! LOL. I’m not going near THAT again, not today! But look on THIS card – it is one of the few decks that show us that there are LOSERS as well as WINNERS on Judgement Day. I like that; the voice of brutal honesty, even & especially then. Next, in the Feather’s slot, is a funny card to end up here, XIX the Sun. The Sun and feathers has never been a good combination and conjures up, if nothing else, the image of Icarus falling out of the sky when the wax on his feathered wings melted. But here I am assured of its benefic intent, lighting the way for me and my 19th century rustic daylight gambol with the randy milkmaid. (Or something of the sort.) I can live with it, it is just a case of “Right church, Wrong pew,” for now at any rate. And finally the upside down Ace of Coins is exactly that, nothing deeper; we are broke. Not forever, of course, but for a few days, yes. It is fine, we are cyclic that way. Long Live the X! 
Grin. Now for some random card vibes: XX Judgement; “I have said that this symbol is essentially invariable in all Tarot sets, or at least the variations do not alter its character. The great angel is here encompassed by clouds, but he blows his bannered trumpet, and the cross as usual is displayed on the banner. The dead are rising from their tombs--a woman on the right, a man on the left hand, and between them their child, whose back is turned. But in this card there are more than three who are restored, and it has been thought worthwhile to make this variation as illustrating the insufficiency of current explanations. It should be noted that all the figures are as one in the wonder, adoration and ecstasy expressed by their attitudes. It is the card which registers the accomplishment of the great work of transformation in answer to the summons of the Supernal--which summons is heard and answered from within.” (A. E. Waite) On XIX the Sun; “"The walls indicate, that we are still in the visible, or material world." (Papus) This relates to the picture which shows a child on horseback--or two children as in the older editions of the card--playing beneath the bright Sun and evidently within a walled enclosure. So far so good: we are and we remain in this world. And for the rest the Sun is the Sun and this card means everything that astrology can tell about the Sun, in every respect and on all planes. It means the positive or masculine elements in general, the power and function of will and concentration, great benefit and mighty protection in spiritual as well as in mundane life and matters. It may signify the father of the Querent and high authorities, king, president, ruler, etc. The spiritual center of man and the center of importance in everything are indicated by it. Physically it indicates the heart and the solar-plexus.” (A. E. Thierens) And finally, the Ace of Coins, reversed; “The element of Fire, of the nature of the Sun and Venus, on the house of the Sun, the Fifth: indeed this card has been well defined by the traditional renderings, which give it all as very benefic. How could it be anything else? The aces are all more or less a commencement, new prospects, etc. If you get the ace of pentacles or hearts on one of your houses in the horoscopic figure, you may be pretty sure that the matters to which the house in question relates will be beneficial and, on account of the fiery element, irresistible. It means the commencement of that what is wished for, desired, and this is what man calls his happiness. It is the spark of the Ego demonstrated in the practice of daily life; and this is what may well be called the note of good, which also brings good luck to other people. So there is creative energy in this card. Not yet worked out into details, but originally decided and fairly sure to work out in the future in lucky events and prosperous happenings. So there is promise in it and it is above all a card of good augury of a new and prosperous beginning. It is like a bright spark. Even among very bad cards it is the bright spark of hope and good-will, though of course in such cases it may be too weak to conquer adverse circumstances immediately. It may mean further a person or thing of first ranking. A child. A speculation.” (A. E. Thierens) Okay, kiddies, that is it for today. Professor Bumblethorpe has had enough, too. Grin. I ask the Cosmos, quite simply, to give us all a GREAT DAY today! Be Well!   

Friday, December 16, 2016

Good morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 17Dec2016. Today’s spread is my developing 3-card reading, and the deck is *City Mystic Paris* and I’m going to do the creator a favor and not mention her name: the earlier deck in the series (New York) was wonderful, but here, with Paris, we have an unmitigated disaster. I have NEVER seen a Tarot deck where the art was so repellant and not necessarily tied to the subject that it was painful to regard. Voila, here’s one to fill-in that dubious lack. And “art” is a generous word – these are poorly conceived pastiches, much like an unimaginative preschooler would drag home to Mom after a day in the maternelle while feeling absolutely horrible with an undefined illness. I can’t BEGIN to express my disappointment with this deck and its creatrix. My money was completely wasted this time. Don’t waste yours. With that out of the way, here’s a brutal shorty to describe, just barely, what I drew. Let’s hope for better luck tomorrow. Be Well!                            
IX The Hermit, XI Empress; My Heart and The Feather of Truth cards. Constructing on a theoretical basis ALONE (the art is unusable, even for inspiration), I’m going to pin that on a number of things. The Hermit is the d I picked last night to go through a series of gated spreads the next few days with a group of people. And secondly, it is just where I’m at, at the moment. The Empress as the Feather Truth is cool enough – I like the Empress, even though I’ve never had a lot to do with her. Being a heteronormal male has never appealed to me, and she is most definitely their goddess. But she is the ESSENCE, the Primal femininity, and as such, she is precisely placed here as the Feather of Truth. I should be alright with the Passive current today, even though it is originating somewhere I don’t have a lot of investment. And finally, my ambiance today, or the person who may make irruption into my life today is the Page of Swords. IF that little chatterbox becomes overbearing today, I have a solution; I will take him into an office storeroom, lock the door, take down his pants, and bending him over the copier I will sodomize him with Biblical fervor. There! “NOW will you shut up!!?”  Grin. I would, too. I can see decent things here, today. It is a shame that the mirror in which I am seeing them is so fucking unattractive. {{Sigh,}} oh well. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a bit of patience with ourselves and others. Be Well!